Stand Up Paddleboarding Research Paper

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What’s SUP: Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Idaho

Are you looking for a new form of exploration? Something unique and different from the everyday hike or rafting trip? Then stand up paddle boarding may be just what you’re looking for. Similar to surfing, stand up paddleboarding combines the appeal of riding waves with the idea of being one with nature. Grab a board and a paddle and maneuver your way through Idaho’s rivers, or glide out onto the glassy surface of Redfish Lake early in the morning for a calming yoga session. If you’re looking for a fun new way to exercise, read on for beginner basics and insider tips for some amazing Idaho SUP opportunities.

What is stand up paddle boarding?

Pinpointing exactly when and where modern day SUPing (stand up paddle boarding) began would be difficult to do because there are so many styles and unique forms. While stand up paddleboarding may have various origins from...

When did the shop first open?
Myers: I would drive through Boise every year on my way to Alaska. I am heavily into kayaking and Idaho is one of my favorite places to do it. The North Fork of the Salmon has some amazing wilderness runs. When I was looking for a place to move to, Boise kept coming up. I was looking for a space to build boards, and I loved the vibe the North End of Boise had. It’s perfect, you have access to the outdoors, and it’s a real town, not just a tourist place. So I set up shop, and now we’ve been open for three years.

Tell me more about your process? Do you make your boards by hand?
Myers: I make custom boards for people all over the nation. Idaho remains my primary focus, but now I build boards and ship them all over the country, I just made a few customs last week that shipped to Washington, D.C. and Wyoming. We’re starting to get our name out there. We specialize in river specific boards, they are durable and can handle smashing into rocks and trees.

What else does the shop offer? What is the atmosphere...
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