Causality and Effect

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Cause and effect explaining why
* Cause examines the reasons why actions, events, attitudes, and conditions exist. * Effect examines their consequences.
* Cause and effect is concerned with why something has occurred. The cause and effect essay
* Cause and effect essays center on a main idea
* An essay can focus on causes, effects or both, and the thesis statements needs to alert the reader to the focus * Causes and effects must be explained with specific, vivid details. Example: numerous effects of divorce… the effects of a divorce is numerous Brainstorming Cause and effect

* In order to analyze causes and effect, we must look for connections between events. * Take a look at the picture on page 192
* What caused situation?
* What possible effects could result because of this situation? Relevant factors
* We have brainstormed a list of possible causes and effects of the pictured situation, but is everything… Organizational patterns
* Several organizational patterns are possible when writing a cause and effect paper. As a result, it is imperative that your paper have a focus. * Sometimes, single cause produces several effects.

* Look at the outline example on page 193 then brainstorm a single cause- multiple effect outline. Organization patterns continued
* Sometimes several causes produce one effect.
* Again, working with the example on page 194, let’s construct a multiple cause-single effect outline. * Avoiding mistakes when writing the cause and effect paper. * Ignoring multiple causes – en effect rarely stems from a single cause * For example: a parent that blames violent acts in children oversimplifies the situation * We could argue that violence did contribute to the problem, but must also acknowledge the numerous other factors that play important parts. * Mistaking chronology for causation – don’t assume that because one event followed another that the first caused the second. *...
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