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Hume vs. Kant: Causality Hume's ultimate goal in his philosophic endeavors was to undermine abstruse Philosophy. By focusing on the aspect of reason, Hume shows there are limitations to philosophy. Since he did not know the limits, he proposed to use reason to the best of his ability, but when he came to a boundary, that was the limit. He conjectured that we must study reason to find out what is beyond the capability of reason. Hume began his first examination if the mind by...

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Describe and evaluate studies relating to attribution of causality

Describe an evaluate studies relating to attribution of causality In this essay I will be looking at four theories relating to attribution of causality. Jones (1977) defined attribution as ‘the process by which people use available information to make influences about the causes of particular behaviour’. Internal or ‘dispositional attribution’ (within the person e.g. personality) and external or ‘situational attribution’ (the environment) factors are often used when explaining a person’s behaviour...

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Causality and Timeliness

Timeliness Timeliness is important in all aspects of life. In the army they say “10 minutes prior is on time, and being on time is late”, that is the standard set forth and expected to be accomplished by the armed forces. By oversleeping I not only failed to meet the standard, I also failed my squad and my platoon because they did not have accountability of everyone, another main standard of the army. I also took the time of my team leader, who had to sit and wait for me while everyone else did...

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How the Medical Model of Psychopathology and the Family Systems Model Reflect Linear and Circular Causality Respectively by Referring to the Causes of Schizophrenia.

SYMPTOMS OF SCHIZOPHRENIA * DISCUSSION OF THE DSM-IV-TR THE FAMILY SYSTEMS PERSPECTIVE CONCLUSION INTRODUCTION In this assignment I will show how the medical model of Psychopathology and the family systems model reflect linear and circular causality respectively by referring to the causes of Schizophrenia. SCHIZOPHRENIA Schizophrenia is characterised by a broad spectrum of cognitive and emotional dysfunctions that include delusions and hallucinations, disorganized speech and behaviour and...

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Dimensions for a Concept of Humanity

unconscious determinants of behavior, biological versus social influences on personality, and teleology versus causality. Determinism and free choice deal with whether or not people's life is predetermined, or their choices determine life. Biological and social influences on personality are a paradox concerning what influences our personality, our genetics, or society. The paradox of causality versus teleology is the topic of if the present is determined by our past, or the future. Conscious versus unconscious...

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The Departed” and Its Theories

and how this cognitive perception affects their motivation. The theory divides the way people attribute causes to events into two types. • "External" or "situational" attribution assigns causality to an outside factor, such as the weather, • Whereas "internal" or "dispositional" attribution assigns causality to factors within the person, such as their own level of intelligence or other variables that make the individual responsible for the event. Meanwhile, Sullivan is assigned to uncover the...

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Effect of Fdi, Remittance and Aid on Gdp of Bangladesh-an Econometric Analysis

determinants of each other in Vietnam over the period of 1996-2003. Thus the study concluded that economic growth in Vietnam was viewed as an important factor to attract FDI inflows into Vietnam. Feridun (2004) used Granger test to examine the causality between FDI and GDP in the economy of Cyprus and found that GDP in Cyprus was caused only by the FDI. Further the study suggested that the economic development will depend on the performance in attracting foreign investment in Cyprus. Borensztein...

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with illness score, experiencing life events increases the chances of stress-related health breakdown. Since the correlation was not perfect, life events cannot be the only factor contributing to illness. Evaluation: A correlation does not imply causality or the direction of any effect; depression or anxiety may not be caused by life changing events, since depressed or anxious people may bring about life events such as separation or divorce. The sample was restricted to male US navy personnel;...

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Bus 642 Week 2 Assignment

holding all other variables constant” (Cooper and Schindler, 2011 p. 141). 2 Establishing causality is difficult, whether conclusions have been derived inductively or deductively. Source? (1/1.5) Explain and elaborate!!! a Explain and elaborate on the implications of this statement. The relationships between variables are not apparent but what is clear are the possible outcomes. b Why is ascribing causality more difficult when conclusions have been reached through induction? The conclusion of extra...

