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Chemistry Behind Airbags Hannah Klein 4/5/13 pd. 11 Airbags are a type of automobile safety restraint like seatbelts, they are balloon-like devices that expand when a car experiences a collision, providing a cushion of air that prevents a person from bashing their face on the dashboard or steering wheel and suffering concussion, disfigurement, or worse. Airbags are usually fitted in the front seats. A car that is described as having a “driver’s side airbag” has one airbag only, designed to...

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The Case Study of Automotive Airbag Reliability

comprehensive hints to solve the case study, refer to Page 217-220) Q# 1: What is the role of the dual actuators in the mechanical air bag system? Describe the effect of having only one. * The role of dual actuators is to activate the mechanism of the airbag. * These dual actuators are the two shafts that move off the edge of spring-loaded firing pins where the pins then stab dual primers, igniting the enhancer. * The actuators are designed in parallel in the system to provide better reliability...

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Seat Belts Argumentative Essay

be safer without seat belts and that airbags will protect them. Many people argue that they may be safer without seat belts. According to the article “Seat Belts” “In high-speed collisions where crash forces are extreme, seat belts have been linked to life-threatening conditions, including cardiac arrests and injuries to the chest, abdomen, or neck” (5). They put forward this idea because they feel that seat belts are causing more harm than good. However, airbags were never made to take the place of...

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The Physics of Car Safety Systems

them stick with the plastic. By keeping them from flying off, the momentum of the glass shards is reduced to minimum amounts, keeping the passenger safe from the shards. Airbags – active safety features. Airbags has, statistically, reduced the chances of morality in accidents involving cars by as much as thirty percent. Airbags are commonly located on steering wheels, in front of passenger seats, on the seats themselves, in the doors, the knee areas, and even outside, near the windshields, to partially...

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Second Draft Seat Belt Laws In Montana Op Ed

which were the models before seatbelts were standard in cars. Now it is generally well established that air bags do not make up for not wearing a seatbelt. An air bag deploys at a rate of 200 miles per hour. If not properly belted, impact with an airbag could be deadly. Air bags provide supplemental protection in frontal crashes if used in conjunction with seat belts, but are less effective in a side or rear collision or rollover crash (Montana Living). Without wearing a seatbelt, air bags solely...

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Car Crash

The first air bag was not what we see in modern cars today. It took 30 years for scientist to come up with the first air bag that could inflate fast enough to actually be of any use with a detonation set up that would know when to deploy. The first airbags would deploy during a minor fender benders or even driving over a pot hole. This was not only dangerous to the driver, but the deployed air bags where very expensive to replace. Through a series of tests scientists determined that an air bag has...

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Why Wear a Seatbelt?

I'm only going to a friends house, it's to uncomfortable to wear, I don't need a belt I got an airbag, I'm a great driver why would I need a seatbelt? You've probably heard these excuses before, or even said some of them yourself. But you have no idea how wrong you really are. You need it on at all times while driving, otherwise something could go terribly wrong. Here's an example, lets say Danielle, and Doug are on their way to a big party that the whole school is going to be at....

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Importance of Automobile Safety

Safety features diversifies into two different categories: “features that help drivers avoid accidents and those aimed at preventing injuries when accidents occur” (Kerwin). Some of the options are standard such as anti-lock braking systems, side airbags, and traction control in brand new cars. However, some cars have other safety options available that may help to avoid car crashes. For example, Volvo has made great strides in preventive and protective safety features and them standard on any different...

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Safety Features of a Vehicle

VEHICLE The purpose of the site is to display how physics is involved in automobile collisions and how physics can and has been used to prevent injuries in collisions. The aspects that are primarily being dealt with are things such as seatbelts, airbags, headrests and all. SEAT BELT The job of the seatbelt is to hold the passenger in place so the passenger is almost part of the car which prevents the passenger from flying forward as the car stops abruptly in the case of a collision. When...

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Newtons Laws Relating to Car Safety Devices

have been road fatalities. Advances in car safety technology have seen a diminishing exponential curve in casualties suffered on the road. The first invention was the seatbelt, by George Cayley in the late 1900s. The next major advance was with the airbag, by John Hetrick in 1952. A patent for the design was marketed for automobiles in 1967. The combination of all safety devices located in cars contribute to the wellbeing of the driverThe idea of a seat belt is simple, but it harnesses technology that...

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