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waves. Although surfing has existed for centuries, it was not popular decades ago. As people reach physical satisfaction, they realize that they need to take a breath outside of office. Get closer to the nature and explore their spiritual satisfaction, surfing become prevailing than ever. However, some people learn surfing to show off that is definitely not what surfing can bring to you. Instead, they trap in a dangerous situation. Others learn surfing recklessly, such as surfing in the big wave...

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surfing speech

Surfing in a sport in which you aim to be carried to the shore by waves while standing up on a surfboard. However this is not an easy task for some, like myself, so I have been evaluating and studying the various biomechanical principles like balance and centre of gravity. I will relate these techniques to my surfing techniques in order to improve my surfing ability overall and my popup. “Balance is the most important thing to learn as a surfer” (Amezdroz et al. 2004). Balance is the even distribution...

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Hawaii Wave Surfing

practiced in many coastal locations around the tropics among Pacific Islanders. "He'e" means to go from a solid to a liquid and "nalu" means surfing motion of a wave. This stand-up pastime of surfing came to its climax in Hawaii not only because of its coast having warm water and constant waves but Hawaiians are innately ocean people. Traditionally surfing prowess gained you social rank and power politically in the village. Commoners could only raise their social standing by proving their skills...

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Surfing in Hawaii

Surfing in Hawaii One of the most memorable moments in my life would be surfing on the beaches of O’ahu, which is a part of the Hawaiian Islands. It was the best experience of my seven day vacation to Hawaii, back in 2008. Luckily, I was able to go surfing three out of the seven days my family spent in Hawaii. The whole idea was my dad’s. He was the one that wanted to go surfing, but for only one day. Thi0s idea did not last, after the first day of excitement; my family agreed that we had to do...

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Surfing Practice Expository Essay

Practice Essay – Academic Writing Many people say surfing isn’t a sport, it’s a lifestyle – but, it’s more than that. From the moment you first step in the ocean to the day you die it is a part of you. It becomes the way you think and what plays across your mind when you are in that subconscious state between awake and asleep. It has an affair with your emotions and embeds itself in the depths of your heart. You cannot get rid of the ocean once it’s made its mark on you. It is unlike any other...

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Informative Speech On Water Surfing

Know everything about Surfing, Windsurfing & Water Skiing through some really cool books Surf your way through some of the spectacular books that will not only tell you the history of surfing but also inspire you with the stories of some of the best surfers in the world. Whether its Surfing, Windsurfing or Water Skiing all these really cool yet thrilling sports are expressed through some great writing and breath taking photos in these books. 100 of the Best Surfers All Time by Alex Trost, 101Surfing...

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Comparative Essay of Surfing and Skimboarding

to 27 million surfer’s world wide, and about 10 to 15 million skimboarders. Surfing is the term used for a surface water sport in which the person surfing moves along the face of a breaking ocean wave. Skimboarding is a board sport in which a skim board (a smaller, sleeker version of a surfboard) is used to ride on an incoming wave. Clearly people choose more to surf than to skim. I want to know why more people are surfing than skimming for such a large margin. Perhaps the answer is in danger of them...

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Surfing Persuasive Speech

Where to Surf in New Jersey Surfing is a popular sport, in fact more like a culture, in New Jersey. Come summer, everybody, pro or a rookie, hits the waves. Surfing is serious business for them. So much so, that they have a certain set of unspoken rules when it comes to surfing. One of the most important ones is to never beak someone else’s surf. This is mainly due to two reasons. One, someone may get hurt in the process. And two, it just discredits you as an ethical surfer (trying to steal someone...

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Physics of Surfing Notes

then turn towards the shore. When the surfer sees a wave, they paddle towards the beach along with the wave. • When water catches the surfboard, the surfer then stands up on the board and soars along the waves crest. • Surfing was discovered first in Hawaii • In 1821, surfing was banned by missionaries because they thought it was immoral to surf. • A famous Hawaain swimmer by the name of Duke Kahanamoku Waves Generation • Waves are generated by storms at sea. • Far from the storm, they...

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Surfing Has Been Around for Ma

Surfing has been around for many years, in fact since 400 A.D and people are still going hard at it today and will for many more years to come. The very first surfers were the Island folk who would use the waves to get over the coral reefs and back to shore after their hard days of fishing. They found that this was the easiest and quickest way of transport over the reefs so they continued to do it for many years. As time went on the art of riding waves then developed into more of a ¡§leisure sport¡¨...

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