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ROBOTIC SURGERY Surgery techniques are advancing with developing technology. Robotic surgery is getting more common day by day. Robotic surgery is a technique in which a surgeon performs surgery using a computer that remotely controls very small instrument attached to a robot. Even though it could be claimed that robotic surgery is a expensive to start-up and perform maintenance, is a longer surgery method that manual surgery, which reduces the sense of touch, in fact it...

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Surgery in the Renaissance

Surgery, though crude and painful, did exist in the time of the Renaissance. Early Renaissance surgeons were ignorant of the human body and surgical procedures were almost never successful. They were continuously trying to unveil the mysteries of the body. How and why it functioned, its purposes, and its needs. Dissections uncovered the most knowledge of the body. However, dissections were rare because they were illegal and very risky. If a surgeon was going to dissect someone he did it at night...

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Robotic Surgery Outline

Robotic Surgery Tech, Society, and Culture Team Project Outline January 10, 2012 There are several issues surrounding robotic surgery such as historical advancement and framework if the technology, political and lawful influences, economical issues and reflection, psychological contemplations and sociological impacts, moral and virtues inferences, consequences on the environment and technology in its societal framework. ...

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Ether the Magic of Painless Surgery

ETHER THE MAGIC OF PAINLESS SURGERY FIRST USED BY Dr. CRAWFORD LONG(1815-1875) Dr Crawford Williamson Long and ETHER to create painless surgery. In March 1842, Dr Crawford Williamson Long removed 2 tumours from the neck of a Mr James Venable under ether anaesthesia. But how did Dr Long come to this discovery? When Dr Crawford Long was at school and at Medical School of the University of Pennsylvania, it was fashionable with students to inhale gases like ether to create...

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Wrong Site Surgeries

Wrong Site Surgeries Wrong Site Surgeries Wrong site surgeries are very rare, but sometimes wrong site surgeries happen. The wrong site surgeries have damaging results for the patient and pose a huge safety problems within the organization. Usually communication breakdown is considered the main cause of wrong site surgeries in the surgical team. The Joint Commission's universal protocol of "time out" is a very important and a helpful tool in preventing the wrong site surgeries, wrong person...

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Surgery and New York Times

it becomes widespread.  Some uses are prosthetics, long distance surgery, robotic surgery, robots used as doctors in the military, and robots used in nursing homes.  Biorobotics is the future of this medical world.  This is possible in three ways, by using it in surgery, on the battlefield, and assistance. The first way biorobotics will become the future of the medical world is in surgery.  Many people in this world need surgery for various different diseases, illnesses and injuries.  The use of...

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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric-Bypass Surgery Gastric-bypass surgery is a life altering operation. This procedure is very difficult on the human body but can yield amazing results. It is possible to lose tremendous amounts of weight in an incredibly short time. Should every morbidly obese person resort to this surgery? Do they have any other plausible options? Does society and the media make this surgery more attractive to the moderately overweight population? Although there are some drawbacks to this surgery, it ultimately...

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Robotic Surgery

Writing Final Draft May 3, 2012 The Cutting Edge Surgery has been a method used to help fix people’s problems for generations. Whether it is a broken bone, dislocation, cancer, or ruptured appendix, surgery has provided the option of fixing these problems for the afflicted patients. The history of surgery is vast, and over the ages it has developed into a much more refined practice. According to Tim Lambert in A History of Surgery, it started in the Stone Age, with incisions and holes in...

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Surgery- Anaesthetics and Antiseptics

Before Surgery in the early 19th century is dangerous and painful. There is no way to relieve the pain felt by patients during operations. Surgeons do not yet know how to control blood loss or infection, and operating theatres are dirty and dangerous places to be.Some surgeons superstitiously prefer to wear their ‘lucky’ coat in the operating theatre – a coat worn during a successful operation in the past. They do not wash their ‘lucky’ coat between operations in case this breaks their run of...

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Laser Eye Surgery (Retina Detachment)

The invention of the laser surgery was not a tedious and complicated one. But there were definitely spaces for trial and error as ophthalmologists Charles J. Campbell (1926-), H. Christian Zweng (1925-), Milton M. Zaret (1927-) and physicist Theodore Harold Maiman (1927-) learnt. The term “laser” is actually an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. The Ophthalmic surgery (eye surgery) was initially developed from the concentration of conventianal light by maginyfying...

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