European Union

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Text-Book Chapter 1 notes:

EU integration process initiated in 1950s; consequence of founding member states during aftermath of WWII. - > Member-states want peace economic stability+ security
CRITICISMS= failed to deliver economic growth+ global competition - highly institutionalized=qualified majority voting consensus, overseen by a bureaucracy, elected co-legislative, judicial system -EU also about welfare-related issues; welfare state European construct DEF.->EU family of liberal-democratic countries, acting collectively through an institutionalized system of decision-making.

> Joining members agree to EU treaties, legislation, norms, shared values(democracy/human rights etc.) > 28 member states, + 500 million people
> Hybrid international organization+ state

- EU institutions=
> The commission, Parliament, Council, Courts, European Council(defines general political direction+priorities/own president), European Central Bank

Criteria to join the EU=
>European State
> Working market economies
>Take on EU treaties, legislation, norms
^---Decided in 1993 in Copenhagen, European Council “Copenhagen Criteria” Joiners see EU has anchor supporting
Political+ economic transitions; gateway to belong to Europe -EU has own budget, “ EU budget”, cannot tax citizens directly. Receives money from customs duties, contributions at border, national contributions(1% gross national product) -> budget negotiated for =total economic activity

months or years for multi-annual periods
-> most important function is making + management of European policies

Five modes of European Decision making=
1. Community method=involves a commission legislative initiative being agreed by the council+ European parliament 2. EU regulatory mode
3. EU distributional mode
4. Policy coordination mode
5. Intensive trans-governmentalism
-> policy emerges as interaction between groups i.e.=
^--European commission/Parliament/Council
^--Legislation mode using “...
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