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Attribution Theories

to understand ordinary people. Traits: How can a person be effective without knowing what causes it per person to act the way they do? How can one have some sense the prediction and control without understanding causality, at least using some other naïve theory or hunch about causality? For example: a person can have a theory about why a person controls the financial situation in the household. Another example would be way a woman put up with any abuser husband. We can come up with different theories...

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MRKT 396 Exam 2 Review 1

observation methods? Describe each and know examples. 12. What is ethnographic research? Chapter 7: Causal Research Design 1. What is the ordinary meaning of causality? What is the scientific meaning? How is it different from the scientific meaning? 2. What meaning is more appropriate for marketing research? 3. How do we infer causality? What are the 3 conditions? Explain and understand each. 4. What is the different between correlation and causation? 5. What is a third variable problem? 6. What...

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The Compatibility of Free Will and Determinism

history. Additionally, this freedom, which holds the self accountable for actions, is required to be morally responsible. The controversy is whether this freedom can coexist with causality. To assess the compatibilism of free will and determinism, it is important to understand the term causation. Supporters of causality believe that we are determined and argue that everything that happens in nature and in human behavior is inevitable. In other words, we can not act otherwise, because the past...

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Notes: Ecosystemic Psychology

Emphasis on what is happening, rather than why is it happening!! The assumptions about reality include: 1. Asks, Why? 2. Reciprocal causality 3. Dialectical 4. Holistic 5. Subjective/perceptual 6. Freedom of choice/proactive 7. Patterns 8. Here-and-now focus 9. Relational 10. Contextual 11. Relativistic There is no linear causality in cybernetics, rather the emphasis is on reciprocity, recursion, and shared responsibility. A and B exist in the context of a relationship...

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Research Paradigm

how do we know the world, or gain knowledge of it? When challenging the assumptions underlying positivism, Lincoln and Guba (2000) also identified two more categories that will distinguish different paradigms, i.e. beliefs in causality and oxiology. The assumptions of causality asserts the position of the nature and possibility of causal relationship; oxiology deals with the issues about value. Specific assumptions about research include the role of value in research, how to avoid value from influencing...

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Free Will and Determinism Can Coexist

major debates between philosophers. The debate between freewill and determinism stems from the apparent conflict between the universal rule of causality that is deeply rooted in nature, and between the apparent ability of human beings to choose between multiple courses of action in order to lead to the most desirable outcome. The universal rule of causality simply claims that inorganic matter such as tables, chairs and rocks are acted upon by whatever forces affect it, however, human beings seem to...

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Bus 642 Week 2

variable produces changes in another is defined as causal (Cooper and Schindler, p. 141). Page 155 2a. Causality is difficult to determine based on the various factors that plays into the conclusion. You cannot determine that case X is the reason for case Y to happen. One cannot determine what factors cause other factors to happen. Page 155 2b. Ascribing causality is more difficult when conclusions have been reached based upon the various factors. Induction is probabilistic...

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Bus week 2 assignment

on the why. 2. Establishing causality is difficult, whether conclusions have been derived inductively or deductively. Explain and elaborate on the implications of this statement: Causation is when an action can cause an occurrence. For example if I put fire to a paper it will burn. Fire is the derived induction and burning is the deductively. Why is ascribing causality more difficult when conclusions have been reached through induction? Ascribing causality is more difficult when conclusions...

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Outline the particular strengths and weaknesses of research questionnaires, panel studies, lab experiments, and field experiments.

unrelated influences, and measure participant's behavior cleanly, especially there communication behavior. Laboratory experiments help researchers conduct highly controlled full experiments. Lab experiments "are useful because they help establish causality," (Dominick 416). Laboratory experiments allow researchers to exercise high control, but often, "they can minimize external validity," (Hocking 204), because participants may respond differently in laboratories than in natural settings. The last...

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I Dont Know

Resarcher bias is a problem. influece research double-Blin experimentation test subjects researcher Dont know which is control or placebo relocation Clarify results overcome variation Nonintervention studies population cannot determine causality of beliefs/acion, but can find correlations Criteria: Testablitiy fruitfulness Scope Simplicity Conservatism Evolution Creationism Darwin clarified the concept scientifically ...

