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Ethnic Group

Ethnic groups After going through and being asked to react to the following statement, “Students who dine solely with members of their own ethnic group and participate in ethnic student organizations and activities contribute to a decline of ethnic relations on campus,” I have come to realized that as any other statements there’s always two sides and a lot more to consider before coming to a consent as a whole. In my opinion this is very important and should always view both sides of the story ...

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The Ethnic Groups in Malaysia and Its Culture

The Ethnic Relation and Culture in Malaysia. By just looking at the title above, you know what I am going to talk about. Yes, you are right, the culture of our magnificent country. Our country is actually envied by many foreigners. Why? Well, one of the main reasons is because of how we Malaysians can live in harmony for many years, even though we consist of many different races and ethnic groups. The culture of our country started out with the unique combination and amount of ethnic groups...

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Religious and Ethnic Groups

Religious and Ethnic Group: Buddhism/Asian Buddhism is a religious group as depicted from the world’s history that began in the 6th century BCE, in today’s Northern India. Buddhism was founded by a wealthy man of Indian dysentery called Siddhartha Gautama. Siddhartha Gautama’s main concern was to teach people how to realize great spiritual development. These teachings focus on areas like tradition/customs, beliefs, ethics, meditation and philosophy and making people more enlightened; Buddha means...

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Religious and Ethnic Groups

Religious and Ethnic Groups Paper Natalie Lewis Eth/125 June 08, 2013 Jodi Perro Religious and Ethnic Groups Paper The religious group is chose was Jehovah’s Witnesses. I did some online research and also asked my children’s Foster Mother, Regina Metzger the questions. I wanted to see what the differences of what I found online and what she said the beliefs were. So this is a mixture of what I got from my online sources and what she said. Jehovah’s Witnesses differ from other religious...

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Racial and Ethnic Groups

Racial and Ethnic Groups Michelle Winner ETH 125 October 23, 2010 NIKIYA SPENCE Racial and Ethnic Groups There are three sociological perspectives of race and ethnicity which are functionalist, conflict, and labeling perspectives. The first one I will discuss is the functionalist perspective. The functionalist perspective emphasizes how the parts of society are structured to maintain its stability. As also described in the reading the functionalist approach is an approach, if an aspect...

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination in the U.S.A.

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Scott Johnson ETH 125 January 15, 2012 Stephanie Perry Ethnic Groups and Discrimination The Chinese immigrated to the United States in during the 1800s; Official records show that before 1857, 46 Chinese immigrants were in the United States. Over the next 30 years more that 200,000 Chinese had immigrated to the United States. This immigration wave was largely because of the push of the awful conditions in China and the pull of the discovery of gold, and, job...

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Misconception of Identifying Ethnic Groups by Cultural Elements

GFPP2623 (Group A) Name: Lim Chia Min Matriculation Number: 214919 Question Number: 1 Misconception of Identifying Ethnic Groups by Cultural Elements The common misconception in relating ethnicity and culture is to define ethnic groups by cultural elements. Firstly, ethnic group is a category of people which is bound together by common characteristics that differentiate them from other groups. On the other hand, culture is a system of knowledge shared by a relatively large group of people. Culture...

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination- Native Americans

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Native Americans The ethnic group that I choose was Native Americans. I am of Caucasian descendant with Native American from my dad’s side. I really want to learn more about my heritage and family background. The Native Americans didn’t participate in discrimination; they were affected by people discriminating against them. The immigration of Indian American has taken place in several waves since the first Indian American came to the United States in the 1700’s...

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Article Public Opinion of Police by Different Ethnic Group

 Ethnic and the Police Paper Rozlynn Jordan McNeal University of Phoenix June 5, 2013 CJA/344 Ken Jones, Facilitator Public Opinion of Police by Different Ethnic Group In the eyes of the beholder, do you see what I see! Down though the years there has always been tension and an on and off relationship between the community they serve and law enforcement agencies. And as with any relationship between two people there are misunderstanding, break-up and disagreements...

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Eth 125 Week 5 Religious and Ethnic Groups

Religious and Ethnic Groups Jehovah’s Witnesses go door to door while other religious groups let people come to them. They do this because they consider it an honor to spread the word of god. Their religious practices are generally similar to others they worship God, pray to him, and think that all things good come from him. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe God can not lie therefore what the bible says will come true and earth will someday be cleansed of all the “wickedness”. In addition, most...

