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  • Fetus Rights

    Fetus viability and rights In the 1973 case Roe v. Wade‚ the Supreme Court proclaimed the unborn are not legally defined as people. However‚ the court also allows states to restrict access to abortions where fetuses are viable‚ this means potentially capable to survive outside the womb on their own. Pro-choice supporters argument that you cannot have two entities with equal rights in one body. As a woman and a pro-choice supporter I believe giving rights to an embryo cancels out the mother ’s

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  • Abortion and Fetus

    Abortion is‚ in broad terms‚ a termination of pregnancy. Most of the time‚ it is when a woman (or child bearer‚ since technology has made it possible for people with a Y chromosome to carry children now) chooses to remove a fetus or fetuses from her body. So what’s a fetus? A fetus is an unborn developing offspring of a mammal. Now that you’ve got all the basics‚ let’s get started. Pro-choice is what people who are supportive of abortions are called. They are not people who force abortions and enjoy

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  • Fetus Punishment

    Week 3 Should a Pregnant Woman Be Punished for Exposing Her Fetus to Risk? HSM524 The problem at hand is “Should a Pregnant Woman be Punished for Exposing Her Fetus to Risk? This article presented me with two different opinions. There is Jean Toal‚ from Majority Opinion‚ Cornelia Whitner‚ Respondent‚ v. State of South Carolina‚ Petitioner (July 15‚ 1997). The other opinion comes from Lynn M. Paltrow‚ from “Punishment and Prejudice: Judging Drug-Using Pregnant Women

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  • The Rights Of A Fetus

    The Rights of a Fetus For many years there has been debate over whether or not a human fetus has rights‚ which has attracted the attention of many to take a stand in what they believe in. In most states‚ the human fetus is not given privileges because it is often seen as a violation to the mother of the fetus’ rights. Today‚ the U.S. Supreme Court does not recognize the fetus as a person under the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Thus‚ giving the mother the decision to choose for herself

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  • Unborn Fetus Syndrome

    their unborn fetus. The exposed unborn fetus is highly prone to lifelong‚ and irreversible‚ birth defects. Fetal alcohol syndrome is the most common outcome of fetuses subjected to alcohol abuse. When the mother consumes alcohol‚ the alcohol easily passes through the placenta via the bloodstream‚ and into the fetus. The fetus is unable to process the alcohol due to its high concentration; omit preventing nutrition and oxygen from getting to its vital organs. Alcohol damages the fetus’ nervous system

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  • The Moral Status of the Fetus

    1 Philosophy 200 November 16‚ 2013 The Moral Status of the Fetus The debate over abortion comes down to one essential issue — the moral status of the unborn child. “Those choosing legalization of abortion will argue that the developing fetus lacks a moral status that would trump a woman’s desire to abort the child. Those against abortion argue by making the opposite claim; that the unborn child‚ because it is a developing human being‚ possesses a moral status because of its human existence;

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  • surprising dangers to fetus

    Surprising Dangers to the Fetus By: Jasreen Chahal and Shweta Saini 1. Perming: Chemicals can affect fetus Since there is a longer processing time‚ chemicals can get absorbed through skull Goes into bloodstream and into the placenta Strong scents cause migraines and nausea and increase sense of smell Hormones make the perm look frizzy and does not last as long 2. Laying on your back: Presses down on inferior vena cava (delivers blood from lower body to heart) Makes the woman feel dizzy

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  • Nicotine and Drugs Affects a Fetus

    Nicotine and Drugs Affects a Fetus Nicotine and drugs can affect a fetus by entering into the bloodstream of the unborn child. While you are pregnant‚ almost everything you eat‚ drink or smoke passes through your body to your baby. That is why drugs taken during pregnancy can be harmful to your baby. The word "drugs" doesn’t only mean illegal drugs. It also means legal drugs and prescription and over-the-counter medicines. The use of alcohol‚ tobacco‚ and other drugs during pregnancy continues

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  • The Effect of Music in a Developing Fetus

    The Effect of Music in a Developing Fetus Kimberly C. Camacho ENG101 December 16‚ 2012 Asiah Wolfolk-Manning A study that was done by the U.S. Department of Health and Human services (2011) stated that two to three of every 1‚000 children in the United States are born deaf or hard-of-hearing‚ and more lose their hearing later during childhood. As a fetus develops in the mother’s uterus there are things that a mother needs to be concern about. The mother must take care of herself in order

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Fetus Removal

    What is fetus removal? Fetus removal is the executing of an unborn kid utilizing medicinal medications and strategies (Kreider‚ A. individual correspondence‚ March 24‚ 2011). Premature births are permitted at a sure phase of pregnancy. Fetus removal is both intrinsically and ethically wrong and ought to be unlawful in all cases aside from two. One being the lady was assaulted (pregnancy was the consequence of the assault)‚ and the other reason would be if the mother’s life would be in risk because

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