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Phil 1101 Final

it is not free. k. Discuss an objection to the argument. i. Compatibilism: free will is consistent with determinism Actions can be both free and determined The original meaning of free will was misunderstood The opposite of freedom is not causality but constraint 1. Compatibilist says that free acts according to an ordinary person are the ones that people want to do 2. Free when you do what you want to do, not free when you do what you don’t want to do a. Gandhi example: i. Free act: Gandhi...

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Business Research

not. o C. Descriptive and causal studies. If the research is concerned with the who, what, when and where and how much of the matter it is descriptive. If the research is only concerned with why, then it is casual. • 2 Establishing causality is difficult, whether conclusions have been derived inductively or deductively. o A. Explain and elaborate on the implications of this statement. Since casuality is concerned with the why of a problem, determining the facts will be based...

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The problem with determinism and the benefits of Taylor's theory of agency. 900 words. Bibilogeraphy

last tenet, for what are the causes of the inner states that cause my actions? Where do they come from? Are they under my control? If determinism is true then the problem of infinite causality arises for the causes of the actions must themselves have causes. When applied to the two original data the infinite causality of determinism renders these data false. Take deliberation as an example. I can deliberate only about future actions, but there are always causes to everything I do making the outcome...

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Bus 642 Week 2

2 - Establishing causality is difficult, whether conclusions have been derived inductively or deductively. A Explain and elaborate on the implications of this statement. Casualty or the relation between cause and effect is difficult to establish whether the conclusions have been derived inductively or deductively because anything that affects an effect is a factor of that effect. There can be direct or indirect factors that affect an effect. B Why is ascribing causality more difficult when...

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Defence of Determinism

readers to consider determinism and fatalism equivalent. However, the definitions of these two theories seem to vary considerably. Fatalism focuses on the immutable end regardless of any pre-conditions, on the other hand, Determinism honors the causality. People who use Fatalism and Determinism interchangeably would claim that both theories will lead up to the same end, because everything is determined somehow according to both views. To avoid being confused with fatalism and criticized by Libertarians...

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Hume on Induction

Hume’s Problem Of Induction In A Treatise of Human Nature, Hume challenges the traditional theories of causality, the idea that one can make an observation about two events and infer a new claim concerning the conjunction of the first event and the “resulting” second event. Instead of accepting this notion of causality, Hume questions the certainty of matters of fact and more specifically induction. Hume states there are two distinct types of knowledge: relations of ideas and matters of fact...

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Aristotle's Beliefs

treatment; and (3) systematic works. Aristotle viewed women as being inferior to male race.Although he hels that moral goodness could be shown in any personage even in women and slaves. He taught that knowledge of a thing requires an inquiry into causality and that the final cause(which is the purpose or the function of the thing) is primary. Although Aristole agrees with his teacher Plato that drama and poetry are imitations,he didn't wish to cencor or ban them. He also believed that humans are...

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Communication Research notes sample

wealth of information for researchers and critics of the media. Advantages of Laboratory experiments: 1. Evidence of causality: First, experiments help establish cause and effect. Although philosophers of science might argue whether we can ever really prove a cause – effect link among two variables, the experiment is undoubtedly the best social science method for establishing causality. In addition, the experimental method allows the investigator to control other possible causes of the variable under...

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Bus 642 Wk 2

2. Establishing causality is difficult, whether conclusions have been derived inductively or deductively. a. Explain and elaborate on the implications of this statement. Determining what the cause and effect relationship can be tricky in that one action results in another is a victim to interpretation. For instance, if variable X leads producing Y is determined, another way of looking at this statement would be to say X forces Y to happen. b. Why is ascribing causality more difficult...

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The Five Ways of Knowing

can simply exist by effect without a prior cause. I cannot help but agree with the cause and effect theory, disregarding the potential for a being to have just come into effect without a cause. The third way is once again based on efficient causality. According to Kerr (2001), “The fact that some things have the possibility of being or not being, respectively, has equally clear roots in Aristotle” (p. 60). Mavrodes (1976) spoke of the third way by discussing that in the third way he starts...

