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surprising dangers to fetus

By Sweetyshwetasain Oct 19, 2014 337 Words
Surprising Dangers to the Fetus
By: Jasreen Chahal and Shweta Saini
1. Perming:
Chemicals can affect fetus
Since there is a longer processing time, chemicals can get absorbed through skull Goes into bloodstream and into the placenta
Strong scents cause migraines and nausea and increase sense of smell Hormones make the perm look frizzy and does not last as long 2. Laying on your back:
Presses down on inferior vena cava (delivers blood from lower body to heart) Makes the woman feel dizzy and interferes with blood flow and nutrients to placenta Causes- low blood pressure, breathing problems, back aches

Best to sleep on left side- improves blood flow to fetus, uterus, kidneys and keeps uterus off large organs (ex. Liver, which is on the right side) 3. Saunas/Hot Baths:
Raises body temperature- risk to fetus
If body temperature is higher than 102 Fahrenheit, it’s extremely risky in first 4-6 weeks Sweating causes dehydration and low blood pressure
Dizziness can cause loss of blood supply to baby or cause the woman to fall Higher risk of miscarriage and neural tube defects (brain and spinal cord abnormalities) 4. X-Rays:
High doses of radiation can cause changes in a baby's rapidly growing cells Interferes with the development of a fetus, causing birth defects Small increase in the risk of childhood cancer
The higher the level of radiation, the greater the risk is to your baby 5. Cleaning Supplies:
Don’t use product that have the words: Toxic, Danger, Corrosive Inhalation can be toxic to the baby
Always use ventilation if cleaning (ex. Mask, gloves, open windows, fans) If you do clean, look for products labeled non-toxic and all-natural 6. Sushi:
Raw sushi may contain bacteria that can make you sick during pregnancy. Your immune system is weaker and body won't attack the growing fetus, more likely to get sick Could cause liver or gastrointestinal problems: including abnormal tissue growth in stomach or intestine May lead to anemia or serious malnourishment or may cause a miscarriage

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