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  • America

    America is better than it was 50 years ago. America has long been hailed as "the land of opportunity". While this has proven true in the past it is more true today than it has ever been before. Many forms of discrimination that have plagues the country in the past are nearing their ends and more people have the ability to live a happy life here. The country is learning from the past and building for a better future each and every day. America is better now because there is more of a opportunity

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  • America

    having the right to life‚ liberty‚ and the pursuit of happiness. These three principles created the American dream and established what American stands for. Throughout the history of America‚ millions of people have come from all over the world have come to experience the American dream. The United States of America has become such an eye catching place because it strives for opportunity. It is the right to life‚ liberty‚ and pursuit of happiness that creates the opportunity to allow an individual

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  • Rudeness in America

    In the last couple of years the rudeness of Americans has increased dramatically. It especially seems that the children of America have become ruder. This leads one to wonder if America will just become even ruder or will the manners of the American people improve. Each day at school encountering rudeness is common especially from students but also from the faculty. Walking through the busy hallways of the school is where encountering rudeness is the most likely to occur and probably will. While

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  • Colonization of America

    When the Europeans had discovered America‚ the possibilities for them were endless. Although mistakenly discovered‚ it greatly aroused the curiosity of many European explorers. There were new opportunities for them to expand‚ and in more than just one way. Chances to spread religion‚ boost their economy‚ and help themselves politically. As soon as Columbus returned‚ the pope issued a decree saying the world itself was an inheritance of Christianity. Spain and Portugal‚ the two main Christian powers

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  • America and Americans

    America & Americans” Essay America was founded on the American Dream. The Founding Fathers and the revolution army fought for American independence because they had a desire to accomplish their dream of freedom. An essay‚ “America & Americans” by John Steinbeck is about how the American Dream can be doubted sometimes by being questioned whether it is real or not. Americans have always had the desire to wanting more and once they begin to fight for it‚ they will not stop. Some people have

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  • The Benefits of a Multicultural America

    The benefits of a Multicultural America In America‚ people are born and raised to believe that this country was founded on human rights such as life‚ liberty‚ and pursuit of happiness. In reality these rights were not always accessible for minorities in United States. Minorities in America have had to overcome obstacles including being treated as second class citizens. Multiculturalism has existed throughout the history of America. People have migrated for thousands of years moving

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  • America the Land of Opportunity

    English 11 America is the land of opportunity‚ so they say; but a country is made up of more than just opportunity. The land itself is made up of mountains‚ trees‚ lakes‚ and buildings. A country‚ however‚ is really made up of its people. It is the characteristics of the American people who make this country great. Characteristics of honesty‚ faith‚ and loyalty are the three defining qualities in a true American Citizen. People came to America and still come to find a better way of life

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  • Early Colonists in America

    When the colonists settled America‚ many of them had different reasons‚ beliefs‚ and goals for themselves. For whatever the reason the North and South evolved into two distinct societies‚ because of social‚ political‚ and economic reasons. Social life changed both colonies dramatically. First off‚ you have the New England settlers‚ who came to the Americas because of religious persecution in England and surrounding areas. As seen in Document A‚ John Winthrop states‚ "We must knit together in this

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  • America: Land of Opportunity

    America: Land Of Opportunity “We think of America as a land of opportunity”‚ and it was. Back between the 1600’s through 1774 America was a great place to start off fresh and move onto something new and exciting. Many people wanted to relocate to the America’s due to the great rumors‚ which it had lead on. Although there were many opportunities available in America‚ they were limited and were a struggle to succeed in for some. The new settlers of America came from many different backgrounds and

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  • Cause Of Stress In America

    Stress in America In America many people are faced with the inability to relax. According to Elizabeth Gilbert Americans are overstressed and are unable to relax and enjoy life. Even if they went on a vacation they would not be capable of relaxing. Some people will argue that not all Americans are stressed to the point they are unable to relax. The reason is Americans are viewed as having better lives than people who live in foreign country’s. Americans are in fact faced with many problems such as

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