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Research Methodology

him/her. Causal Research If the objective is to determine which variable might be causing a certain behaviour, i.e. whether there is a cause and effect relationship between variables, causal research must be undertaken. In order to determine causality, it is important to hold the variable that is assumed to cause the change in the other variable(s) constant and then measure the changes in the other variable(s). This type of research is very complex and the researcher can never be completely certain...

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determinism and freewill in one category introduces his argument of freedom of choice to choose a preference within the organization. He argues if free will causes actions then you are basically saying nothing causes actions . he believes in the causality theory where it says every causes has an effect in life., That not everything happens from nothing. He doesn’t not go totally against Holbach however, he disagrees with few of his points as he claims other arguments. MILL says that it is true that...

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important figures in history. Quite often, multiple case studies on similar cases are combined to draw inferences about these issues. Researchers must be careful though because case studies like correlational ones, cannot lead to conclusions regarding causality. Sigmund Freud and Carl Rogers used numerous case studies to draw their conclusions about psychology. The danger of assessing the outcome of case studies is that the individual being studied may be atypical of the larger population. Researchers will...

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Psyc 4100

of cause and effect is consequent of experience, which informs us that particular objects in past occasions have been constantly conjoined with each other. Our deliberations concerning the two are that they are nothing more than custom. How can causality be experienced in any elemental sense? It cannot! When one thing occurs, we simply cling to the supposition that another will occur as well (Hunt 2013). Perceptions, I admonished them, are what the mind is comprised of. Recollection through memory...

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Free Will Determinism

clever, but not very rational as time travel is impossible. It just seems to be an illusion of time travel habituated into us; where we think that if anything is changed when going back in time, it will affect the future. Causality seems to be the best way to refute free will. Causality is the way that all events are caused by previous events. In other words, all the choices we make were caused by other factors and not necessarily a decision of our own free will. As for the ice cream shop example earlier...

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Response Paper Mccloskey Article (278.205 Kb)

The uncaused cause holds to that which is outside the framework of causation. Most philosophers hold that this first cause cannot be caused for the reason that it is outside causation. Something would need to set forth in motion the ring of causality. If the premise stands, then such a first cause would have to exist necessarily, otherwise it would have been caused. This necessity is one of causal relation, as long as the premise is accepted. As regards the cosmological argument itself...

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Social Problems

relationship between cause and effect. This key term is my third one because understanding this concept of causation is so important in social problems that a misunderstanding could make a research wrong. The textbook teaches some tips to demonstrate causality. Three conditions must be met. The first, the data analysis must demonstrate that variable A is correlated. Second, the data analysis must demonstrate that the observed correlation is not spurious. And finally, the analysis must demonstrate that...

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Case Study

from ethical perspective which can truly judge whether she was morally responsible for the wrong or not. In order to determine whether Vinson was morally responsible for the fraud, these three criteria should be fulfilled first: causality, knowledge and freedom. The causality criteria can be referred as whether that individual caused or helped cause the wrong, or failed to prevent it when she could and should have. The knowledge criteria then requires the individual to did so knowing what she is doing...

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The Impact of Stock Market and Saving Rate on GDP Growth

this graph, we can know the optimal lag length is 4 because there are most stars when the lag is 4. Then we decide to build a VAR(4) with lag of 4. We open the data in logarithm form as VAR and do the Impulse Response, variance decomposition and causality test. Firstly, let us see the impulse response: From the graph, we can see given a unit shock to GDP, the impact to the three variables disappear along with time and so do the other graphs presented except for response of saving and stock index...

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Research Design ,KOthari

background information, to define terms, to clarify Exploratory problems and develop hypotheses, to establish Research priorities, to develop questions to be answered To describe and measure marketing phenomena at a point Descriptive in time To determine causality, test hypotheses, to make “if-then” Causal statements, to answer questions Slide 15:  Research Design: Exploratory Research Exploratory research is used in a number of situations: To gain background information To define terms To clarify problems...

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Chisholm and Free Will

determinism are incompatible. The determinist also follow the doctrine of incompatibility, and according to Chisholm's formulation, their view is that every event involved in an act is caused by some other event. Since they adhere to this type of causality, they believe that all actions are consequential and that freedom of the will is illusory. Compatiblist deny the conflict between free will and determinism. A.J. Ayer makes a compatibilist argument in "Freedom and Necessity". In "Human Freedom...

