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Chaucer describes an ideal Knight, a "verray parfit, gentil knyght", who conscientiously follows all the social, moral, chivalric, and religious codes of conduct. Chaucer does not have any particular individual in mind but casts the Knight as an idealistic representative of his profession. Although the institution of chivalry had become immoral in the fourteenth century Chaucer withholds his criticism and instead gives the Knight with all the gentlemanly qualities that are in keeping with his character...

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American Character as Depicted in Coming to America Film

 The analysis of American Character as Depicted in Coming to America Film By Art Buchwald Introduction to American Studies Fitri Aningsih 090110101001 Faculty of Letters University of Jember 2012 1. American Characters a. Adventurer An adventure is defined as an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually someone undertaking with an uncertain outcome. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/adventure) A person who enjoys taking risks or someone...

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Film Analysis The Rookie

call from multiple teams wanting to talk to him. In the end, Morris reaches his dream after all the hard work. Through characters and setting, the director proves it’s never too late to achieve your dream. There are many characters throughout the film that support Morris to achieve his dream. The characters that motivate and influence Morris the most is his players. His team the Big lake Owls, are unsuccessful at first due to the lack of effort and little community support they have. One day, after...

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Character Comparisons

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Out of the four characters listed in this film, the one character that does not exhibit pretense is Billy. We first see Billy as a nervous, shy young boy with a speech impediment. Billy has weird relationships with women; he likes women and enjoys the company of them but is fearful of the women that are most close to him. Billy’s mother and especially Nurse Ratched are the women he is most afraid of. Nurse Ratched has a personal relationship with Billy’...

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Attack of the 50 foot woman

2013 Attack of the 50 Foot Woman This cult classic B-movie, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, provides one of the most comprehensive cross-section perspective of popular American society's fears in the late 1950's. With the country in turmoil, recovering from the recent WWII and gearing up for an impending war with Russia, Americans were fearful for their future. Their fears weren't just of an attack from the silent north, but also of the importance of females in the workplace and at home. Women...

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Remember the Titans - Triumph over Adversity

Remember the Titans The director, Boaz Yakin establishes triumph over adversity by effectively utilising a range of characters in the film Remember the Titans. Through the use of Coach Boone as he deals with racism within the team, let alone the community, Yakin displays a valuable example of overcoming adversity. In addition, Yakin uses Louie Lastik to triumph over his personal adversities of struggling academically. Furthermore, Gerry is used to triumph over his best friend Ray, along with his...

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Leeming's Monomyth in Regards to Apocalypse Now

experiences a symbolic death. Captain Willard experiences this symbolic death when he and the crew arrive at Colonel Kurtz’s compound. They are immediately over whelmed by the vast number of followers Kurtz has brain washed, the most of whom being an American reporter. In another aside, Willard constantly uses words and phrases to make the compound seem extremely horrific and hell-like. Willard also realizes that the only reason that he and the crew have not been over whelmed and killed is because Kurtz...

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The Future of Women in Sports

taken seriously or being looked down upon if they decide to be athletes, but that men want to take part in competition with women in sports. This film thus focuses on the struggles that the male protagonist faces in trying to compete with the popularity of women's sports and his desire to take part in the world of women's sports. Women in this film are portrayed as strong characters who are highly capable of doing what they do -- being professional basketball players. Their struggles lay in their...

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Love's Pain Is Its Own Redemption

on the subjects of love and intimacy in that ancient far away. He also said that scholars of the present day, still linger on the ideas left by these past masters. Countless books have already been published, (and still publishing), of millions of films have already been produced, just to give us an inch of hope or a glimpse of the definition, or the answers to the questions about love. It’s taking so long, for people to find love’s meaning. And yet, we never get tired. With each experience we gain...

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Belonging Relate Text

chosen three different types of related texts for this Assessment task [Area of Study – Belonging] : the advertisement “how easy is it to forget” produced by BERNAS depicts a typical Chinese family and how the individuals belong within the family. The film “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein” directed by Kenneth Branagh examines rejection and alienation of Victor’s creature from society due its shocking appearance; similarly the picture book “Refugees” by David Miller uses ducks to represent the experience...

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