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Public Opinion of Police by Different Ethnic Groups

 Public Opinion of Police by Different Ethnic Groups XXXXXXXXX CJA 344 March 24, 2014 Benjamin Harm Public Opinion of Police by Different Ethnic Groups Introduction Cooperation from members of the public is important in order for police officers to effectively fight crime within the community. In order to obtain cooperation from members of the public, police officers must gain their trust and confidence. It has been known that African Americans and Hispanics have lower levels...

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ethnic studies

The Study of Race from an Ethnic Studies' Perspective "The students, united, will never be defeated!". This was the rallying call of students at San Francisco State University trying to save their Asian America Studies classes in 2008. 40 years after the first Third World Liberation Front protested and fought against discrimination and for their rights to have ethnic studies classes, the fight still continues. Students fought to have classes from the perspective of ethnic peoples, and not the Eurocentric...

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Ethnic Relations

ETHNIC RELATIONS Prateek Shukla 3/30/05 ETHNIC RELATIONS PAPER "We don't want you here anymore white principal," (Roberts 2) such misanthropical acts and slanders have been committed against thousands of people, almost every single day, here in the U.S. In fact, there have been many volatile arguments on the constitutional...

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Islam and Religious Group

Part I Define the following terms: Term Definition Ethnic group Anti-Semitism Islamophobia Xenophobia Persecution Religious group Part II Select at least 1 religious and 1 ethnic group not your own from the list below. • Religious groups (based on http://religions.pewforum.org/pdf/affiliations-all-traditions.pdf) o Christianity • Evangelical Protestant • Mainline Protestant • Historically Black Churches • Roman Catholic • Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) ...

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ethnic differences essay

Asses the claim that “ethnic differences in educational achievement are primarily the result of school factors” Most studies found that overall ethnic minorities tend to do less well than other members of the population when it comes to educational achievement. Many factors which occur inside the school are the cause of educational achievement however other factors contribute. The expectations of teachers on ethnic minorities have caused differences in educational achievement. Bernard Coard believes...

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Ethnic Identity Is an Interactional Identity: the Instrumentalist Approach

Ethnic Identity is an Interactional Identity: The Instrumentalist Approach. This paper will discuss about the concept of ethnic identity as interactional identity by looking at the instrumentalists approach. In order to make sure that this paper is well – discussed, organized and easy to be understood, it will be divided into three section; introduction, core assumptions and arguments before we can sonclude the discussion. In the introduction section, we will examine the definition of ethnic identity...

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Ethnic and Race Formation and the Internet

Luu Soc 0835, Sec 002 Yuichi Moroi November 9, 2010 Ethnic/Race Identity Formation and the Internet                 Throughout the course of American history, immigration from around the world has been occurring. The result from the different people emigrating from such varying parts of the human race creates the diversity in American society. As different ethnicities come into America, racial discrimination and stereotypes are created. Ethnic identity starts to become an issue where immigration...

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Curse: Having Diverse Ethnic Identity

CURSE: HAVING DIVERSE ETHNIC IDENTITY Multicultural people can be defined as a people who have more than one culture in other words who grew up with more than one cultural identity. A person who grew up with more than one culture is having a mixed ethnic identity. Amin Maloouf, who has mixed ethnic identity, is a Lebanese author, who born in Beirut. His father was from Melikte Greek Catholic community and on the other hand his mother was from Turkey. Also Maalouf (1998) mentions that he has lived...

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Evaluate the Claim That Britishness Is an Ethnic Construction

rebecca O’Neill X1783213 Evaluate the claim that Britishness is an ethnic construction Introduction The purpose of writing this paper is to analyze and evaluate the argument that ‘Britishness is an ethnic construction’ from the perspective of both its advocators and opponents. The discussion will include evidences that support the claim and also those who go against it in relation to the cultural and ethnic dimensions of britishness in order to provide a better understanding of the events...

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Ethic Groups and Discrimination - Scottish-Americans

Running head: ETHNIC GROUPS AND DISCRIMINATION - SCOTTISH Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Scottish Americans Axia College Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - Scottish Americans People from Scotland first came to the new world in the 1600s. There is some evidence of Scots coming to what is now considered America with the Vikings as slaves. This would be one of the first occurrences of mistreatment they endured (Gormley, 2000). Like other ethnic groups who migrated to the United States...

