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TITTLE: A Model of Christian Charity
AUTHOR: John Winthrop
BIOGRAPHY: John Winthrop was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and the chief figure among the Puritan founders of New England.
EPOQUE: Is a 1630 sermon by Puritan layman and leader John Winthrop, who delivered on board the ship Arbella while en route to the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
TITTLE: The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts
AUTHOR: Maxime Hong Kingston
BIOGRAPHY: Maxine Hong Kingston, an eminent memoirist and a celebrated Chinese-American autobiographer, is best known for The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts
EPOQUE: Is a memoir, or collection of memoirs, by Maxine Hong Kingston, published by Vintage Books in 1975.
TITTLE: Auggie Wren's Christmas Story
AUTHOR: Paul AusterBIOGRAPHY: Is an American author and director whose writing blends HYPERLINK "" \o "Absurdism" absurdism, existentialism, crime fiction, and the search for identity and personal meaning in works such as The New York Triology.
EPOQUE: Originally published on The New York Times 25 December 1990.
TITTLE: The Witchs Husband
AUTHOR: Judith Ortíz CoferBIOGRAPHY: Is a Puerto Rican author. Her work spans a range of literary genres including poetry, short stories, autobiography, essays, and young-adult fiction.
EPOQUE: 1952
TITTLE: Bushed
AUTHOR: Earle Birney
BIOGRAPHY: Was a distinguished Canadian poet and novelist, who twice won the Governor General's Award, Canada's top literary honor, for his poetry.
TITTLE: Progressive Insanities Of A Pioneer
AUTHOR: Margaret Atwood 1939
BIOGRAPHY: Is a Canadian poet, novelist, literary critic, essayist, and environmental activist. She is a winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award and Prince of Asturias Award for Literature, has been shortlisted for the Booker Prize five times, winning once, and has been a finalist for the Governor General's Award several times, winning twice. While she is best known for her work as a novelist, she has also published fifteen books of poetry. Many of her poems have been inspired by myths and fairy tales, which have been interests of hers from an early age.
TITTLE: The Garden Party
AUTHOR: Katherine Mansfield
BIOGRAPHY: Was a prominent modernist writer of short fiction who was born and brought up in colonial New Zealand and wrote under the pen name of Katherine Mansfield.
EPOQUE: 1922

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