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Howard Zinn-the People of the United States

all the new information I was obtaining. It began to make me question myself. I began asking myself how I did not know this information. All I knew about Christopher Columbus and the Indians was that, Columbus was an explorer from Spain who founded America by accident, and that he used the Nina, the Pinta, and The Santa Maria. All I knew of the Indians taught. However, the very first chapter of the book showed me that there was so much more to the story than what I knew. “When Columbus and his sailors...

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sells more than 1,500 food products, including many kinds of canned and dried peas and beans and more than 20 rice products. With 13 facilities in the U.S., Caribbean, and Europe, Goya also sells juices and fruit nectars, seasonings and oils, and Latin specialties. The company has undergone the most extensive facilities expansion in its history, adding over one million square feet to its manufacturing and packaging capacity. Goya Foods and its consumers will realize substantial gains through the...

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Being an Immigrant

Being an immigrant Marcia Anderson University of Phoenix Being an Immigrant There are many opportunities in the United States for a Latin American, jobs in Mexico are hard to find, if I do happen to find a job the pay is not very good. I have a family to support and I want my children to have a better life. I have come to the United States without my family to see if I can find a job. Once I arrive the people do not treat me very well and I find the language hard to understand let alone speak...

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Why Did the Us Engage in a More Assertive Foreign Policy Around the Turn of the 20th Century?

industrial revolution had increased productivity in the United States economy by more than 100% by the competition of the industrial revolution2. This increase in production combined with the significant increase in the amount of immigrants coming to America led to an additional increase in production of nearly 100%3. This 200% increase in production combined with the completion of the railroad created a significant surplus of domestically produced goods in the United States. The United States government...

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you soon will read segregation wasn’t just in the south towards blacks and white, us Hispanics suffered as well. So it will be an interesting topic and sure to captivate your attention. What do you think segregated schools were like in pre- 1954 America? I think these were very difficult times for black students. Segregation was just the half of it, cause most of the black schools were being help much by the government and education wasn’t provided at the same level as white schools there for the...

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Racial Diversity in Society Worksheet

live in one of nine states in the United States; as of 1996, controlled 75 percent of the electoral votes (Danelle, 1996). There are four groups of people that are known as Latinos and Hispanics and are from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other Latin American Origins (Danelle, 1996). “The Latino population is a good example of a group that experiences different levels of well-being.”, (University of Phoenix, 1995-2012, para. 1). There have been quite a number of examples of the different...

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The Crisis in Venezuela

” use the graphic organizer below to record the article’s central ideas. Use the topics in the column on the left as a guide. TOPIC STATE THE CENTRAL IDEA RELATED TO THIS TOPIC ECONOMY Shortages of basic goods UNREST Lost in oil South America facing crisis GOVERNMENT RESPONSE TO UNREST Insisting to changing to a dictatorship RELATIONSHIP WITH THE U.S. U.S buys oil from them Highlight the best answers. 1. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has blamed his nation’s economic woes...

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Ana Mendieta

entre el cuerpo y el mundo natural. A través de su arte, Ana creado narraciones de las identidades trans-culturales caracterizadas por la socio-política, pero también vista espiritual e íntimo. Ana was a key artist in the 70’s being one of the first Latin American female artists to enter New York. Her art and life reflects on the troubles women continue to face, from domestic violence to marginalization in the arts. Her whole purpose for all of her art was to focus on the female bod and its silhouette...

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How the Garcia Girls lost their accents; bi-culural identity

How the Garcia Girls lost their Accents. In How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents, Julia Alvarez discusses the four girls’transition from the Dominican Republic to America. The Garcia’s are an immigrant family who must find a balance between their identity as Dominicans and their new identities as Americans. Yolanda, the sister on whom the story primarily focuses, must find a balance between the strict and old fashioned culture she comes from and the new, innovative and radical culture...

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How far do you agree that African Americans were treated as Second Class Citizens in the US in the 1945?

Second Class Citizens in the US in the 1945? In Southern America African Americans were not treated as Second Class Citizens in the US in the year 1945 this is shown because in the Southern States the economic rate of unemployment decreased from 937’000 to 151’000 which shows that the unemployment rate is slowly decreasing. Another social factor was housing of white people fell to 12% where as black people houses in the Southern America increased to 40% and a political factor was that the percentage...

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