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The Importance of Understanding Cultural, Ethnic and Gender

Running head: THE IMPORTANCE OF UNDERSTANDING CULTURAL, ETHNIC, AND GENDER DIFFERENCES The Importance of Understanding Cultural, Ethnic and Gender Differences by Managers and Professionals in the Business Setting Over the past two decades, diversity in the workforce has been a necessity for the success...

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The Impact of Racial and Ethnic Bias in Criminal Sentencing Decisions

to race and ethnicity in sentencing decisions. Empirical data demonstrates vast disparity and reveals a juxtaposition of conflicting theories pertaining to race, ethnicity, and sentencing outcomes. For many years, people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds have been over-represented throughout the criminal justice system. Walker (2003), Spohn (2000, 2002), Kault (2002) and DeLone (2000, 2003) have researched extensively on this topic and theorise that there are several facets of what they...

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Ancient Food Traditions and Ethnic Identity in the South of China

Daniel Clark CHI4930.006 10/10/2011 Ancient food Traditions and Ethnic identity in the South of China A wide range of cultural factors are influential in the building of a people’s ethnic identity. Among the more publicized subjects related to ethnic identity in China, are political, religious, and economic topics. Still other subjects are related to issues of territorial independence or succession from China proper. Study in these areas has been relatively extensive and thorough due in part...

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Religious and Thnic Groups Paper

Religious and Ethnic Groups Paper Kyle S. Leister ETH/125 February 22, 2013 Heather Bickley Religious and Ethnic Groups Paper I picked Buddhism as my religious group. I am a Christian so this is interesting to me because if would have stayed in Thailand, Buddhism would be the religion that I would have learned and believed in. Buddhism is a very unique religion and it differs from all other religion out there. They do not believe in a God. Tak stated, “We don't believe in a god because...

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Ethnic Stereotypes in New Zealand and Their Impact on Behavior

Ethnic Stereotypes in New Zealand and their Impact on Behaviour Within the world of psychology, the subject of prejudice has been studied intensively. And like all other attitudes, prejudice is made up of three different components: an emotional component, a behavioural component, and a cognitive component. Stereotypes represent this cognitive aspect of prejudice. According to the Stereotype Content Model (SCM), stereotypes express generalised evaluative beliefs about a particular group of people...

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 NAME -ADESOLA ABODERIN MATRIC NUMBER- PAU/SMC/MSCFT7/140001 COURSE CODE -COM 606 COURSE TITLE- MEDIA, HUMAN PERSON AND SOCIETY A PAPER ON THE CONSTRUCTION OF GROUP IDENTITY IN THE MEDIA: RACE AND ETHNICITY. ABSTRACT The media is an industry where the competition is intense and it has been used by the government individuals, organizations, institutions, society, and family etc. for various purposes. However, due to the increasing competition in the industry, many at times the functions...

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Ethnic Nationalism in Korea

History influences the ethnic nationalism in Korea as well as the nature of the dynamic self-perception of the Korean people. Ethnic nationalism is defined as the combination of ethnicity and race due to historical circumstances. The self-perception of Koreans, a form of orientalism, derives from a form of ethnic nationalism and takes shape in the form of competitiveness amongst other nations. Although many critics argue that the stigma of ethnic nationalism may bring about a generalization of a...

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The Relationship Between Language and Ethnic Identity : a Focus on Tibetan

Name: Garfield The Relationship between Language and Ethnic Identity in China: A focus on the Tibetan Language To begin with, according to the background history of the Tibetan language, it is not mere a language like modern English with a wide extend of speakers who can comprehend each other easily depending on familiar vocabulary, grammar. As an old linguistic proverb states: “a dialect is a language without an army and a language is a dialect with an army, and Tibetan can be...

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Critical Summary of "Why Group Representation in Parliament Is Important" by Tim Schouls

by: Shakir Jahangir Tim Schouls in his essay, “Why Group Representation in Parliament Is Important,” argues that the parliamentary representation in Canada is unfair because it doesn’t represent Canada’s social diversity as a whole. He believes that democracy in Canada can be considerably deepened and enhanced when the composition of the House of Commons substantially reflects the social diversity of Canada (for example, Aboriginals, ethnic minorities, visible minorities, gays etc.) instead of...

