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this class. Try your hardest to show me that you understand the following concepts: Five-paragraph essay structure (introduction, body, conclusion) Effective paragraphs Topic sentences/closing remarks Coherence, unity, adequate development Comparison strategy Use of either the block or alternating pattern to compare two items/concepts/ideas Topic: Choose one of the following topics: Two sportscasters (or news commentators or talk show hosts) The physical or mental demands of two jobs Male...

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Art of Comparison

and weight.And as if there is not enough comparison in the world, Schools compares our result to place us in a particular class. But normally we are quite silent about this matter probably because we feel dissapointed with the unwelcome comparison.And so we refuse to speak up and defend ourselves, but inside we are silently fuming over the unkind remarks. There is No Need To Compare Personally, I believe that there is NO NEED for any comparison because each and every one of us are all UNIQUE...

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Aicpa Comparison

Services compare in many ways, which will be discussed in this paper. However, out of the three the two that compare the most are the AICPA guide and the IMA guide. The AICPA version goes into much more depth and description about each point in comparison to the IMA guide. Both the AICPA and IMA discuss the importance of integrity, and that avoiding conflict of interest is critical. This is discussed in the public trust section of the AICPA, and in the integrity section of the IMA. They also both...

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Media Comparison Paper

Media Comparison Paper Since we have had to make choices and distinguish between one thing and another all of our lives, most of us like to see how others make their decisions. We especially appreciate this strategy if it helps us or informs us in some way. This paper is based on the media of comparing a newspaper ad to the internet ad. When you asked us to write a 'Compare and Contrast' paper, I did not exactly know what you meant. After researching both concepts I learned about new things, our...

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Comparison Essay on Fall of the Roman Empire and the Collapse of China

direct comparison • You don’t need to write an introduction, so don’t. Leave blank space to come back and write one if you have extra time. POINT 4 - Direct Comparisons • 1st Sentence for each body paragraph should be a comparative (a direct comparison sentence) o Remember you must make Direct Comparisons, (apples to apples) so make it very clear to the reader your comparing in your sentence ▪ Use linking comparative words such as “whereas” to help set up direct comparisons ...

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Technical Product Description And Comparison Report 1

memorandum to: WRT 200 Students from: Zsuzsanna Palmer subject: Technical Product Description and Comparison Report DUE date: This assignment will combine technical descriptions with reporting on research. In addition, the assignment fulfills the following course outcomes: understand and be able to apply rhetorical principles to workplace and technical communication situations understand and be able to implement principles of effective document design in preparing technical documents understand...

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Buddhism And Hinduism Comparison

Rubric                      Thesis follows proper format, uses template design. 1 1 Thesis includes at least 3 comparisons with similarities and differences. 1 1 Thesis would gain point on AP rubric: format + 3 comparisons + factually correct + specific + concise. 1 1 Topic sentence introducing topic of paragraph. 1 1 Three pieces of specific evidence. 3 3 Direct Comparison 1 1 Start to analysis - Used cue words, got a minimum of 1-2 results/impacts 1 1 Analysis - Gave 3 results/impacts...

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Materials and Methods

feedback from the worker we were able to determine and make an early hypothesis at the jobs with the highest biomechanical risk. Once the specific risk factors of the job have been identified, we can then use ergonomic analysis tools and guideline comparisons to specifically quantify the job demands. The specific analysis tools that we will use to identify the job stressors are 3DSSPP, 4D Watbak, NIOSH lift/pull/push equations and table guidelines, Snook carrying/lift/lower/push/pull equations, and the...

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Writing Compartive Essays

and differences; in other words, you will compare and contrast. Establishing a Basis of Comparison… • Objects must share some significant characteristics….. (same class or general category) • no basis of comparison if there is no common element • If the similarities & differences between the objects are all simply obvious the reader of the essay is certain to be bored…. So the basis of comparison should go beyond the obvious… When 2 subjects are very similar, it is the contrast that may...

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Book Report on “Damned Lies and Statistics: Untangling Numbers from the Media, Politicians, and Activists” by Joel Best

the dangers of inappropriate comparison. Dangers arise when comparisons over time involve changing and unchanging measures, and projections. Comparisons among places and groups lead to problems not merely in the data measured, but in the ways the data may be gathered and collated. Comparison among social problems also creates unique difficulties. Best offers logic of comparison to help the reader understand how to make sense of good comparison and bad comparison. Chapter 5, “Stat Wars”, describes...

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