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Parking Lot

can ask the school administration for the permit to bring their car to the school parking lot." This rule was issued on 2006 in the regulation manual of our school. This rule never existed in previous regulation manuals of the school. As a student and being a driver, there are various reasons for allowing most of the students in the school who possess a driver's license to park their car in the school parking lot. Most of the students' parents work and that makes it very difficult to pick up...

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On Being a Cripple

suffers from the brutal fact of her malady. For instance, one afternoon she was going out with a friend for a drink after finishing up her school. As they were climbing into opposite sides of her car, she tripped and fell down hard onto the asphalt parking lot. Her sudden disappearance interrupted her friend who was asking, "Where'd you go?" When he came around the back of the car, he found her hauling herself up by the door frame. Recalling the incident, she said, "When I think of my friend talking...

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uncle rock

It was then Erick noticed that “Roque was the proudest man, full of joy” (Gilb 3) to be with his mother. The author revels Erick’s decision when he states “by the time he reached his mom and Roque the note was already somewhere on the asphalt parking lot. Look he said in a full voice. They all signed the ball.” (Gilb 3) this was the first time that Erick speaks. This is when Erick was finally accepting and content with the man that was in his mother’s life and to soon become his father. Erick...

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Restaurant Observation Project

gas station in a strip mall type design. The parking lot was littered with trash, most of it seemed to be food wrappers from the Subway next door, burrito wrappers from Roberto's, or drink napkins from the bar adjoined to Roberto's. The parking lot was well lit with no bulbs out of commission. The landscaping left much to be desired, simply because there wasn't any. At first glance this particular Roberto's had no curb side appeal. The parking lot leads right onto the sidewalk which leads directly...

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Students in the 21st Century

The observation that I conducted was on Saturday afternoon, beginning with the mall. I entered the mall parking lot and observed how students were getting to the mall. Many of the students were dropped off by someone. I saw some students that were driving, speeding into the parking lot, music was loud or they were yelling across the parking lot. Inside the mall there were students of all ages, sex, race, and religion. During the observation, I first watched how the students communicated with their...

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Causes of Spectator Violence in Sports

to get ready for the game. If the Eagles are playing a 4PM football game, you will find hundreds of spectators in the parking lot at 8AM with kegs full of beer and music playing loudly. Drinking all day, along with watching a violent sport like football often times leads to violence. “An angry, drunken sports fan, aggravated by the difficulty of getting to the event, parking, dealing with crowds, stirred up by a support group of pals, is easily provoked by the very presence of other violent behavior...

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Fandom Frenzy

I had no clue what to expect from this experience. Later that night everyone started showing up in their cars with sleep over gear in hand. Where was I at? Oh, I was at home. I didn’t think too many girls would be allowed to sleep in a mall parking lot overnight. I was so wrong. My friend called me in panic, “Everyone is pouring in, I don’t know what to do! We aren’t going to get a wristband!”. I frantically persuaded my dad to let me take his car to Stone Briar for this once in a lifetime...

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Crime And Victimization

of the shoppers being attacked by the thugs. It is important that individuals consider their safety and visit the stores early. The store management should take the initiative of fixing the broken parking lights to make the place safer for the shoppers. The local stores should deploy guards at the parking area to ensure that the safety of the shoppers and the store is on the lookout. References Arapahoe High School shooting victim dies - CNN.com. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://edition.cnn.com/2013/12/21/us/colorado-arapahoe-shooting-death/...

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Uncle Rock

Uncle Rock Analysis Essay The story "Uncle Rock" by Dagobert Gilb follows a young boy named Eric who has a beautiful single mother that is in search of a man with a lot of money, who can provide for her and her son Eric. Eric is a cautious and uninviting son who dislikes the attention his mother gains from interested suitors. After watching his mother in countless disastrous relationships, Eric is finally content and adjusting to the fact that his mom may have finally found the one. ...

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Kids in the Mall

parents leaving him at the mall because they had other things to do. This shocks people when reading it and makes people think it is a horrible thing to leave your kids at the mall. He says things like they could lose their virginities in the mall parking lot, he also talks about how kids being in the mall for these long periods of time can change the ways of their family life, their sexual mores, and their social ramifications. Then when skipping over to the end of the essay he starts putting more positive...

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