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project proposal for parking area for the university

have an organized parking area in NDMU so that everyone can park their vehicles easily and comfortably, everyone’s vehicle will be secured. Having a proper parking area in NDMU is necessary to maintain the beauty of the university. Project background • Parking lot is an area that is assigned for parking. Normally, the parking spaces are marked on the ground with white or yellow lines that form squares that each fit one car. There are 2 ca parking techniques. There are 2 car parking techniques, the...

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Ed Sheeran Descriptive Essay

forced to stand for at least five hours. There was so much to do that we didn’t mind. There was music playing, and lots of interactive kiosks and food trucks. With no dinner in our stomachs the tantalizing smell teased us. We could see the trucks, the tantalizing smell teased us. After grabbing some hot Greek food we walked over to the merchandise table which was as busy as the mall parking lot at Christmas time. The show would be starting soon and we didn’t want to miss it so we scrambled to find a washroom...

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Road Warrior

and in parking lots. While searching for a spot to park, drivers usually “see people get into their car, clearly ready to leave, so [they] stop [their] car and wait for [the person] to vacate the spot, and…nothing happens!” (77) At this point, Dave Barry describes extreme Parking Lot Rage as the point when the waiting driver shrieks: “WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING IN THERE??!! COOKING DINNER???” (77) The capital letters and repeated punctuation create a successful overemphasis of Parking Lot Rage....

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Condo Sales Case

locations of the buildings relative to the ocean, the swimming pool, the parking lot, etc., are shown in the accompanying figure. There are several features of the complex that you should note: Figure 1: Layout of condominium complex 1. The units facing south, called ocean view, face the beach and ocean. In addition, units in building 1 have a good view of the pool. Units to the rear of the building, called bay-view, face the parking lot and an area of land that ultimately borders a bay. The view from...

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Indonesia Pest Analysis for Cosmetics

Internet, * Videoconference equipment, * All computing equipment 2.Comfort --> * Spacious bedroom of all types (suite, single room, double room), * King-sized bed, * Room service 24/24 * Suit hiring per day * Parking lot 3.Securities --> * Technical assistance * Safety box * Electronic key 4.Pleasure --> * 3 restaurants (French, Italian and buffet) * 2 bar * Hair salon (manicure & pedicure) * Swimming pool * Spa ...

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A Crowd Gathered Quickly, Curious of the Contents in the Abandoned Backpack. Describe the Scene

"Is that truck on the way here mommy?" asked a dark, slim girl as she looked into her mother's eyes tearfully. "I hope so sweet heart." I looked to the left, through the glass and across the street to the parking lot and I then became ill to the stomach, for there was not an empty parking space in site, even the cars were crammed together as if a pack of sardines in a can. I became ill for it felt as if the world were surrounded by that bag that precise moment in time. Hundreds of people were...

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yelled, “F*** you Goatman!” I pulled my body back in the van. Austin slammed the door shut. Almost immediately, we hear a tremendous bang hit the van. We scream. Caleb instantly slams on the accelerator and we race away. Pulling into a church parking lot down the road, we check the damage. There was a dent in the front of the van. Even though our hearts were beating rapidly, we headed back seeking more thrill. We slowly drove past his driveway and everyone breathed a little sigh of relief because...

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Tick 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 in the appropriate column to indicate the degree to which you feel it describes you. SCALE 1 = Excellent 2 = Good 3 = Fair 4 = Average 5 = Bad SR. # STATEMENT 1 2 3 4 5 1. Are the trees are in good position?? 2. Is the parking lot clean? 3. Is there any landscaping outside the restaurant? 4. Manus of the restaurant are clean 5. Employee behavior is good towards you. 6. Air conditioners are working properly. 7. Do you think manager done his work properly? 8. Do you...

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Physical force can be used for childrens discipline

many other factors combine to cause it. Chaos after school is caused by unavailable parking lots, irresponsible drivers, absence of a law or person to organize traffic, and the limited number of exits from the schools surroundings. Parents suffer from picking their children, because it takes a lot of time. Leaving a lot of mess and disturbance for the neighborhood, Neighbors suffer too. Those problems cause a lot of troubles and grow larger every day, although the solution can be such a simple one...

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Community Problems

living in the communities. I live around a community where there are a lot of car street races which happen on a regular basis and it creates major chaos over the weekends. Seems like it is not a major issue, however, these street races cause major trouble to all the neighbors as it creates noise, causes accidents, creates trouble for all the stores around, for people travelling at night and so on. Every weekend, a specific parking lot in the town of Farmingdale is filled with Hot Rods, college students...

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