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South Africa

South Africa, alone of all the British colonies did not follow the political course of embracing democracy and freedom. Even though the geographic area called South Africa had a large British presence, the country was required to follow legislation given in the agreement of the surrender in 1806 from the Dutch. Those terms meant that the country was allowed to diverge from English law and replace it with South African law. The country at that time was not plagued with inequality, layers of a class...

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South Africa Holidays and Traditions

A lot of the holidays in South Africa came to be after Mandela and the ANC came into power. They decided to change them, making sure that they would mean something for everyone in the country, so that no one would feel left out and discriminated. Many of them were made to honor and remember the people who helped the country to where it is today, and who fought for a better future. Nelson Mandela did not want anyone to feel left out. One of those is Mandela day, obviously to celebrate the life...

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Crime in South Africa

Crime in South Africa Introduction to Crime in South Africa How much does crime affect tourism in South Africa? this is a question asked by many tourist planning to visit the Country. South Africa is a near to perfect tourist destination. The South African beaches and wildlife are spectacular, the standard of accommodation in South Africa surpasses that of most first world counties and the value for money is unbeatable. Unfortunately South Africa does suffer from far too much crime and it is recommended...

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Introduction - South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA INTRODUCTION Introduction The country analysis report on South Africa provides a wide array of analytical inputs to analyze the country's performance, and the objective is to help the reader to make business decisions and prepare for the future. The report on South Africa analyzes the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental (PESTLE) structure of South Africa. The report provides a holistic view of South Africa from historical, current and future perspective...

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Crime In South Africa Oral

and Sixty One Thousand people murdered in South Africa since 2004 47% of all drug related crime in the country occur in the Western Cape. 5900 crimes are reported by the SAPS everyday day! Over 43 people murdered on average every day in South Africa. The world average for murder is 7.6 per 100 000 people. Murder in South Africa is 36.5 per 100 000. Honduras stats show that 60.9 people are murdered per 100 000. That’s nearly twice as many as South Africa!! "Crime expands according to our willingness...

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Gold Mining in South Africa

ensuring that the mineral policies of South Africa aligns with the highest standard of administrative justice, promote an internationally accepted level of security of tenure and invariably promote an enabling environment that will attract investors into south Africa, hence, improving her competitiveness. Gold’s rarity, beauty and durability have ensured its use as a medium of exchange as well as astore of value There has been a power crises issue in South Africa which has led to the shut down temporarily...

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Economics Challenges of South Africa

Challenges: energy supply (South Africa) Capacity constraint that has arisen precisely because of the country's strong economic performance in recent years is the largest immediate menace to South Africa's continued economic growth. This growth, coupled with the rapid industrialisation and mass electrification programme of the last decade, eventually led to demand for electricity outstripping supply in January 2008. At the end of 2007, South Africa began to experience an electricity crisis. State...

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Flooding in South Africa

FLOODING IN SOUTH AFRICA INTRODUCTION The aim of this assignment is to give background information about flooding in South Africa. These would be carried out through the means of research on journal entries, web research and different literatures. The nature of flooding, the main causes of flooding, the effect of development of flooding hazards and the effect of the economic status of people regarding flooding hazards will be taken into consideration. Definition of key terms Flooding An...

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Economic Growth in South Africa

economic and social infrastructure. 3. Strategic Priority 3: Rural Development 4. Strategic Priority 4: Education 5. Strategic Priority 5: Health Question Number 2 * Priority 1- Factors beyond the control of policy-makers and stakeholders in South Africa have a big impact on the environment for growth and job creation, and it is difficult to measure achievements by outcomes only. Vulnerability to a weak and volatile global economy remains a significant challenge to job creation, although the recent...

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South Africa Economy

The past decade has seen a growing South African economy and the 2006/07 Budget Speech drew on the fact that South Africa is anticipated to experience an economic growth closing in on a 6% target and inflation remaining around 4.5%. With a broader tax base the economy has realized an additional R41.2 billion revenue collection. This has given the Minister greater flexibility to utilize these additional funds to uplift the poor even further than in previous budgets. To alleviate poverty has been the...

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