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Im Proud to Be Puerto Rican

the playground, I would hear that Latinos are drug addicts; they don't work; they depend on welfare. I also heard comments, such as Latinos are gang members, Latin mothers are slaves to their husbands, and the only job Latin women can have is working as a maid. Growing up, there were few Latinos in television and Hollywood. Even then, Latin characters were portrayed negatively. They were criminals, maids, gang members, drug addicts, or drug dealers. Presently, a dramatic change has occurred with...

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Cold War Effect on Mexico

government. A local understanding of communism won out over the global characterization advanced by the United States.  In addition, US anti-communist influence failed to have the desired effect in Mexico, and pro-communist positions resided throughout Latin America for reasons that had little to do with the Cold War and much to do with regional issues. Communists might ally themselves with all manner of other leftists to achieve a much larger goal within a particular country, but an alliance was never a case...

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Italian Immigration

when the population of America was still growing at a rapid rate, immigrants flocked to America and were able to establish their own ethnic communities where they could continue to express their ethnicities within the framework of the American way of life. As a result, the United States is today one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world, where people from all sorts of backgrounds have the ability to find their place in society and prosper. The main issue in America today over immigration...

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extended to the Americas as a result of Portuguese commercial and colonial experience elsewhere? What culture or type of lifestyle had influenced world history since the Neolithic Revolution, but ceased to play any role after this era (early modern period)? What largely influenced and financed the Renaissance? How did mercantilism differ from capitalism? Who were the “Old Believers?” What was a major trade development between 1450 and 1750? Unlike Spanish Latin America, what came to be...

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Bananas, Chiquita, and Globalization

With this definition bananas are a textbook example of the globalization of tropical fruit commodities. The transnational corporations of the United States, most notably Chiquita, Dole and Del Monte, have been linked to the governments of Latin and South America, the World Trade Organization, and the “organic” fruit movement. By tracing the path from banana plantations to supermarket it becomes clear how the “morals” of capitalism have permeated into the global banana market by emphasizing cheap...

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Big Stick Abroad John Milton Cooper

mission as President. Within a year of Roosevelt becoming President he had interceded with Latin American affairs. I believe this was because Roosevelt felt that the problem threatened his visions for the United States. Roosevelt put the United States in the middle of Germany and Venezuela to help collect a debt that Venezuela owed Germany. He did the same thing to Heidi for Europe. By 1904 Roosevelt had made America the financial protector over the Dominican Republic. Roosevelt was impartial to English...

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Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar Maritza Yepez 10-15-12 Latin American History Simón José Antonio de la Santisima Trinidad Bolívar, or Simon Bolivar. Simon was born in Caracas, Venezuela on July 24, 1783. He passed away December 17, 1830. Simon was the greatest independence leader in South America. He accomplished the independence of Spain. Simon brought independence two nations of present of day. Such as, Ecuador Panama Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia. Simon was inspired by many historical figures. One of his...

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U.S. Expansion into LAtin America

into Latin America Throughout the short history of the United States, it is clear that the U.S. is an international superpower; its diplomatic policies have reach all corners of the earth. Mainly throughout the 20th century, the U.S. government has greatly involved itself in the affairs of a few Latin American nations. The adverse effects resemble the colonialism of South Africa by European nations. Even without colonies in Latin America, the U.S. had been involved in a number of Latin America...

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American Exceptionalism

for future settlements. Puritan lawyer John Winthrop states that the new land is to “be as a city upon a hill,” and, “the eyes of all people are upon us” 1776-89 Thomas Paine describes America as a beacon of liberty for the world stating, “Freedom hath been hunted around the globe.” He goes on to say that America is not like any other, and the world does not know how to regard her. Declaration of independence Revolution Constitution 1840 French intellectual Alexis de Tocqueville writes that...

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Cross Cultural Psychology Notes

specific (emic) Problems in therapy and in non therapy contexts… Most therapists and people think their culture specific beliefs are “universal” * Latinos/as /Hispanics Latinos > Latin American > Spanish and portugese are romance languages (originating form latin) Hispanic > hisania > latin version of the greek word referring to the Iberian penisula (present day spain) U.S government used Hispanic in census starting in 1970 > for any Spanish speaking person. Chrisopher...

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