Physical force can be used for childrens discipline

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I always wonder the chaotic scene that occurs after school. Selfish drivers take others rights, producing a complete traffic paralysis. The problem isn’t only caused by such people, instead a group of many other factors combine to cause it. Chaos after school is caused by unavailable parking lots, irresponsible drivers, absence of a law or person to organize traffic, and the limited number of exits from the schools surroundings. Parents suffer from picking their children, because it takes a lot of time. Leaving a lot of mess and disturbance for the neighborhood, Neighbors suffer too. Those problems cause a lot of troubles and grow larger every day, although the solution can be such a simple one. One of the main problems lacking a solution would be the absence of parking lots. The space is so tight for making parking lots, especially because the school doesn’t own the street. Constructing parking lots would make the problem a more severe one, so constructing parking lots would be an impossible solution. For some drivers it's anonymous from where did they get their licenses. Those drivers park their cars anywhere, blocking the street. They also use to drive recklessly, and drive in opposite directions, creating a huge problem. Our school is surrounded by buildings from all directions, making it difficult for vehicles to leave the area, because there are pretty much limited ways out. By adding some buses to the crowd it makes it much more difficult, because all the cars are forced to leave from only two exits. This problem can't be solved too. By a way or another we can't change the structure of the surrounding area. The absence of someone to organize traffic adds to the problem, because no one is going to follow some imaginary rules while others are breaking them. People are forced to do it by their own each searching for his own benefits, leaving the mess out of control. It is from our responsibilities to stop that chaos. The solutions may...
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