The United States of Europe

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Jacob Hawkins
The United States of Europe - Chapter 9
Appraise one concept (benefit, challenge, or either) relating to each of the following: Political:
* A problem that EU runs into when they try to become the United States of Europe is also a problem the United States of America had when they came together to build the constitution. It is how to allocate the power in the EU throughout 25 big and small member states when writing the constitution. Economic:

* Something that helps them is the elimination of trade barriers, and the advent of the euro which has been the world’s strongest currency for much of its life makes the EU a financial and commercial superpower. Social:

* The U.S.A. is giving people less privacy because of the attacks on 9/11/2001 while the EU is creating more laws about not being able to give out personal information. So, the U.S.A. demands the information and the EU says it’s illegal to give that information. Technological:

* Throughout the world, it used to be that if you made a product to meet the U.S.A standards that you could pretty well sell it all over the world. Now, international companies have to follow Brussels’ regulations because they are tougher than the regulations that the U.S.A. abides by. Certain chemicals can be used in the U.S.A. when those same chemicals are banned from being used for certain products in Brussels. In order to sell to Brussels you obviously have to follow their regulations.
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