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Topics: Parking, Parking space, Problem solving Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Critical Thinking Assignment

Name:| Audrey Christie|
Course-Number-Section:| ACA-122|
Date:| 2-23-13|

Janet thinks that student parking is a problem on campus. There are not enough spaces to accommodate the increasing numbers of students, and many have search for more than 20 minutes before finding a space. Use the problem-solving steps to come up with the best solution.

Complete the six critical thinking steps to problem solving and LABEL each step to reach a solution to this problem.

1. Identify the Problem- not enough parking for students on campus.

2. Generate Possible Solutions to Problem- public transportation systems like school buses, riding bicycles or walking to school, promoting more carpooling, build more parking spaces or parking deck for students.

3. Critically evaluate each Possible Solution-
public transportation systems like school buses: good for environment (less pollution), free, economical. riding bicycles or walking to school: good for environment, good for physical health, not always possible to ride or walk to school (distance), cost efficient, time consuming. promoting more carpooling: good for environment, making more friends, cost efficient, not always reliable, not always available with your schedule. build more parking spaces or parking deck for students: costly to school, not always funds available to build parking lots or decks, not as ecofriendly or cost efficient but much more accessible and practical for students.

4. Select and Implement your Solution- Raising the funds necessary to build a parking deck for students. Insuring that students will not have to search for up to 20 minutes to find a parking space before class, less harsh on environment since building up and not out; double the parking spaces compared to flat parking lot.

5. Evaluate your Solution- Building the parking deck for the students was the best solution to the problem. I believe it was the school that created the problem...
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