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  • State and State Building Issues

    THE STATE AND STATE-BUILDING Bob Jessop The state has been studied from many perspectives but no single theory can fully capture and explain its complexities. States and the interstate system provide a moving target because of their complex developmental logics and because there are continuing attempts to transform them. Moreover‚ despite tendencies to reify the state and treat it as standing outside and above society‚ there can be no adequate theory of the state without a wider theory of society

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  • Fragile States

    used in this publication‚ and examines contemporary understanding of the state‚ the internal process of statebuilding‚ and the qualities that define fragile and resilient states. SUPPORTING STATEBUILDING IN SITUATIONS OF CONFLICT AND FRAGILITY: POLICY GUIDANCE – © OECD 2011 FRAMEWORK FRAMEWORK 20 – PART I. 1. STATEBUILDING IN FRAGILE CONTEXTS: KEY TERMS AND CONCEPTS Contemporary understandings of the state States are the principal institutional and organisational units that exercise

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  • The State And The State Of The Environment In The Philippines

    The State and the State of the Environment in the Philippines The clamor for environmental preservation became stronger when the issues of global warming and environmental degradation took centerstage. All around the world‚ states have been doing their best to pass legislations that would protect the environment for the use of the future generation. Hence‚ the concept of sustainable development has also developed in response to the global issue—something that the past development planners did not

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  • State Sovereignty

    Krasner‚ from “Sovereignty‚” Foreign Policy (January/February 2001) Kimberly Weir‚ from “The Waning State of Sovereignty‚” An Original Essay Written for This Volume (2002) __________________________________________________________________ State Sovereignty is an issue that has become controversial under globalization‚ and the subject of this review. Sovereignty is defined as the situation where a State is an autonomous and independent entity‚ with the total freedom to make its own decisions in all

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  • Modern State

    What does the modern state do? What are the salient features of the modern state? a. intrusive and regulative i. restricts individual freedom ii. control all citizens lives everywhere iii. the state is an omnipresent busy body b. extractive c. coercive i. monopoly over mens of violence ii. coerce us into willing/ unwilling means ALL THE STATES HAVE THESE FEATURES. THE DIFFERENCE IS ONE OF DEGREE RATHER THAN KIND. 2. How has the modern state appeared and evolved

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  • Small States

    Why do political demands for smaller states and bifurcation arise? There are‚ of course‚ emotional considerations like culture‚ language‚ religion and a sense of economic and regional deprivation. But more importantly‚ politicians envision additional posts of power as chief ministers or ministers‚ leaders of the opposition‚ Assembly speakers and so on. Similarly‚ government servants think of becoming chief secretaries or secretaries‚ DGs of police‚ chief-engineers‚ directors and so on. A common

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  • The Modern State

    The modern state The rise of the "modern state" as a public power constituting the supreme political authority within a defined territory is associated with western Europe’s gradual institutional development beginning in earnest in the late 15th century‚ culminating in the rise of absolutism and capitalism. As Europe’s dynastic states — England under the Tudors‚ Spain under the Hapsburgs‚ and France under the Bourbons — embarked on a variety of programs designed to increase centralized political

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  • State Sovereignty

    impact on the state sovereignty. There are increasing political‚ economic‚ and social forces that degrade the importance and authority of states creating an avenue for a more incorporation. This has put the question of whether or not the factors of globalization did decrease the sovereignty of states. The primary issue being debated is largely concerning the prospect of the state sovereignty. Will the state maintain its key role in the international system or be overshadowed. The state system has evolved

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  • State Shapes

    State Shapes 1. One distinct shape is not better than another‚ as it depends on the state’s situation. Politically‚ compact states are by far the best. The government is close to all portions of the state‚ rather than any other state shapes. For example‚ Brussels in Belgium is more politically stable‚ mainly because of its ability to interact with the other portions of the state. In other state shapes‚ there is an area where it is more difficult to communicate with. For example‚ in a prorupt state

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  • United States

    Estime Chapter 10 Critical Thinking Cases. 10.1. Was there a contract between the Mesaros and the United States? Answer: Yes. There was a contract between Mesaros and the United States. Above on the customers signature form it stated‚ “Yes‚ please accept my order for the U.S. Liberty Coins I have indicated.” This made it a contract between Mesaros and the United States. 10.2. Did a contract to convey real property exist between Heikkila’ and McLaughlin? Answer: No. A contract to convey real

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