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Ethnic Groups.

modalities, read the policies governing your current class modality. Course Materials Harvey, C. P., & Allard, M. J. (2009). Understanding and managing diversity (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. Schaefer, R. T. (2011). Racial and ethnic groups (12th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. All electronic materials are available on the student website. |Week One: Workplace Diversity ...

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Academic and Social Interaction Skills

interaction skills. When the children first arrive for the first hour we work on their academics within a group. For the last hour we work on their social skills, working on crafts, playing games, and going outside to play outdoor games. On a sunny Monday morning I decide to take the children out for free play to watch how they interact with one another. Miranda one of the little girls within the group comes over to me crying. When I asked her what was wrong she stated that two of the other little girls...

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First Nations in Special Interest Groups

First Nations in Special Interest Groups First Nations Peoples, more than other Canadians, may have a vested interest in pursuing or joining an interest/pressure group. The needs and demands of particular First Nations are often not met by those who govern them. They have constant issues with regards to natural resources, interpretation of treaty, and funding from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, just to name a few. These issues, among others are taking place at not only the provincial...

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ETH/125 WEEK 4

Associate Program Material Religious and Ethnic Groups Paper Instructions Part I Select at least 1 religious and 1 ethnic/racial group not your own from the list below. Religious groups (based on http://religions.pewforum.org/pdf/affiliations-all-traditions.pdf) Christianity Evangelical Protestant Mainline Protestant Historically Black Churches Roman Catholic Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) Jehovah’s Witnesses Orthodox (Greek, Eastern) Judaism (Orthodox, Conservative...

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Eth/125 Week 4 Appendix D

Appendix D Part I Define the following terms: Term Definition Ethnic group A group set apart from others because of its national origin or distinctive cultural patterns Anti-Semitism Anti-Semitism is the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people. (Vocabulary.com 2012) Islamophobia Islamophobia is prejudice against Muslims. (Vocabulary.com 2012) Xenophobia Xenophobia is a fear of foreigners or strangers. (Vocabulary.com 2012) Persecution Persecution is...

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culture diversity

Individual Final Assignment- What information about diversity in the United States has helped you better understand or relate to others in ways that you may not have in the past? Have you learned something new about your own racial, ethnic, or cultural history? Trends in immigration will continue to shape the demographics of the United States. What will the U.S. population look like in the year 2050? Why do you think so? What challenges does the United States face due to the diversity of its people...

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Social Biases Paper

Biases A social bias is a prejudice attitude aimed at a particular race, culture, ethnic group, religion, or sexual orientation. People with limited vision often form negative opinions toward a group of people without knowing who they are. People have to be careful with the thought process because it can lead him or her to make a judgmental statement toward an individual, or a group of individuals, without the person realizing that the statement or comment was prejudicial. In this...

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Prejudice and Discrimination

the diversity and prejudice in this country makes it difficult. Indonesia has five main islands: Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Jaya. These islands are surrounded by South China, the North Sea, Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean. The ethnic groups that live in this country are as follows: Javanese 40.6%, Sundanese 15%, Madurese 3.3%, Minangkabau 2.7%, Betawi 2.4%, Bugis 2.4%, Banten 2%, Banjar 1.7%, and other unspecified ethnicities 29.9% (The World Factbook, 2013). Races that live in Indonesia...

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Human Diversity Chp 4 Vocab

cultural heritage. Refers to an individual’s cultural heritage, separate from one’s physical character. Per David Maybury-Lewis-ethnicity has a will-o-the-wisp quality that makes it extremely hard to analyze and not much easier to discuss. 2. Ethnic Group – collective of people who BELIEVE they share a common history, culture, or ancestry. Refers to an individual’s cultural heritage, separate from one’s physical character. 3. Culture-refers to all learned and shared ideas and products of society...

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The Future of Ethnicity in America

The Future of Ethnicity in America This paper will examine the future of ethnicity in America by answering three appealing questions. First, how does symbolic ethnicity enter into contemporary American racial and ethnic relations? Second, why might immigrant youths choose to assimilate to the culture of low-income, inner-city youths instead of white middle-class culture? Lastly, why do some cases of interethnic contact generate conflict and others do not? Symbolic ethnicity is a term coined...

