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  • Indonesia

    mind when we think of Indonesia is 17000 islands‚ beaches‚ good food and people with beautiful smiles on their faces. I have visited Indonesia a couple of times before and that is exactly what I found except for the over population part. I visited Indonesia as a tourist before and what I experienced there made me fall in love with Indonesia. This is one major reason why I want to go back there and work. My summer holidays will start at the end of June and I like to go to Indonesia for an internship.

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  • Indonesia

    Note: You are not to answer the questions at the end of the case. However‚ the questions should help you formulate where your thinking should be taking you during your analysis based on international business theory. Indonesia—Asia’s Stumbling Giant Indonesia is a vast country. Its 220 million people are spread out over some 17‚000 islands that span an arc 3‚200 miles long from Sumatra in the west to Irian Jaya in the east. It is the world’s most populous Mus- lim nation—some 85 percent

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  • Indonesia

    INDONESIA Indonesia is a beautiful country from its amazing views to its unique culture; there is no place like it so it is very special. It has a very distinctive history as well as having a variety in religion even though a specific belief is the majority. This country is made up of clusters of islands in the ocean which gives them a beautiful perspective due to the ocean being really close to the population. Although Indonesia is a wonderful place‚ there are also many issues

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  • Inflation and Indonesia

    PESTEL analysis of Indonesia | October 3 2009 | SUBMITTED TO: MR. SUNDERASAN SUBMITTED BY: Hitesh GoyalNirupan ChakravarthiSainath.V MBA 12 and PGPRM-9 | | Introduction: Indonesia is one of the largest countries in South-east Asia‚ between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean which contain mainly mountainous and covered with rain forests‚ swamps and consists over 13000 islands. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Indonesia declared its independence on 17th August 1945 from Japan but

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  • Bandung, Indonesia

    Bandung‚ Indonesia Place to place and city to city. There is plenty much to see in this world. From Bandung to Melbourne—London—New York. What is really matter‚ though‚ it is not where you at. What matters most is‚ well‚ YOURSELF. Bandung (pronounced [bənˈduŋ]) Indonesian‚ Kota Bandung is the capital of West Java province in Indonesia‚ and the country ’s third largest city‚ and 2nd largest metropolitan area in Indonesia. Located 768 m (2‚520 ft) above sea level‚ approximately 140 km southeast of

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  • Genocide In Indonesia

    In 1945‚ Indonesia proclaimed its Independence from the Dutch. A strong nationalist named Sukarno lead the movement‚ soon followed by Suharto. Having to be ruled by the Dutch for many years‚ Indonesia had to build everything from the start. They suffered in unification due to their diversity‚ and faced economic and government instabilities as a new nation. During this period of unstable economy‚ Indonesia have violated many human rights. However‚ their strong belief of Independence helped them become

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  • Exporting to Indonesia

    achievement and successful trading. ABOUT INDONESIA Indonesia is the fourth largest populated country in the world and is located in Southeast Asia. South East Asia is home to more than 24 million people and Jakarta‚ Indonesia’s capital city‚ has more than 9 million people situated within it. Indonesia covers 1‚904‚569 sq km and is positioned 500 S and 120 00 E from the equator. Indonesians speak various languages including Bahasa Indonesia‚ fluent English and Dutch. As a result of the

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  • Independence of Indonesia

    Decolonization in Indonesia Reynaldi Gunawan Grade 12 Indonesia started their decolonization process at 1820. It took them about 130 years to successfully decolonized themselves from the Dutch‚ which happened in 1950. They Dutch already colonized Indonesia even way before 1820‚ but Indonesia started the struggle in the year 1820. Even though Indonesia gained independence in 1945‚ they haven’t get rid of the Dutch until 1950‚ so the process of decolonization ended at 1950 instead of 1945. It

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  • Globalization in Indonesia

    globalization effects in Indonesia “In 1998 20% of the Indonesian population were below the poverty line. In 1999‚ 28% of the population was below the poverty line. Then in 2000‚ 22% of the population was below the poverty line” (Rukmana). The International Monetary Fund (IMF) claims to help countries in poverty achieve macroeconomic stability to reduce poverty. Macroeconomic stability is the balance of healthy rates of: GDP‚ unemployment‚ and price indices (Gupya). Indonesia sought the aid of the

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  • Uniqlo in Indonesia

    Q1.An overall strategy :what products or services should FAST RETAILING sell in Indonesia‚to which custoers(market segments)? Demographic segmentation: Indonesia‚with a population of over 248 million is also the fourth most populated country in the world. Indonesia is a very young country‚the average age in this country is 28.5 years old.Indonesia society is fragmented in over 300 tribes‚ there are more than 100 ethnic groups with Javanese(40.6%) being the majority ethnic groups.The

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