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Religion and Politics in the Philippines: the Role of the Roman Catholic Church in the Democratization of the Filipino Polity

Title of the Article: Religion and Politics in the Philippines: The Role of the Roman Catholic Church in the Democratization of the Filipino Polity Author: Aloysius Lopez Cartagenas I. What Struck Me? i. The Roman Catholic Church as an organized and institutionalized religion has had a significant role in and impact on Philippine political life. In recent times it served as the primary locus against the dictatorship of the Marcos regime and facilitated the 1986 People Power revolt...

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The Reformation: Separation Of The Roman Catholic Church

1. What was the Reformation? The Reformation was the separation of the Church in England and the Roman Catholic Church. The authority before the Reformation was solely held by the Pope and the Prodestants didn’t feel that the Catholic Church could define Christian practices in the way they should be a the time and the Bible wasn’t translated to the people in ways that it was intended. 2. What were the key theological points of the Reformation? The key theological points of the Reformation were...

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An Innocent Baby Cries Out: Abortion and the Roman Catholic Church

FULLFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR ENGLISH BY: CYRAH MAE CARANDANG IV- JASMIN FEBRUARY 28, 2013 OUTLINE Controlling Ideas: The sixth commandment of God states: “Thou shall not to kill”. It includes abortion. Since the Philippines is a Catholic country, our Laws prohibit the act and consider as a serious crime. While industrialized countries had legalized the process for practical reasons, Filipinos abhor the very idea and condemn the doers as criminals. I. The Problem and Its Setting ...

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French Revolution & The Catholic Church

Revolution, the Catholic faith was the most widely studied religion in France, but the tables soon turned after the revolt. The rebels believed that in order to change and make France a better place, it was necessary to throw out all of the old ideas and make new ones. This involved the church being overthrown and changed entirely. For the reason that the Catholic faith was such a huge deal, it was going to take a lot in order for it to be destroyed. It started by all the church property being seized...

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Crisis Analysis: Young People Leaving the Catholic Church

the Catholic Church What role does today's Roman Catholic Church play in our culture, as it relates to America's adolescents, teens and young adults? Is there still a place for organized religion in a society were Snookie and the iPad have all but replaced Jesus Christ and the bible? As the newly-elect pontiff Pope Benedict prepares to guide the Roman Catholic Church into the future, church leaders are struggling to keep young people from leaving the faith. Four out of five Catholics who...

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Vatican Council II: Changes In The Roman Catholic Church

in 1962 and make tremendous changes in the Roman Catholic Church. Vatican I started in 1869, and it made minimal changes to the Roman Catholic Church. Vatican I only lasted one year. Vatican II started in 1962 and went to 1965 lasting nearly three years. Vatican Council II made numerous changes to the Roman Catholic Church, and most of the changes we still use to this day. Vatican Council II, also known as Vatican II, produced several changes in the Church that consist of the following: The Constitution...

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To what extent was the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church the main reason for the reformation in Germany 1517-25

the Roman Catholic Church. The German people resented the Church for their ecclesiastical corruption and there was huge amounts of anti clerical anger. It was Luther who was at the forefront of the Reformation and his anger, caused by the selling of indulgences during his visit to Rome, which sparked the Reformation in 1517. For this reason corruption of the Catholic Church was a very important cause of the Reformation in 1517. One of the key examples of corruption of the Catholic Church was...

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The Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church: Its Division and Beliefs

Global Studies The Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church: Its division and beliefs The Church is the congregation and unity of God‘s people together in one whole body, known as the Mystical body of Christ, because of the way devout followers of Christ, come to experience Christ through the Sacraments, Clergy, and Litany. The Catechism of the Church states that the Pope, Bishop of Rome and Peter’s successor, is the perpetual and visible source of the foundation of the...

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Catholic church experience

Religion A Catholic Church Experience Christianity today is one of the dominant religions in the world. Christianity has a variety of beliefs, exercises and forms, despite the many denominations all have one common belief, which is faith in Jesus Christ and that He is our Lord and Savior. I am a strong believer in God and Jesus Christ. I am of the Christian religion and the church I attend in The Bahamas is a non-denominational one. My choice for this class site visit was to attend St. Maximilian...

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The Influence of Ther Catholic Church on Iriish Social Policy

Discuss the influence of the Catholic Church on Irish Social Policy This essay examines the influence of the Catholic Church on Irish Social Policy. This essay will focus on the Church’s role as a provider of charity. It seeks to address the following questions: How does one define social policy? Why did strong ties exist between The Catholic Church and the Irish State? Why did the Catholic Church endorse the principle of subsidiarity? What key policies are evident of Catholic influence? How does...

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