Latin American Geography Analysis

Topics: Latin America, Mario Vargas Llosa, United States Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: March 24, 2014
Reaction Paper 1 – The Paradoxes of Latin America by Mario Vargas Llosa

The article The Paradoxes of Latin America by Mario Vargas Llosa gives the reader a better understanding of Latin America, its background, and the ways in which Europeans perceive this region. It also does a good job in explaining why there are many differences within countries in Latin America and the impact that the colonial years had in creating this differences. They had such an impact that these differences are still present today and can be seen through the division of countries and even of cultures within a country. According to Mario Vargas Llosa, Latin America has been divided for many years due to colonization. This division, which he refers to as artificial, is what classifies this undefined region as under-developed. This is because all the countries that form this region refuse to work together and make progress due to the territorial boundaries that were imposed during colonial years. Instead, they reinforce these boundaries through war and conflicts, making modernization and development a more difficult goal for Latin America. But, although many think of Latin America as under-developed because of social differences, poverty, crime, and illiteracy, it is actually the complete opposite when it comes to culture. Latin America has one of the most original and sophisticated foods, musicians, painters, and overall culture.

Many researchers have tried to identify Latin America, but it has been very difficult for everyone to agree on a single definition that can be used as the identity of this region. Like Vargas Llosa stated, “every attempt to fix a unique identity for Latin America requires discriminatory surgery that excludes and abolishes millions of Latin Americans”. I think this is completely true. Every time someone tries to define Latin America they leave some race, culture, or belief out of its overall identity. Latin America cannot just be summarized with Spanish,...
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