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having the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These three principles created the American dream and established what American stands for. Throughout the history of America, millions of people have come from all over the world have come to experience the American dream. The United States of America has become such an eye catching place because it strives for opportunity. It is the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness that creates the opportunity to allow an individual...

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Made In America

“Made in America” The trend towards outsourcing overseas and the slowly decreasing of American manufacturing has made it very difficult to find American-made goods, but not impossible. There are a few small businesses that are still dedicated to manufacturing goods in the United States, but in today’s society, they are hard to come by. Buying goods manufacturing in the USA is something that us consumers, business owners and even the government can do to support these businesses that manufacture...

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Muslims in America

Muslims in America America today is made up of many different cultures as well as people that are in them. Not only is America diverse by the different races of people but also by their culture. In America we have many different cultures and from those cultures come subcultures. Which is a group in society which does not follow the main stream of things? Some of the more famous ones would be gays and lesbians, bikers, farmers and homeless. It's not just in America where you can find subcultures...

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White America

ENG 280 04/09/2012 Song Analysis “White America” is a song in which Eminem creates many contradictions to show inconsistencies in the American social structure. This is important because it reveals critical flaws in the American society that gives false illusions to immigrants and U.S citizens that the United States plays fair in wars. Eminem plays as a voice for the American people. Through his music he points out the flaws in our government and speaks to the people who have been entrapped...

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Spanish and English Settlement of America

While the Spanish settlement and the British settlement of the Americas shared some similar characteristics, they were also substantially different and carried out in entirely dissimilar manners. They might have had common goals in mind for themselves but these countries took entirely different routes in settling the Americas because of different motivating incentives that pushed their colonization of the New World. The Spanish were settling at first to mine for gold, and were successful at it...

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America: Land of Opportunity

America: Land Of Opportunity “We think of America as a land of opportunity”, and it was. Back between the 1600’s through 1774 America was a great place to start off fresh and move onto something new and exciting. Many people wanted to relocate to the America’s due to the great rumors, which it had lead on. Although there were many opportunities available in America, they were limited and were a struggle to succeed in for some. The new settlers of America came from many different backgrounds and...

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Religion in Colonial America

Amanda Wilson Period 3 9/15/12 Religion in Colonial America Throughout the colonial period with British North American settlement, the subjects of religion and economics often come hand-in-hand when associated with significance. Although economic concerns of development and exploration had its part in British settlement into the New World, religious entanglement, such as Puritan progression and The Great Awakening , played a bigger role in the rise of the American colonies. The flee...

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America is Ethnicity final copy

Diamond Turner ENG102 9/19/13 Chapter 6 Essay “America is Ethnic” In the short story “The Chinese in All of Us”, Rodriguez says, “I think of myself as Chinese” (242). It only brought the thought to my attention that he must be confused. Like most minorities, he gives off the impression that he’s trying to “fit in” America. Searching for identity and suiting himself with redundant thoughts for the comfort of acceptance and feeling the pleasures of the modern American society. I am a minority...

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Urbanization in Latin America

Matt Chais 7516-6176 Due: 10/28/08 Urbanization & Moving to the city in Latin America Urbanization, a process in which an increasing proportion of the population lives in cities and suburbs, has been growing rapidly over the past few years. This trend has been noticeable within Latin American countries. However, urbanization in these countries has both promises and negative assets. The promises include increase in employment as well safety, in certain areas. Some pitfalls are a lack of security...

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Americas Essay

landed in the Americas four times and southern portions of the Bahamas. He later moved to Hispanola were he could trade with the Arawoks. Some of the famous Spanish explorers were Vasco Balboa, Ferdinand Magellan, Ponce de Leon, and Francisco Coronado. By 1519, Spain became so successful in claiming land they gained little economically; so Indians were enslaved by invaders. They contributed to building schools, hospitals, and printing presses established by missionaries in the Americas. Some of the...

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