State Sovereignty

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The factors of globalization have a wide impact on the state sovereignty. There are increasing political, economic, and social forces that degrade the importance and authority of states creating an avenue for a more incorporation. This has put the question of whether or not the factors of globalization did decrease the sovereignty of states. The primary issue being debated is largely concerning the prospect of the state sovereignty. Will the state maintain its key role in the international system or be overshadowed. The state system has evolved over time and the present modern state is arguably of a Western concept. There are other forms of governance over the past centuries but are seen as failed as state system came to dominate the international system. However, due to global forces pressure is building up threaten to undermine the modern states. The future role of states is now in doubt, even continued existence of states as sovereign entities. From this view there are two contending arguments that are for and against the question of the survival of state sovereignty. Stephen Krasner on one hand believes that the forces of globalisation do not and should not endanger the existence of the state, as states have the ability to continue to exist as a sovereign entity. On the other hand, Kimberly Weir argued that since the world progressively more interdependent the position of states has become outdated. This has put the hypothesis of whether the present model of governance nevertheless the best model for the future.

The issue of state sovereignty as debated by Stephen Krasner and Kimberly Weir have supporting arguments respectively. Stephen Krasner in his arguments highlighted that states as independent entities will definitely change through the combined forces of globalisation, monetary unions, CNN, the internet, and non-government organisation (NGOs). However, he maintained that history has proved itself the...

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