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  • Argentina

    here to learn. And it is no easy to me to be here in front of you. I’m Ignacio from Argentina‚ I’m 23 years old‚ and I’m food engineering student from University of Villa Maria. I going to tell you something about my country and my college‚ and I’m inviting to you to know Argentina‚ if you have a possibility to traveling around the word this place can be a very good option and a cheaper option for you. Ok. Argentina is a country divided by 23 autonomous provinces plus the federal capital called Buenos

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  • Argentina

    General facts Republica Argentina giulia.mayer@gmx.de Buenos Aires This city has always been one of the most important and influential centres of Argentina and South America. Founded 1536 the city nowadays has a population over 14 mil inhabitants. Buenos Airos has a special statue among 23 provinces the country is divided in. As you can see on the slides in this city the past rubs shoulders with the present‚ giving us a perspective of the future. And now let’s take a look on the

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  • Argentina

    Fast Facts Population: 38‚592‚000 Capital City: Buenos Aires Language: Spanish‚ English‚ Italian‚ German and French Religion: Roman Catholic Literacy Percent: 97 Argentinean Society & Culture -Most Argentines are primarily of European descent‚ which separates them from other Latin American countries where European and Indian cultures are more mixed. - Culturally and emotionally‚ Argentines often seem more European than Latin American. -The family is the centre of Argentine life with

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  • Argentina Paper

    Business Report on Argentina INTRODUCTION Argentina is located in South America and borders Chile‚ Bolivia‚ Brazil‚ Paraguay and Uruguay. Argentina has a total size of 2‚780‚400 square kilometers‚ with 2‚736‚690 of those square kilometers being land‚ 43‚710 square kilometers being water and 4‚989 kilometers being coastline. Based on its total size‚ Argentina is the second largest country in South America‚ and the eighth largest country in the world (state.gov). The terrain of Argentina includes rich

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  • Unemployment and Argentina

    Globalization Impact Analysis Argentina Diana Camp BU 526 Global Management Seton Hill February 7‚ 2013 Executive Summary Argentina had one of the most fast growing economies at the end of the century‚ but the huge amount of foreign debt interest payments and other factors made the government pegged the peso to US dollar in 1991 and limit the growth of money supply. That helped to decrease the inflation and increase the growth of GDP by almost 30% in

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  • Banking In Argentina

    Banking on Argentina Background: London based HSBC derives its name from its founding members‚ the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited was established in 1865 and it permitted trading between China and Europe. After World War II HSBC expanded and diversified its business into Canada‚ Australia‚ and the United States; and in the 1990’s expanding further into Brazil and Argentina. HSBC entered into Argentina in 1997 because their GDP had just grown by 6.1% in the last 6 years

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  • Argentina Destep

    to euromonitor‚ Argentina has a population of 41‚240‚000 people. 4‚417.300 of the population of Argentina is 65+. The forcast for 2015 will show that 11.1 percent‚ of the people who lives in Argentina. Will be 65 or older. In 2015‚ 16 percent of the people will be in their twenties. Between now and 2015‚ 15 percent of the people will be in their thirtees. When you look which agegroup will make the biggest growth. From now till 2020 it will be the agegroup of 35-49. In Argentina 15‚149.470 have

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  • Argentina (Pollution)

    Argentina: Like other countries Argentina suffers from environmental degradation. The main threats to its biodiversity and landscapes are deforestation and pollution. In Argentina‚ there are many environmental issues that include air pollution‚ inaccessibility‚ dissatisfaction with garbage disposal‚ dirtiness‚ water pollution etc. One of the biggest factors of pollution in Argentina would be air pollution‚ which to a certain extend is caused by the society. Despite knowing that transport

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  • Argentina - 1

    our business in Argentina‚ businesses must know the cultural aspects of the country being pursued. Argentina has its very own customs in the households and in public‚ but businesswise‚ most of the customs and norms are the same as the United States. The main language spoken here in this country is Spanish‚ and English is being learned as a second language. As an U.S. firm traveling to this country‚ learning Spanish as a second language to maintain a successful business in Argentina is a must. Learning

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  • History of Argentina

    Argentina’s business culture‚ this essay will discuss the history of Argentina and how its culture today is affected by its early beginnings. Also it will describe the important elements and dimensions‚ religion‚ the government‚ and the people of Argentina‚ and what influential roles each of these elements play in the Argentinean culture and how those roles are translated into the economy. In addition to talking about Argentina‚ this essay will also compare the Argentinean social and business culture

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