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Bethany Hamilton

from her experices an try things we haven’t an never give up. Bethany Hamilton was born on February 8, 1990 on Kauai Hawaii. Bethanys parents started teaching Bethany to surf when she was just kid . Her parents would drag her around the water on a surfboard. When Bethany was eight years old her parents entered her in her first competition. She won and her love of surfing grew more an more. Bethany started to become a great surfer. By the time Bethany Hamilton was thirteen years old she had become a...

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revenge of the whale opinion

have a fun time at her first competition, but instead she won all of her heats and the division championships that she was in. For winning everything that she did she won two brand new surfboards and trophies. Bethany got her first big surf sponsorship at the age of nine which were Ripcurl and Tim Carroll Surfboards.(“Timeline” 1) Her drive and love for surfing was a huge part of getting her parents to bring her to all of the competitions around the state of Hawaii. A couple of weeks before the shark...

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Hawaii Wave Surfing

the village. Commoners could only raise their social standing by proving their skills and bravery in the waves on the lower-grade boards they surfed with. The man who was the finest surfer became the Ali’i (royal) of the tribe and so was given a surfboard made from the finest tree. There were surf chants, board making rituals and other native sacred acts. ‘’Hawaiians sang and chanted legendary stories of love matches made and broken in the surf, of lives risked and of heroic ocean deeds by chiefs...

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lifestyle. In the process, he was responsible for preserving much of surfing's oral history as well as resurrecting the streamlined surfboards of ancient times. Tom created the first "hollow" surfboard. At 15 feet long, 19 inches wide and 4 inches thick, it weighed less than 100 pounds -- an ultra light board for its time. Blake patented his "Hawaiian Hollow Surfboard" in 1930, and soon almost all racing paddleboards were hollow. Not only did the hollow boards work well in the surf by staying a float...

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board will accelerate the learning process. Because they have wonderful flotation capability which learners can have enough time to stand up. Long boards are one of those. Long boards, more than 8 1/2 long, can float anyone (“Beginners guide to Surfboards”, n.d.). It increases padding speed and stableness compared to the shorter boards. Surfers are safe when they can easily balance on the boards. Fun boards are also widely use among beginners as the shape is combined the long boards with quantity...

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Comparative Essay of Surfing and Skimboarding

a skim board (a smaller, sleeker version of a surfboard) is used to ride on an incoming wave. Clearly people choose more to surf than to skim. I want to know why more people are surfing than skimming for such a large margin. Perhaps the answer is in danger of them, the style or on the price of the boards used. There are many dangers in the sport of surfing. Surfing, like all the sports in the water carries the danger of drowning. A surfboard may help a surfer stay above the water, but it...

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Belonging Speech

I leap onto the hot, dry sand as it screeches under my burning feet, bolting with speed down to the water, so eager. The surfboard feeling heavy under my arm after trekking from home in the scorching summer’s heat. I dive in and it actually feels like heaven, exhilarating, yet I have never felt so alive. I paddle over a clean 3 foot wave rolling in and over towards my anxiously waiting mates, anticipating the next sets to come through. I finally get out the back of the waves and sit up on my board...

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Rip Curls Business

a garage enterprise established by two Victorian surfers into a global business which now employs over 1500 people, with factory outlets all over the world. Rip Curl is a major Australian manufacturer started by two surfers in Torquay producing surfboards from their garden shed, but the business only started to grow when they made the logical step of manufacturing wetsuits. Today Rip Curl produces not only surf gear but also apparel, sunglasses, watches, footwear and backpacks. Rip Curl has become...

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Surfing Has Been Around for Ma

being a part of work. The first actual surfboarders originated in the 1920¡¦s where they rode large redwood planks that weighed around 126 pounds. As technology developed the boards became shorter, lighter and became better designed. The next surfboards to follow were made in the 1950¡¦s, this time the boards where made of balsa wood and then covered in a layer of fiberglass, these boards reached a length of about 9-10 feet long. In the 1960¡¦s the long board was introduced and was made of Styrofoam...

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Essay On Camp Young Judaea

might have ran out of spaces. Because of this, it is hard to get the activities that you want, especially if they are popular. One of the best electives at camp is paddle boarding. Paddle boarding is when you stand on a board, much like an oversized surfboard, and you hold a canoe paddle and paddle out into the lake. Paddle boarding is a great activity because of its versatility. With a paddle board one can explore and look around at all of the wildlife near the lake, or have a “battle” with another camper...

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