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Do We Have Free Will?

these motives to be stronger then the other? I argue that this is in part influenced by genetics as it is a direct impact on our behaviour. The idea of all events determined by a prior events leads us to the question of how far does this line of causality continue? In reference to the cosmological argument which attempts to prove the existence of God by recognizing God as the first cause (Aquinas 242). We can understand the a phenomenon known as the big bang that set in motion the determinist events...

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finding is that more slaves were supplied by ethnic groups that initially had lower levels of trust of those around them, and that these lower levels of trust continue to persist today. We pursue a number of strategies to identify the direction of causality in our OLS estimates. One strategy we pursue is to use the historic distance from the coast of an ethnic group as an instrument for the number of slaves taken from that ethnic group. There is ample historical evidence suggesting that the instrument...

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Research Methods of Psychology

laboratory 3. May be the only option if lab experimentation is not possible 4. Can offer ideas for further research. Disadvantages : 1. less control over variables 2. Can be time consuming and expensive 3. cannot imply causality 4. observer bias and subject reactivity 5. target behavior only occurs once 6. people may change behavior if know being observed SURVEY: A research technique in which questionnaires or interviews are administered to a selected...

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Major Theme in to Build a Fire by Jack London

goes about gathering twigs and grasses, assembling them, lighting them, and keeping the fire going. The story, like many naturalist works, is obsessed with processes. These processes can be viewed as causal links--each event causes the next one. Causality is another preoccupation of naturalism, which grounds itself in the philosophy of determinism (see Determinism, above). While the man in the story is adept with physical processes, he cannot make associative mental leaps and project causal links...

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or that A “forces” B to occur. (pg. 151). By saying that B only happens if A happens is not always true. The researchers must be able to prove that there is no other underlying factor that could cause B to occur as well. B. Why is ascribing causality more difficult when conclusions have been reached through induction? When trying to prove that b is true because A happened, people will begin to believe that B only occurs because of what happened with A. To then tell them that B happened because...

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Types of Research Design

researchable examples. The case study research design is also useful for testing whether a specific theory and model actually applies to phenomena in the real world. It is a useful design when not much is known about a phenomenon. * CAUSAL DESIGN Causality studies may be thought of as understanding a phenomenon in terms of conditional statements in the form, “If X, then Y.” This type of research is used to measure what impact a specific change will have on existing norms and assumptions. Most social...

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Europet Questions

 run an EXPERIMENT  o week one­ assign adv for one and not other, then switch in week 2 o adv taken on and off­ see difference in sales?   more confident in attributing sales in advertisement • correlations never prove causation • experiments prove causality • • ADV PAYS FOR ITSELF Give radio expenditure directly in dollars­ no translation needs to be made  o Dollars = beta coefficient   unit raise in sales for each unit rise in adv $ GRP • • • • • P < .05 90% CI – significant if prob attatched of < 1...

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The Bobo Doll Experiment and Learning Through Modeling.

method to design an experiment to prove his hypothesis that children would copy adult’s behavior. Dr. Bandura conducted a typical experiment with simulated targets to test his hypothesis. The experiment was designed to establish or to prove the causality. The dependent and independent variables are easy to identify in the Bobo doll experiment. During the experiment two groups of children were studied. There was the experimental group, which got a particular treatment and the control group, which...

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What are the different proofs presented for the existence of God?

it we would know nothing of the possibility of God’s existence nor would we be able to comprehend the wonders of His work. Still, this does not prove his existence. So, by the means of Aristotelian logical principles, we apply the law of causality to ourselves. Doing so, we find that existence of life began by the means of the formation of the universe. To which we ask, what caused the existence of the universe? This is precisely what St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-74) argued in the 13th century...

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Free Will in Experimental Philosophy

compatibilist Michael Levin says “minding or accepting one’s desires is as much an effect of past causes as the desires themselves,” but if our internal desires are causally determined, they cannot also be free. All it would be is a different form of causality (Caruso, 2012). Nevertheless, compatibilists argue that it isn’t necessary for an individual to have been able to do otherwise (Nahmias, Stephen, Nadelhoffer, & Turner, 2005). If there were the choices of A through Z and someone that could manipulate...

