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Hamburger and Burger King Write

You can choose to work on one of the following 3 cases. The due date of the report is Monday Dec 7th, 5pm. Submit your case study report in an MS Word file to me by e-mail. Case 1: Burger King Write a brief (3-5 pages) report to discuss the followings. 1. What are the major operational differences between McDonald’s (McD) and Burger King (BK)? 2. How do these differences relate to each company’s method of competing in the marketplace? 3. What implications do these differences have...

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Pricing Strategies in Fast Food Chains

pricing approaches have the hamburger chains in Japan pursued? Different hamburger chains in Japan pursued slightly different pricing approaches nowadays. However, there used to be a similar pricing approach among the hamburger chains in Japan. Almost a decade ago, hamburger chains in Japan competed for the lowest price at which they can still afford to sell their burgers and earn profits. We could classify such an approach under the good-value pricing where the hamburger companies tried to push the...

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Western Food and Table Manners

don’t. Q: What kind of fast food restaurants do you know? (KFC, McDonalds, Subway) Q: What kind of Western foods do you know? Hamburger  汉堡包 Hot dog热狗 Pizza  比萨饼 French Fries炸薯条 Sandwich  三明治 Menu  菜单: Soup   汤 Salad沙拉 Main dish主菜 Side dish正菜外的附加菜 Dessert  甜食 Table Setting 工作台紧固 : Spoon  匙 Fork 叉 Knife 刀 Plate 盘 American Food : -Hamburgers -Hot dogs -Mashed potatoes and chicken土豆泥 -Steak  牛排 -Pumpkin pie南瓜派 -Apple pie Italian Food: - Pizza - Pasta (Spaghetti,...

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BurgerKing VietNam

1. Introduction about Burger King Vietnam Burger King, founded in 1954 by James McLamore and David Edgerton, is one of the largest fast food chains company in the world. Its menu has not only basic hamburger but also many none – hamburger sandwiches including chicken, fish. At the end of the year 2012, Burger King has 12,997 restaurants over 86 countries. Most of them were owned by its franchisees. Burger King Vietnam is also a franchise business model. Two stores of Burger King were opened...

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Jollibee Foods Corporation

standardization especially with its hamburger line. JFC realized that it could attract customers with superior tasting products for more affordable prices due to their tight control over operations management. JFC was also aware that the founders of Jollibee (Tan family) had a family tradition (a capability) of making delicious food tailored for the needs (local tastes) of Filipino customer. In conclusion, JFC offered a more tailored menu with a sweeter hamburger, an innovative chicken product, a kid-oriented...

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operational difference

company. McDonald's uses a batch process to cook hamburgers (Exhibit A). Using a batch process means that the speed of delivery is dependent upon the speed and experience of the individual worker. Hamburgers are cooked on a large platen, in batches of up to twelve. Two or more batches may be on the platen at one time, in various stages of cooking. This means that a worker is required to manage the grill exclusively during rush hours. The hamburgers are hand-seared after 20 seconds on the grill, turned...

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Food and Beverages at Southwestern University Football Games

$5,212 Hamburger sales need to cover 20% of fixed costs, or $5,212 Miscellaneous snacks need to cover 10% of fixed costs, or $2,606 3. A soft drink costs $0.75 and is sold for $1.50, bringining in $0.75 of revenue. To reach the soft drink break-even point, $6,515/$0.75 = 8,687 must be sold. A cup of coffee brings in $1.50 in revenue. $6,515/$1.50 = 4,343 cups of coffee need to be sold. A hot dog brings in $1.20 in revenue. $5,212/$1.20 = 4,343 hot dogs need to be sold. A hamburger brings in...

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Lesson Plan in English Writing

topic | Learning Content: | 1. Title: The Hamburger Paragraph (Parts of a Paragraph) | 2. Reference: 1st Year High School Book | 3. Materials: pocket chart, flash cards, song, worksheets | 4. Skills: listening, identifying, writing | Learning Task: | | 1. Preliminary Routine | * Prayer * Greetings * Attendance | 2. Motivation | Teacher asks students what they like on their hamburgers: (meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese, bun). Students draw...

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Process Analysis Essay

method to cook a great meal that is satisfying and that doesn’t take all day to prepare and cook. First you must prepare to make this hearty soup of chili. To begin you must have all the ingredients to make the meal. You will need 1 lb. of hamburger meat (lean hamburger if you want a healthier version), 1 medium onion, 2 cans of dark red kidney beans, and 2 cans of chili ready stewed tomatoes, 1 can of V8 tomato juice, 1 cup of water, 1 bottle of chili powder, salt and pepper. Also, saltine crackers are...

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international food

into what they are putting in their body. Take a hamburger for example companies such as, Pink Slime have found ways to speed up the preparation time of making this dish. I bet if made by yourself not already put together it would be heathier.  What I picked for my American food is Hamburger and French fries, and for my international food I picked a common food in Brazil, that is Rice and Beans, these two foods are pretty different because the Hamburger and the fries are considered junk food (fast food)...

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