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Latin America

Human Trafficking in Latin America The Patricia Bibes article “The Status of Human Trafficking in Latin America”, examines the organized crime of human trafficking in Latin America. The fastest growing and profitable organized crime in the world right now, is human trafficking. This crime has grown over the past ten years according to Dona Hughes, director of Women Studies Program at Rhode Island University. Human trafficking is estimated at bringing in over $7 billion a year, and the third...

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Nationalism: Latin America

1700s, colonists in Latin America, already aware of Enlightenment ideas, were electrified to hear of the American and French Revolutions. The success of the American Revolution encouraged them to try to gain freedom from their European masters. A simple example of this can be Air Alert. Air Alert is a workout that trains you to jump higher. When other people hear of your success using this workout, they will be interested. The same happened with the colonists in Latin America. Individuals such as...

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Social Division in Latin America

To what extent are the current social divisions in Latin America the result of colonial socio-political structures? LATIN AMERICA STUDY ESSAY INTRODUCTION The Spanish and Portuguese colonial period in Latin America lasted from 1492 to 1810. 300 years of violent domination, genocides, exploitation, repression of the native religion and culture, and native history re-writing...

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Traditionl Healers in Latin America

Introduction Traditional healers also known as curanderismo are important part of Latin American culture, society and a way of life. Traditional healers have been a part of Latin American culture for thousands of years and even today are considered as important as the traditional health care professionals (Avila, 1999). The services of these healers are used extensively and they are well respected and admired members of the community. Not anyone can be a healer and in order to become one a special...

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Authoritarian Rule in Latin America

2013 Tanvi Gupta PS 17 Essay Prompt Professor Jordon Stanton “Latin American politics since independence have been characterized by instability, authoritarianism, and violence. In a three page essay please discuss the role of the military in creating such problems using the chapter in the course reader entitled “The Good Sailor.” Also, discuss whether or not the Argentinean case is typical or unique to Latin America. Provide explanations and analysis from “The Good Sailor,” lecture, and ...

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The Latin America Debt Crisis

The Latin America debt crisis What Happened Both internal and external for Latin Americas roller coaster economic performance in what was known as the crisis. During the 50’s and 60’s there was favorable conditions in place to maintain steady employment creation, capital investment and overall economic expansion. But this period ended in 1973 amid the first world oil crisis rocked the world economy and caused an era of debt-led growth among the oil importing Latin America countries. Latin American...

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Female Presidents in Latin America

The female influence in politics of Latin America While studying Latin American region I was questioned why this region has more numbers of female presidents. Therefore, in this essay, I did some small analyze with a list of female representatives as a head of states. I think the role of women is everywhere essential and can include significant influence as in social life so in politics. Some people argue that women’s presence in power is a simple question of fairness. Fairness that demands...

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Slavery in Latin America

 Slavery in the Americas was quite diverse. Mining operations in the tropics experienced different needs and suffered different challenges than did plantations in more temperate areas of Norther Brazil or costal city's serving as ports for the exporting of commodities produced on the backs of the enslaved peoples from the African continent. This essay will look at these different situations and explore the factors that determined the treatment of slaves, the consequences of that treatment...

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The Influence Of Modernism In Latin America

It was not only the United States and Europe that were touched by Modernism; Latin America was also feeling the effect of this shift in the art world during the beginning of the 20th century. While beginning to achieve some level of independence from its European occupiers, Latin American and its artists were embracing Modernism which fit well with the mixed race cultures of this region. The indigenous peoples of Mexico, for instance, endured a brutal occupation by the Spanish starting in 1521 by...

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Was Liberalism Good for Latin America

Jaime Morales History 215-AVN Berenberg 11/7/12 Was Liberalism good for Latin America? To truly identify if liberalism was good for Latin America, we must understand what liberalism means, where it came from, and how it started. What is liberalism? Liberalism is a political force that transpired during the 1600s and 1700s. For the most part, liberalism transpired in England and France. What did liberalism represent for Latin Americans during the 1850s and 1920s? Liberalism signified change but most...

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