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I Need This Because

with respect to this causal interpretation (A—>B), however, is that stress affects some variable or variables that lead to absenteeism. 2. Absenteeism causes stress: B A This interpretation assumes that causality runs in the opposite direction: absenteeism causes stress rather than vice versa. For example, individuals who are frequently absent from work (for whatever reason) may feel stress because their work has piled up, or because they feel that their...

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that is brought about by itself. Socrates- Felicia do you agree that every human choice or event has an explanatory cause? Felicia- Yes I do agree that every human choice and event has an explanatory cause and is the principle of the universal causality of life. Many event in our lives contributed to causes in and choices, many of the events in our lives are cause and effect it goes back to the starting point of our lives. Socrates- Felicia how do you define human choice? How do you define human...

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Relevance of Empirical Analysis of the File Sharing vs. Music Piracy Controversy

that measurement of only the relevant variables should provide a statistically significant answer that can then be used to establish the link, like in the exit polls. The question then is what are the relevant instruments that will establish this causality between file sharing and music piracy? Strumpf et al, circles around downloads ‘during school holidays and technical features related to file sharing' (Abstract) , Boorstin looks for the relationship between Internet access and CD Sales in four...

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What Is Philosophy of Religion

Medieval Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, Nineteenth-Century Philosophy,Twelth-century philosophy. Philiophers like that of Plato, Aristotle, St. Aquinas, Sartre, Hegel, St. Anselm etc. 3. What is the human position on the principle of causality in relation to the existence of God and the world? 4. What is an ontological argument? What is the distinguishing feature of St. Anselm’s theism that makes it ontological? An ontological argument for the existence of God attempts the method...

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Hume about natural religion and how to connected to other authors

to it in way that completely opposes Cleanthes’ affirmations. He states that there is no decisive evidence of God’s existence just simply seeing the fact of ordered world being the result of perfect design. The example of design of universe means causality of universe, but how can people know the way universe was created and how can people really test this knowledge. The problem comes with the example of universe just because there is nothing given to us in order to experience it. In addition, Philo...

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Evaluate the Contribution of ‘Attribution Theories’ and Related Research in Helping Us to Understand the Way in Which People Perceive and Explain Their Social Environment.

their own attempts to understand behaviour. One of the first theorists in this area was Heider. As cited by Meill, Phonix and Thomas Book 1 Chapter 7, Heider argued that all attributions of causality could be understood in terms of these two sets of factors and saw them as representing a dimension of causality, the more we attribute a persons behaviour to their inner disposition, the less we attribute it to the external situation they are in. To evaluate the contribution of attribution theories and...

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Attribution Theory Definition

aptitude, character and personality. External attribution: When an external attribution is made, the cause of the given behavior is assigned to the situation in which the behavior was seen. The person responsible for the behavior may assign the causality to the environment or weather. In 1967, Kelley tried to explain the way people perceive internal and external attribution. He tried this, postulating the principle of co-variation. This model was known as Covariation Model. The basic principle...

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Essay Experimental Design

relation to psychological studies is that researchers can observe and analyse certain behaviours in an environment of that they can control. By exposing participants to certain treatments or conditions, researchers are able to attain identification of causality. There are two primary designs in which experimenters can construct said treatments or conditions. In a “within-subjects” design experiment, all participants are exposed to every level of the independent variable being tested. In a “between-subjects”...

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economics economics

important characteristics of the real world. Distinct from traditional empirical economics, field experiments provide an advantage by permitting the researcher to create exogenous variation in the variables of interest, allowing us to establish causality rather than mere correlation. In relation to a laboratory experiment, a field experiment potentially gives up some of the control that a laboratory experimenter may have over her environment in exchange for increased realism1 Field experiments can...

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On freedom and choice

proof for it every day. In this essay, the ideas brought forward in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five will be scrutinized. The nature of time in relation to the possibility of determinism will be explored. Also to be presented is the argument of causality supported by Pierre-Simon Laplace's Philosophical Essay on Probabilities. The final aspect of the puzzle of free will to be studied is what makes a person into who/what they are. Imagine if we were to rewind the universe back to it's singularity...

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