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Constitution Current Events Constitution Portfolio #6 http://www.mizzima.com/news/inside-burma/7645-burmese-govt-maintains-restrictions-on-religious-freedom-us.html After reading this article about religious restrictions in Burma, I found it ironic how in the U.S., we have a Constitution to protect our freedoms, but in Burma and many other countries, everything that is said and done is controlled, monitored, or restricted by the government. Throughout the course of four to six months, the government...

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Abstract This report is about Burma in the year 2007. After civil disturbance the leaders of the country went drastically against demonstrators without concerning human rights. The three most important points in this report is the rule of the government, the sanction and the application of the human rights. Furthermore, it informs about the rule of the military and their impact on the inhabitants. The minister of Burma states that the regime is doing a very good job. However, the articles prove...

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Burma Religion (Burma) Mark Joseph Magdalaga Since the Myanmar ancient times, there has been full freedom of worship for followers of Burma religions in Myanmar. So many different religions can be practiced in Myanmar. Buddhism is practiced by almost 90 percent of Myanmar religion Burma's population, with the Myanmar Theravada Buddhism School being the most prevalent. It has a firm hold in Myanmar's culture along with an observance of animism, or the worship of ancestors (nat). In Myanmar...

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BURMA /MYANMAR ESSAY First let me say that this is a really important topic that everybody should know about. It’s unbelievable to think that a country can sit there and treat people like this. Making a small child work for nothing, not allow the child to go to school because there is work to be done. It’s outrageous to think that a government does not want their people to have contact with the outside world, not allow their people to use other currencies. The documentary (Inside Burma: Land of...

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Unocal in Burma

brutalizing the Karen population as it provide “security” for the Unocal project. Also in 1995 another consultant reported that egregious human rights violation has occurred and continue to occur. Also that even prior to the Unocal project contract, Burma was a politically disrupted country with unethical violation of human rights. These reports prove that there had been a violation of human rights in large scale and also puts a question mark on the decision of Unocal to invest in this project. 3...

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India Burma Relations

border along 4 NE states –Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur,and Mizoram. Burma was made a province of British India by British rulers and again separated in 1937. For many years, Indo-Burmese relations were strong: Burma previously having been a province of India 1) due to cultural links 2) flourishing commerce 3) the presence of a significant Indian community in Burma.  India provided considerable support when Burma struggled with regional insurgencies Loosening Of Ties: Military rule...

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case of Unocal Burma

Case of Unocal Burma A landmark case The Unocal case is a breakthrough for foreigners trying to sue multinational corporations for their alleged collaboration with repressive regimes in human rights abuses. Work in progress at the Yadana pipeline project ... modern equivalent of slavery? Unocal Corporation, the California-based giant gas-and-petroleum corporation, will face trial in a United States court on charges of forced labour of Burmese people to build the $1.2 billion Yadana Gas Pipeline...

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Travel to Myanmar (Burma)

| |Bagon Myannar 3 Days 2 Nights | |The Ayeyarwady River or Irrawaddy River (Burmese: ) is a river flows through Burma (Myanmar). It is Myanmar's largest river (about 1350 | |miles or 2170 km long) and its most important commercial waterway, with a drainage area of about 158,700 square ... | |Departure Date : Daily ...

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Burma and the 8 Dam Project

that doesn’t sound like the Burmese government entered this venture willingly, but more likely out of desperation for the sake of the people. The government wants the people to thrive and survive. To restore the natural beauty and landscape of Burma but also to make it a prosperous country, this is difficult to do because of the poor state of the Burmese economy. So in what appears to be a last ditch effort, the President agreed to this project with china. No having halted the process for the...

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Burma Police Force

they still meet poor reputation that makes them cautious when they solve the problems. The government should be considered police reform at both practical and political levels. Reference: Andrew Selth: Regional Outlook Paper “Police Reform in Burma (Myanmar)” - 2013 Kyi Pyar Chit Saw and Mathew Arnold: “Administering the State in Myanmar”- 2014 http://www.myanmarpoliceforce.org ...

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