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APPROACH IN BAJAU ETHNIC In the essay I will try to make sure we brightly understand the differences between primordalist and instrumentalist approach. By understanding these approaches we can also explain how these approaches use on the situation today in our society. I will be explain the the comparison with provided example using my friend’s background as the Bajau’s ethnic also known as Jomoh Samah group. She have to adobe both of this approach in the way to maintain her own ethnic and at the same...

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Sociology: Ethnicity and Crime

assess explanations for apparent ethnic differences in involvement in crime (21 Marks) According to official statistics, ethnic minorities are largely linked to crime and their involvement if often over exaggerated. Item B shows that black people make up 11% of the prison population, despite the fact they make up just 2.8% of the population. Whilst, Asians make up 4.7% of the population yet 6% of the prison population. These statistics emphasise that ethnic minorities are over-represented in...

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Eth/125 Assignment 1

today. http://www.doi.gov/pmb/eeo/what-is-diversity.cfm 2. What is ethnocentrism? In what ways can ethnocentrism be detrimental to a society? Ethnocentrism is where a specific ethnic group is brought to attention and centered on, usually being one’s own group. Ethnocentrism can be detrimental to a society, because it can lead to false opinions about the differences with cultures which then can often lead to falsified communication...

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Primordialist Theory

Zulaikha Binti Wan Hanafi Matrix Number : 204656 Question : 3 Topic : Ethnic Identity Is In The Between of Primordial and Instrumentalist. The purpose of this writings is to determine a suitable ethnic theory that best described about my own ethnic identity in which Malay ethnic identity is articulated. If the function of identity is on how we see ourselves or how other people see ourselves, then visual and verbal representations of ethnic identities are reflections of a people who share common similarities...

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Social Inequality and Race

21, 2012 Identified Group To choose an ethnic or racial group which I belong to can be easy for those who see my physical appearance but it can be difficult for me to decide. The racial group I have always claimed and identified with is White non-Hispanic or Caucasian. To determine my particular ethnic group is unclear because I was adopted; however, I was raised by a German mother and Caucasian father, so I can categorize myself in with German-American ethnic group. As I take look at the...

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Our Well-Being Depends on a Secure Sense of Belonging to a Group.Docx

Our well being depends on a secure sense of belonging to a group The idea of belonging is an important and fundamental value in our lives. For humans as social creatures, belonging to a group provides a sense of security both physically and mentally. A group provides a framework of values, attitudes and rules that the individual can find a sense of security and comfort from when all share the same aspects of life. A sense of belonging therefore most commonly emerges from personal experience, concepts...

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Textual Analysis About Stereotype in Crash

illustrate is “out group homogeneity”. “Out group homogeneity” means that people tend to see outgroups less diverse than themselves whereas they view themselves as unique and individual. Outgroup members are viewed as highly similar. The ingroup members tend to attribute that the outgroup members have the same characteristics and personalities. The outgroup homogeneity effect was observed in wide and diverse groups, which contains national, religious, political and age groups. For example, the black...

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Ethnicity in North-East India

diversities of nationalities, ethnic groups, etc. is no exception to the problem. In such a diversified social set up, ethnicity play a fundamental role both in the political, social and cultural realm of the society. Etymologically, the word ethnicity is a conglomeration of two Greek words ‘ethnos’ and ‘ethnikos’ which implies the common ‘racial set up’ and cultural identity of the populations. Thus, the essence of ethnicity consists in the psychological make- up of a group of people possessing (or...

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Argument that identities of place can be a source of inclusion and exclusion

Wales in 2001 and in 2011 and about the composition of the ethnic population of England and Wales in 2011? Table 1 and 2 clearly show the increase and decrease of different ethnic groups in time and areas. It is well known that England and Wales have lowered their requirements for people from different nations to immigrate, and that is reflected in Table 1. Table 2 on the other hand shows the areas in which the different ethnic groups increased most, such as London. So in my first paragraph I...

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interpretation. what is a race? -a human group that defines itself or is defined by other groups as different based upon what society perceives to be biological or unchangeable physical characteristics. -these real or alleged physical characteristics have been assigned a value of inferiority or superiority by society members. what is racism? -a set of principles and beliefs that lead to the differential treatment of various ethnic/racial groups. where does racism come from? it began in...

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My Community

but living here it feels small, especially once I started look into the racial characteristics of the people around me. The concerns that I see that are unresolved with the government in my town is that there are not many ethnic celebrations or programs for the ethnic groups in my community. When I called to try to interview someone in the leadership offices, I was continually directed to voice mail and was could not get a hold of anyone in the city leadership office. I did talk to one person in...

