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  • Pope John Paul Ii

    History 30-March-2012 Pope John Paul II Pope John Paul II was also known as Karol Jo`zef Wojtyla. He was born on May 18‚ 1920 in Poland. His papacy lasted 9‚664 days‚ which was from October 22‚ 1978 to April 2‚ 2005. Pope John Paul II was known as the most traveled pope‚ the longest lived pope‚ most influential pope in the history of the Catholic Church‚ and most importantly the most influential leader of the twentieth century. Suffering from Parkinson’s disease‚ the young pope had to endure symptoms

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  • Pope John Paul Ii

    Nine Days that Changed the World 5) When asked if I think that Pope John Paul II is worthy to become a saint‚ I immediately looked up the definition of a saint‚ and to find what it takes to be canonized as a saint. A person who after death is formally recognized by a Christian Church‚ especially the Roman Catholic Church‚ as having attained‚ through holy deeds or behaviour‚ a specially exalted place in heaven and the right to veneration. From this definition‚ it says you need to be recognized

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  • Pope John Paul II

    Pope John Paul II Today we watched a film about an interesting person. His ideas‚ principles‚ and strength of spirit to conquer. He was an extraordinary man. During his pontificate‚ he dedicated his life to the benefit of humanity. He fought against communism. In 1939‚ when World War II began‚ Karol Wojtyla was a student‚ but he studied secretly during the German occupation of Poland. During a trip to the East with his father‚ Karol sees suffering and evil that humans are able to cause. Аfter

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  • Pope John Paul Ii

    A Man Who Became Pope Karol‚ or Pope Jonh Paul II as we know him‚ was one of the most couragous men because of all the hardships he faced in his lifetime.In the movie we only saw a small portion of them because the movie stopped right as he became pope. I am sure he faced many many more while serving his term as Pope. Being from Poland‚ and being a Catholic made him a prime target for discrimination back when the Natzis were trying to eliminate many different groups of people because of their

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  • Communism Pope John Paul II

    inspiring others to action.” Someone who encompasses these traits is St. John Paul II. He was the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church for 27 years and during that time he led and inspired many people. St. John Paul II was born Karol Wojtyla in Poland on May 18‚ 1920 (“John Paul II: The Millennial Pope‚” 2014). In 1938‚ he found his calling to the church but was unable to pursue his dream because World War II started (“John Paul II Biography‚” 2014). Poland was taken over by Germany under communist rule

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  • Pope John Paul Ii Biography

    Early Life Pope John Paul II was born as Karol Józef Wojtyła on May 18‚ 1920. He was born in a Polish town called Wadowice‚ Poland‚ which is about 35 miles Southwest of Krakow. Wadowice is a town that was 80% Catholic and 20% Jewish. His father‚ also Karol Wojtyla‚ was a retired Army officer and tailor‚ while his mother‚ Emilia Kaczorowska Wojtyla‚ was a schoolteacher from Lithuania. Karol had an older brother who was the pride of the family as a Physician and an infant sister that died before

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  • Pope John Paul II Case Study

    proper to expand the relevant theory of “the pope of the family’ in this present time. It would‚ therefore‚ suppose the problem as follows: What is the theology in the teachings of Pope John Paul II on the family? When resolving the issue‚ these following sub-problems will be asked; 1. What were the factors that prompted Pope John Paul II to give due attention to the family in his teachings? 2. What were the influences that helped shape Pope John Paul II’s teachings on the family?

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  • The Final Hours of Pope John Paul Ii

    John Doe English Mrs. Robinson 03/24/03 The Final Hours of Pope John Paul II It was Saturday‚ April 2‚ around 2:30 PM‚ when the Pope John Paul II passed away. Hours before‚ thousands of people clogged Rome’s streets of Peters Square‚ as the Pope John Paul II awaited his passing. Tourists‚ Romans and religious followers gathered to show their regards. This was no easy passing for the Pope‚ he lead nearly one billion Catholics over his twenty-six year papacy. In his last hour‚ everyone noticed

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  • Abortion Observation by Pope John Paul Ii

    Observation Author Pope John Paul II argues in his essay “Unspeakable Crime of Abortion‚” that women who seek to have an abortion are committing murder; no matter how earlier the woman is in the pregnancy. He states‚ “Procured abortion is the deliberate and direct killing‚ by whatever means it is carried out‚ of a human being in the initial phase of his or her existence‚ extending from conception to birth.” He believes that many Americans try to justify the abortion by simply calling it something

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  • The Sandinista Government and Pope John Paul II

    is usually caught in the middle of power struggles for the control of a country and in March of 1983 Nicaragua was no different. During this period the country was in amidst of war‚ the Contras were opposing the Sandinista government. So when Pope John Paul II was set to visit the country‚ many Sandinista Catholic supporters hope he would help to bring about social justice for the poor and support the government. Believing this would bring an end to the civil war that was consuming the country. They

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