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Topics: U.S. state, Contract, Common law Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Chapter 10 Critical Thinking Cases.
10.1. Was there a contract between the Mesaros and the United States? Answer: Yes. There was a contract between Mesaros and the United States. Above on the customers signature form it stated, “Yes, please accept my order for the U.S. Liberty Coins I have indicated.” This made it a contract between Mesaros and the United States. 10.2. Did a contract to convey real property exist between Heikkila’ and McLaughlin? Answer: No. A contract to convey real property did not exist between Heikkila and McLaughlin. David McLaughlin submitted written offers to purchase three of the parcels. If Heikkila had written and submitted the three parcels also stating the amount she was going to sell them at, then she would be in the wrong. But, in this circumstance, that wasn’t the case. 10.3. Was Presley promise to pay the mortgage enforceable?

Answer: The promise Presley made to pay the mortgage was not enforceable. If the Alden had received it in writing, then would it be enforceable due to the fact that it was written, agreed upon and signed. However, this was not the case. 10.4. Was there consideration supporting Tallas’s promise to Dementas? Answer: Yes. There was evidence supporting Tallas’s promise to Dementas. Tallas indicated in the memorandum that he would change his will to make Dementas as an heir for the amount he owed him. Tallas signed the document before he passed away 7 weeks later making the agreement stated in the document enforceable. 10.5. Has there been a settlement of the lawsuit?

Answer: Yes. There has been a settlement of the lawsuit. The “Offer to Compromise Before Trial” was the settlement of the lawsuit. Both parties had agreed to the settlement. 10.6. Does A.J. get the property?

Answer: A.J. does not receive the property because there wasn’t any legal documentation of what was agreed upon concerning the property.
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