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Indian Americans

knowledge would dictate that in order for a traditionally under-represented ethnic group to improve their economic status, they must have equal access to resources that will aid in economic improvement. The possibility of attaining these resources directly correlates to the political and economic atmosphere, both domestic and international. This paper will attempt to determine if this theory relates to the Indian American ethnic group. The flourishing geopolitical relationship between the United States...

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Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion

diversity are racial groups, ethnic groups, religious groups, and gender groups. Age is also a dimension. Minority groups also share the characteristics of experiencing unfair treatment, sharing likes and dislikes, involuntary membership, group solidarity, and marriage within the group. Each group should be dealt with simultaneously. It is important to focus on them all, rather than approach them in pieces. Components may vary, as it is possible to belong to multiple minority groups. Building a...

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Models of American Ethnicities

Models Of American Ethnic Relations: A Historical Perspective How does Fredrickson distinguish between race and ethnicity? How and under what circumstances can ethnicity become racialized’ (para.2)? Fredrickson says that “It can be misleading to make a sharp distinction between race and ethnicity when considering intergroup relations in American history” He means that these terms do not have clear distinctions and have evolved over time. In paragraph 2, he writes that ethnicity can become racialized...

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Ethnicity and Religion Quiz

first name and then upload to the Assignment tab which is due next Sunday.** The following materials are based on Schaefer’s Chapter 5: Ethnicity and Religion 1. The largest ancestral group of European Americans is a. French. b. Irish. c. German. d. Norwegian. 2. Which of the following groups has always been considered White by the English? a. Italians. b. Germans. c. Swedes. d. none of these 3. The principle of third-generation...

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Ethnicity and the Immigrant Experience

Ethnicity and the Immigrant Experience When thinking about immigration, most individuals imagine all different types of ethnic groups traveling to a separate land away from their own. Most imagine America. Immigration, throughout history, has occurred within all types of ethnicities. When taking a closer look at the individuals living in America, it is apparent that everyone is not exactly like one another. Assimilation becomes a popular word used when discussing migration, and both positives...

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Blood on the Stepepes

Ethnicity, Power, and Conflict In this article written by Weatherford, the form and use of ethnic identity is the core focus and further elaborations has been provided on roles of various factors in shaping ethnic identities such as, religion, economics, politics and so forth. Weatherford has also discussed the various usages that ethnic identities may have: Men in pursuit of their own vested interests have used ethnic identities as a means to reach their goals and interests such as wealth, fame and even...

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in England and Wales in 2001 and in 2011 and about the composition of the ethnic population of England and Wales in 2011? The Census 2001 and 2011 (Office for National Statistics) breaks ‘ethnic group’ into 5 categories. They are White; Mixed/multiple ethnic groups; Asian/Asian British; Black/African/Caribbean/Black British; and, Other ethnic groups. Each of these five groups is then broken into subcategories of ethnic origin. The five most prevalent subcategories in decreasing order of population...

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understanding racism and sectarianism

text that although there is no direct definition of the term many sociologists have attempted to define it. One definition is that it is the division of the human race into particular groups. It can also be assumed that when discussing “race” physical characteristics are used in order to distinguish between the groups as race can be seen as a social construct meaning that it is a category created within society opposed to a race being biological. Within this essay, I will analyse the key terms “race...

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. University of Phoenix Material Appendix D Select at least 1 religious and 1 ethnic group not your own from the list below. • Religious groups (based on http://religions.pewforum.org/pdf/affiliations-all-traditions.pdf) o Christianity • Evangelical Protestant • Mainline Protestant • Historically Black Churches • Roman Catholic • Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) • Jehovah’s Witnesses • Orthodox (Greek, Eastern) o Judaism...

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The Constructionist Theory of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture

work, “Constructing Ethnicity: Creating and Recreating Ethnic Identity and Culture.” She says the constructionist view is that “the origin, content, and form of ethnicity reflect the creative choices of individuals and groups as they define themselves and others” (Nagel, 237) This idea is far different from that of Omi and Winant’s essentialist theory that race is socially constructed theory. Nagel would argue that individuals and ethnic groups are at the core of the true meaning of ethnicity and the...

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