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As a Catholic I think we must be more open minded about things and options, We always have a choice thats what RH Bill tells us. St. Thomas Aquinas posits that many parts of our bodies have a purpose – given by God. Aquinas notes that semen plays a role in reproduction – that is its purpose. Any activity that involves thwarting the natural function of semen must be contrary to nature, and therefore morally wrong. Aquinas’ thinking on sexual ethics was hugely influential within the Roman Catholic...

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Pilgrimage of Grace

England against Henry VIII. Henry VIII was breaking away from the Catholic Church and attempting to start his own church, which caused an uprising of Roman Catholics, especially in Northern England. The protests were a direct result of the dissolution of monasteries, a policy that confused and angered most of England. The Reformation legislation of Henry VIII was challenged by protesters who were trying to restore the Catholic ways in England. The goals of these protesters were to restore the...

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Voluntary Euthanasia

St Peter’s Catholic College, Tuggerah Task: Catholic Ethical Teaching Ethan Fortis 1. Name the Issue (I mark) Euthanasia | 2. Outline the ethical issue (5 marks) Euthanasia, also sometimes known as mercy killing, is the act of painlessly allowing death. This is especially used to relieve the pain of an animal or person suffering incurable and/or severely painful disease. There are 4 different types of euthanasia; these include voluntary, non-voluntary, involuntary, and passive...

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Abortion: a Religious Issue

Bible are used as supporting details because they state indirectly how God feels towards the issue. Before Christ was born, however, opinions differed towards abortion. Unwanted children were destroyed through abortion and infanticide because the Romans and Greeks thought human life was neither sacred nor inviolate (Ayd 48). In fact, Aristole claimed "that all babies beyond a legally defined quota should be sentenced to death by exposure" (Ayd 48). However, there were some people who objected this...

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Absolutism in the 1700s Exceeded Constitutionalism

without any serious chaos or war in the country at that time. During the seventeenth century, absolutism demonstrates the intellectual and practical superiority over constitutionalism. In 1685 James II came to the throne and intended to restore the Roman Catholic faith bringing back the power of the English monarch. Many English people opposed the king, leading the parliamentarians to ask William of Orange to invade England and seize the throne. James II fled to Europe without any resistance. James failed...

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illuminati outline

later called the illuminati. This group ended in 1785. ii. (Roman Church): The Roman Catholic Church was high in power in europe during this age. They wanted everyone good was the reasoning for everything. The would prosecute anyone who tried to talk about there scientific reasoning. Nicolaus Copernicus for example was arrested for saying the Earth rotates around the sun. This is true but back then the church believed otherwise. The church didn't like these scientist so they started rumors saying the...

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Music and Critical Thinking Questions

it helps composers to create music without having to always memorize it. 5. Describe medieval music's relationship with the Catholic Church. How was the music influenced by the Church? The Roman Catholic Church was the primary patron second only to royalty for the arts in the middle ages. Some of the world’s greatest composers created musical masterpieces for the church. Discussion Questions Please post questions and answers on the UNIT THREE discussion boards. Unless otherwise instructed, you...

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Cultural Immersion Project

Since their Christian faith seems to be divided into Catholic, Protestant or some other, I decided to attend a typical Catholic Church service and a Friday mid-day Muslim prayer service. Maybe I should not have used the word typical to describe a Catholic Church service. Me, being from a culturally full Baptist background, it was anything but typical. First let me begin by saying, St Joseph Catholic Church is Macon Georgia, is one beautiful church on the inside, but the service its self was extremely...

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Presentation Architecture in Renaissance and Baroque

Presentation architecture in Renaissance and Baroque All aspects of Renaissance culture, from art and architecture to philosophy, were influenced and inspired by Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Generally, architecture in the Renaissance can be described as symmetrical, harmonious and sober. Many buildings that were built in the Renaissance are perfect symmetrical, if you would draw a line through the middle of the building, it would have two exact same halves. Because it is so symmetrical...

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Why Did Civil War Break Out in England in 1642?

Charles was 25 years old, he married a French Catholic princess, Henrietta Maria, without consulting the Parliament. Moreover in the 17th century a King could not rule the country without Parliament’s help and recommendation. The members of Parliament were hostile at Charles as he was not advised by them. The other reason was that the King married a French princess who was a Catholic and the Parliament feared that Charles’s intention was to make England a Catholic country. In result the Parliament was beginning...

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