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The Growth of Agrotourism in California. I choose for my assignment an article in the April/May 2011 California Agriculture Journal entitled “California Agrotourism operations and their economic potential are growing.” Being a native Californian and having experience working on farms in the central valley I am aware of the struggles many farmers have operating their farm. There is a very slim profit margin. There is an increase in regulations and permits that are required. Many farmers are...

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California Budget

California Budget Crisis Rozlyn Brown Comm/215 BSDC0TEBB5 Michele Watson   Poor money management of the State of California has caused people to suffer. The global recession has caused California and many other states to plummet. In the Los Angeles Times California deficit is said to be $25.4 billion according to the states chief analyst. The state of California has taken drastic measure to fix this problem. Fixing the problem includes layoffs...

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Perceptions of California

California is a well-known and acknowledged state of the US and had a long history that affected many people ranging from the European explorations where they came in contact with Native Americans. The American domestic policies that had a profound effect on their future existence on Earth to the Japanese internment camps where hundreds of thousand Japanese Americans lost their homes. There are other events that affected people's perception:The Mexican- American War for the conquest of California...

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Texas vs California

11/29/2012 California vs. Texas California and Texas are two different states, but in many ways have some sorts of comparisons. In school we learn that Texas is one huge state filled with plenty of cities and can take half a day to drive out of. While in California there are plenty of cities as well, but at least half the size of Texas. Both states have many cool attractions, and very famous ones at that. When people visit these states you are guaranteed to have a fun time. California has very fun...

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California, a Place, a People, a Dream

California, A Place, a People, a Dream In “California, A Place, a People, a Dream,” James J. Rawls gives his version of the California dream, and describes the paradoxes that are associated with that dream. According to Rawls, the California dream is a love affair with an idea, a marriage to a myth, or fantasy. (Rawls 22, 23) Everyone has their own version of the California dream. It might be something, or nothing at all. As I began reading Rawl’s essay, I found it...

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Proposition 227- California Law

better for the student? The arguments continue and many states and school districts have made a decision on what to do. One state in particular had a serious ELL problem, so California took action. In 1998, California implemented a program called Proposition 227. Proposition 227 was legislation that was put to a vote by the California government. Proposition 227 was passed on June 2, 1998. Proposition 227 changed the way schools were to teach to ELL students. Before proposition 227, ELL students were...

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My California Reality

My California Reality California is best known as the sunshine state, although most people would disagree with this statement. Most people dream of coming here to visit. I was lucky enough to be born and raised here in California. The beaches and the lakes are just the beginning of California; there are so much other things that California has to offer. For example my home town is known for their many dairies, which produces cheese for a major cheese plant. There are a couple of things that California...

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California Population Causal Analysis

1990 census figures to 33,871,648 people. California adds over 550,000 people annually, which is roughly equivalent to adding the entire population of the state of Vermont every year. Why is California so over populated and what are the potential long-term effects of this overcrowding?         First of all, let’s look at some of the reasons why California is so overcrowded. Probably the single biggest reason people live in California is the weather. California is, meteorologically speaking, a very desirable...

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Fear and Loathing in California

Fear and Loathing in California Throughout America's short history, California has been a mysterious land of snowy mountains, sandy beaches and fertile soil. From the Gold Rush to the Free Love movement, it has been a Mecca for the misunderstood, the thrill seekers, and the independent. For over a hundred years people have found what they were looking for in the sprawling lands of California. Throughout the years, the ideals of the misfits who populated California have shaped the mentality of...

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California Dream Act

Reyna Macias English 103 7 November 2011 California Dream Act: Rewarding an Illegal Act Born and raised here in the U.S. many students, and parents for that matter, are currently struggling with the bills, loans, and the stress of trying to stabilize a healthy future for themselves by pursuing an education. When a law like the California Dream Act is passed, it makes those who have done nothing but follow the rules of our legal system, feel as if the right as a legal citizen is being pushed...

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