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  • Hawaii

    Hawaii - 夏威夷 Island–– 岛 Hawaii–– 美国夏威夷火山岛 (10‚432.5 km2) Maui––茂伊岛 (美国夏威夷洲第二大岛) (1‚883.4 km2) Oahu –– 瓦胡岛 (在太平洋中北部‚ 美国夏威夷群岛的主岛) (1‚545.4 km2) Kauai–– 考艾岛 (1‚430.5 km2) Molokai––摩洛凯岛‚ 莫洛凯岛 (673.4 km2) Lanai ––拉奈岛 (363.9 km2) Niihau––- 你好岛 (又译尼豪岛) (180.0 km2) Kahoolawe––-卡霍奥拉维岛 (115.5 km2) Hawaii is a famous tourist resort -夏威夷是著名的旅游胜地 Hawaii is called an island paradise-夏威夷被称为海岛乐园 Hawaii is an excellent tourist resort-夏威夷是极好的旅游胜地 Destination ––目的地 Vacation –– 假期‚ 休假 Aloha–– 阿洛哈(表示欢迎或再见)

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  • Hawaii

    Eng 111-121 November 27‚ 2012 Hawaii and Tourism “Hawaii is like no other place on earth” (Gohawaii). Hawaii attracts many tourists per year because of its history‚ geography‚ and entertainment. This state is known for its many islands‚ volcanoes‚ and climate as well. When I think about Hawaii all I imagine is standing on the beach overlooking the ocean getting hit with the nice warm breeze hearing laughter and seeing smiles. Since “Hawaii is one of the most isolated places on Earth” it makes

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  • Hawaii

    Hɐˈvɐi-i Crystal clear water‚ a soft breeze‚ and coconut milk mixed with smooth village made rum makes laying in a hammock seem like the perfect life. Most would think of Hɐˈvɐi-i or Hawaii as most of the population refer to it as‚ being a place of wonder‚ awe‚ and even a bit magical. What most don’t know is that Hɐˈvɐi-i is one chapter in a vast book of the world’s most extreme adventures. You can mountain zip-line the mountains of Maui‚ hike exotic jungles of Kauaʻi‚ and on the big island of

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  • Hawaii Essay

    The small colony of old piled of volcanic matter located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is formerly known as Hawaii. Its existence in regards to the United States came to be on August 21st‚ 1959 when it became its 50th state. It’s known for its natural beauty and comforting temperatures. Hawaii is an accumulation of diverse cultures‚ exotic beaches‚ and linked to some of the world’s most historic moments. After researching information in regards to the state‚ one will be able to know an abundant

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  • Annexation of Hawaii

    the history behind Hawaii becoming part of the United States. Most people know Hawaii for beautiful beaches‚ nice weather‚ and the native cultures. The annexation of Hawaii is an interesting story and was not an easy task to accomplish for the United States. The story of the annexation is a story of conflicting goals as the American businessman struggled to obtain favorable trade conditions and native Hawaiians sought to protect their culture and heritage. In 1891 Hawaii was a monarchy ruled

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  • Essay On Hawaii

    Hawaii(geography) Hawaii is definitely a unique state among the other 49 states in the U.S.. Hawaii has many things that might catch your eye and one is it’s geography. Hawaii is filled with natural wonders from its beautiful waterfalls‚ to it’s magnificent volcanoes. The “Aloha” state definitely got lot’s of interesting and beautiful nature for you to see. Hawaii is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is about 2‚000 miles southwest of the U.S.A.. Hawaii is not connected

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  • Traveling To Hawaii

    Hawaii‚ it consists of eight main islands. Hawaii is a place that I have always wanted to visit‚ and if I had one ticket this is where I would go. One thing that I like to do is travel‚ Traveling is fun because it allows you to visit cool places‚ and learn cool facts about it. One of my goals in life is to travel to all fifty states. One place that I would visit while in Hawaii is Pearl Harbor and Honolulu. While in Honolulu I would go sight-seeing. Also‚ another reason that I want to go to Hawaii

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  • Vacation in Hawaii

    anyone. Hawaii is the best example of the place where enjoyment and relaxation can be felt. During my stay in Hawaii‚ all I can say is” Awesome!”‚ because they offered to me the satisfying rental with the best accommodation and amenities. Speaking of accommodation‚ the Hawaiian vacation rental I chose gave me the feeling that I rented a luxurious hotel. With the perfect location fronting the beach with fully furnished rooms surrounded by refreshing flowers and has an historic design of Hawaii history

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  • Hawaii Annexation

    Hawaii is often admired for the beauty and uniqueness it brings to America. Despite the distinctly Hawaiian culture it brings to America‚ its annexation was extremely controversial. Although there were people in opposition to the annexation of Hawaii due to the belief that it was unnecessary and unconstitutional‚ the majority of Americans and Hawaiians alike were immensely pleased by it and saw it as a cause for celebration and joy. Prior to its annexation‚ about three fourths of Hawaii’s wealth

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  • Tourism in Hawaii

    Paving Paradise American tourism to Hawaii has increased by 14.2 percent in just two years. This dramatic increase in tourism seems to be a beneficial boost for Hawaii’s economy; however‚ the increasing rate of tourism is harming the native people of Hawaii. While the Hawaiian economy is experiencing one of its most fruitful years‚ the native Hawaiian people are suffering from job loss‚ poverty‚ depression‚ and an overall "cultural destruction" (Trask 260). Haunani-Kay Trask uses rhetoric to discuss

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