Fandom Frenzy

Topics: Sleep, Debut albums, Parking lot Pages: 5 (1744 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Parand JalaliJalali 1
Professor Parker
English 1301
16 October 2012

Last December I discovered a significant interest in a boy band, which was something I could never imagine happening. I knew of them right before they started getting big in America. One Direction is their name, little did I know they would consume a huge piece of my life for the next four months. As I was lured into the One Direction fandom I found out they would be coming to a certain city for a special event. No one knew what it would be, where it would be held, and who would be the winner. Every week there was a challenge for all of the cities to compete in. Day by day anxiety built as Dallas was chosen to be in the top ten cities. Of course we’d make it, Dallas has the biggest fan base. The challenges were practically a competition between Dallas, LA, New York City, and Miami. Everyone strived their hardest to make it this far, and finally Dallas and NYC were tied at the neck. The last challenge came and passed, days and weeks went by with no winner. It was to be announced about a month later, so you could pretty much taste the high level anxiety we all suffered. I’ll never forget the Friday afternoon when I got home and looked on twitter to see everyone going mad. The Bring 1D to US account had tweeted. “Congrats, Dallas! One Direction will be coming to your city for a special concert event and signing!”

“Starting Tuesday, March 13th at 9am, be one of the first 1,000 fans to purchase the regular or LIMITED Deluxe Yearbook Edition of UP ALL NIGHT at Barnes & Noble in Stone Briar Center and you will receive a wristband that gains access to the autograph signing and short, one song acoustic performance.  Here’s what you need to know…” There was a list of rules, including that you MUST have a wristband to attend. How hard could this be, show up

Jalali 2
early to the mall, which was right down the street, get in line and get my cd along with a wrist band! Everything was happening so soon, I had never done anything like this in my life. I went up to the Barnes & Nobles to ask questions about the event, I learned that doors would open at 7am and no one was allowed to spend the night at the mall to be first in line. Well, as the day went by I saw security setting up barricades and those special line dividers. “What was I even getting into?”, I thought, quietly. I had no clue what to expect from this experience. Later that night everyone started showing up in their cars with sleep over gear in hand. Where was I at? Oh, I was at home. I didn’t think too many girls would be allowed to sleep in a mall parking lot overnight. I was so wrong. My friend called me in panic, “Everyone is pouring in, I don’t know what to do! We aren’t going to get a wristband!”. I frantically persuaded my dad to let me take his car to Stone Briar for this once in a lifetime experience, shockingly he agreed to it after an hour. Racing to the Mall at 10pm the feeling of success kicked in.

I sat there in my car for an hour as I watched other fans arrive. Music was blasting and security was yelling, “get back in your car!”. We weren’t allowed to be outside technically. And if we did, security would have us arrested and sent home. At about 6am all the girls began to quiet down, while I had a plan. Two of my friends, Alexis and Neda, would stay at the upstairs level of the parking lot, as Farhad and I would quickly drive downstairs to see who could make it to Barnes & Noble’s faster. Twenty minutes till 7am, everyone suddenly came alive and started screaming. That was my Queue to start driving, my windows were foggy and I couldn’t see a thing, I guess I just had Some insane luck, because I made it downstairs as everyone charged for the Barnes & Noble’s Entrance. We were easily stopped by mall security. It was when actual Frisco cops, ambulance, Fire trucks, and Fox 4 news showed up, that this was real. Some brave soul...
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