Unit 3 – Outcome2 Design Industry Practice

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Unit 3 – Outcome2 Design industry practice

1. What is this designer’s field of expertise (communication, Landscape or industrial Design) This designer’s field of expertise is industrial design. This Designer’s expertise are objects that is used at outdoor and this designer usually look deep and focuses on aesthetics rather than ergonomics

2. What kind of design work does this designer produce? What kind of design projects? The designer produces a broad variety of objects (e.g. Cars, The interior of spacecraft, torches, chairs and tables. This designer has design projects such as designing the interior of a spacecraft

3. How did he become a designer (What career/education & training path?) How long has he been practicing professionally The designer studied at the Sydney college art in jewelry and structure, and then he decided to produce objects.

4. How did he produced his first ever design work in the design industry Newson’’s first design work was the lock head lounge. He produced this design by finding problems from his firstly bought large lump of room, so he molded it into the shape of the lock head lounge chair

5. From where does the designers work come from and how does he obtain this work? Is the work commissioned or does he design. Produce and manufacture his own projects? Newson’s idea generates from his brain then he draws sketches of his design to store his ideas. Neman produces and manufactures his own projects. But lately he is getting some helps from other professional in order to produce and manufacture his projects.

6. Give details of some organizations or projects and or organizations that hired him for a nominated specific design brief. What was the specific design problem as set by the design brief and what was his role in solving this problem An organization might ask Newson’ to design a plane for them

7. What steps can you identify in the design process when Marc Newman tackles...
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