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MPM 735
International Business Management

3rd Written Assignment

“Endless Wave - Business Plan and Entry Strategy”

Lecturer’s Name – Murray

Student Name
Student ID
Shine Saju Varghese
Hemanth Kumar Madappa
Tejas Gupte

Word count- (Excluding Content, Tables, Figures, Graphs, Appendices and References) – 4255words Contents

List of Figures
Figure 1: Manufacturing Industries in South Africa.
Figure 2: Trade sales in South Africa
Figure 3: Manufacturing Sectors in South Africa
Figure 4:Percentage distribution of employment in manufacturing industries Figure 5: SA retail sales at a glance
Figure 6:South Africa Retail trade sales forecast growth rate (current prices) Figure 7:South Africa market share of two largest types of retailers Figure 8:Market Demand for Apparels
Figure 9:Market Demand for Footwear
Figure 10:SWOT Analysis
Figure 11:Branding Tactics
Figure 12:Comparison in different Entry Modes of South Africa. Figure 13:Resources required for Market Entry
Figure 14:Timeframe for Entry Activities
Figure 15:Organizational Structure for Endless Wave
Figure 16:Control Measures
Figure 17:Key HRM Elements
Figure 18:Marketing Strategies
Figure 19:Inward FDI per capita

Executive Summary

This report has been mainly commissioned for Endless Wave to recommend a business plan and entry strategy for the South African Market. Firstly, we examine the various industries under which the company operates and the growing market for apparel in the surfing sub- culture. It analyses the clothing, accessories and leather goods market in South Africa to understand the market potentiality for the business. We will then be observing industry leaders such as Quicksilver, Roxy, Billabong, and Rip Curl to evaluate the current conditions of the market and level of competition. Later, by assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Endless Wave, we can determine where it fits into the surfing sub-culture and recommend various strategies on how it should shape its organization business and marketing models. This will give way to a more detailed focus to the entry mode, how the organization has to be structured and what are the control measures to be implemented. Finally, our team will lay out some functional strategies that the company would want to follow and what is its forecast.

1. Introduction
Company Profile
Endless wave is a medium to large private organizations started in the early 1990’s with currently having 950 employees worldwide. It is an organization that produces high quality surfing equipment and apparel. The turnover of the company is $250 million per year, with a profit share of 25%. The company is very successful in Australia having almost 10% market share. This year the company profits have declined to some extent due to the global economic downfall. The product range of Endless Wave includes surfboards and accessories, wetsuits, bathers, bikinis, board shorts, t-shirts, jackets, jeans, belts. Patented technologies have been developed at Endless wave such as wetsuits (suit-tech) and surfboards (board-tech). The product design is mainly done in the Melbourne office and manufacturing is done in China and Europe (Spain). The company has a sound operating structure of Global Directors, International Director, and directors for accounting, finance, marketing and human resource. Endless Wave as a company wants to extend its business in the different potential markets worldwide. Scope/Parameters of the report

This report will consider all the distinctive elements so as to evaluate and assess the South African Industry before starting new business. With a specific end goal to make an exhaustive report, the investigation will fundamentally be centered on Industry, Market and Competitor analysis incorporating with the SWOT analysis and Strategy decided to enter South...

References: BMR, 2014, Report No. 443, Retail trade sales forecast for South Africa 2014, retrieved 30 May 2014
The Africa Report, Country profile 2014: South Africa retrieved 30th April 2014
KPMG (2012), ‘South Africa Fiscal Guide’, viewed on 22nd March 2014. ,
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Table 1:Manufacturing Sectors in South Africa (Source: DTI 2013)
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