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Crime Scene Analysis: Personal Experience

item will be process and if possible can it be processed at the scene where this gruesome homicide took place. The Evidence Upon arriving on the scene I am met with the first piece of evidence in the parking lot, a Fresh-looking cigarette butt only half smoked outside the store in a parking space near the entry to the store. This cigarette butt to me is known as a Porous Surfaces. These types of surfaces absorb water and water soluble deposits in the sweat very quickly after deposition. Even...

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Argumentative essay dedicated to the parking situation at a growing university

Parking - Another Stress for University Students "They paved paradise And put up a parking lot" - JONI MITCHELL, Big Yellow Taxi (1969) Although my drive to school takes only 10 minutes, I leave my house at 10:30 to be at my 11:30 class. At 10:40 I pull into the parking lot with what looks like one hundred other students. As I am wedged behind other anxious commuters I can only envision the convenience of another parking lot. Once in my classroom, I am late, thus frustrated - concentration in...

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Complaining Letter

students block before unwanted things like dengue case happen. 4. The parking lots on the block is also lacking as only few parking lots available compare to the number of vehicles. Students have to park their vehicle at any empty place near to the block. Some motorcycles even park at the walkway beside the block. These cause difficulties to students who use the walkway as it’s already blocked by motorcycle. The unorganized parking also makes its unpleasant view especially for visitors which only give...

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For the Union Dead Poem Explication

once were. The fourth stanza speaks of the old being torn up and new things being put in their place as if the old things were never there. The fifth stanza talks of parking lots as straight-up destruction of something good (and of a loss of innocence). The sixth stanza begins a new page and a new topic. A statue and a parking lot are going up in place of the old aquarium. It’s almost a mockery of the lives that were lost. The seventh stanza begins a section in which it speaks only of the war and...

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Community Problems

living in the communities. I live around a community where there are a lot of car street races which happen on a regular basis and it creates major chaos over the weekends. Seems like it is not a major issue, however, these street races cause major trouble to all the neighbors as it creates noise, causes accidents, creates trouble for all the stores around, for people travelling at night and so on. Every weekend, a specific parking lot in the town of Farmingdale is filled with Hot Rods, college students...

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Describing an Outdoor Concert

DESCRIBING: AN OUTDOOR CONCERT At first parking seemed to be extremely overpriced; thirty dollars to park in a parking lot full of trucks with grills and coolers full of beer in their beds. The music from the speakers that were about a mile or two down the road traveled into my car as if it were a ghost and took over my CD player. Suddenly the rap music that was being played was taken over by Big and Rich, one of country music's superstars. The blazing sun felt like an oven compared to...

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Descriptive Essay

earth. I pop the trunk, tossing my luggage in with a loud thump and close the top. Hopping in my car, I put my oversized Jackie Onassis shades on and proceed to the airport, music blaring. I’m awake now! I finally arrive at the airport parking lot, find my parking space, and gather my belongings. Strutting towards the building, wind blowing through my bone straight locks, I breathe in the familiar air of greenery and jet fuel. Bringing back the memories of the days when I was a flight attendant,...

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have found in many fast food chains.    Service starts at the waiting area: My first visit to Haidilao was in a cold winter evening. As we pulled up the at the entrance to the parking lot, I was greeted by a couple of young men dressed in heavy coat with clear Haidilao CIS on it.  After they directed me into my parking space, they rushed to open doors for us.  I tought I was going to a high-end restaurant.  The waiting area is even more mind boggling.  It provides a large waiting area where drinks...

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Englisah or Management

disappointed of our securities system. This is because the property and belongings of customers always been stolen. Besides that, the securities guards are irresponsible on monitoring and instructing especially in parking lot of the hotel as the guests are park their car without follow the parking space which has caused the dissatisfaction of other users. Conclusions Tune Hotel could improve the hotel services, hotel facilities, hotel food and beverage, and hotel securities and safety by implementing...

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Case Studies 1 3

Then identify ways that they can be improved at Prime Bank in order to support the strategy focused on customer service? More tellers in the bank and the drive thru. Improve parking lot situation. Maybe have a space within the mall parking lot dedicated to the customers of the bank only. Or simply expanding the parking lot they have now. More staffers, also more staffers on the telephone lines as well. Continue to improve customer service. (online banking, special services, etc) 3. Think of the...

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