Essay on St. Louis

Topics: Parking, Restrooms, Public toilet Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: October 18, 2013
St. Louis Essay
The overall atmosphere of St. Louis is in desperate need of renovation. There are various important changes that must be made in order to improve the overall learning atmosphere of St. Louis for its students. There overdue updates would be impossible without the full support and compliance of the St. Louis administration. The St. Louis administration may improve the lives of its students’ by creating free, on campus parking, proper maintenance of the heating and air conditioning systems, and through thoroughly cleaning and updating restroom facilities.

One way for the administration of St. Louis to improve the students’ lives is through the creation of free, on campus parking. Early mornings are tough enough on students and finding a parking spot during early-morning-rush-hour shouldn’t be the hassle that it is. Currently, students who drive have four options; to park on campus and risk the parking ticket expense, or to park on the surrounding streets and move their car every two hours to avoid a parking ticket, or to pay to park in neighbouring streets’ parking garages, or to park in the neighbouring establishments’ lots, thus risking a parking ticket and enduring a long walk back to St. Louis. It can be determined that none of these four parking methods are cost or time efficient, because all four methods could leave you with a parking ticket or parking expense, and three of the four methods of parking require a ten to fifteen minute walk back to St. Louis campus. If the administration of St. Louis creates free, on campus parking, both students and faculty can enjoy less traffic congestion surrounding the school and a less stressful, costly, and time consuming decision of where to park.

Secondly, the St. Louis administration can improve the lives’ of its students by proper scheduled maintenance of the heating and air conditioning systems. The current condition of the heating and air conditioning systems is atrocious! The...
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