Comparison and Contrast

Topics: Difference, Love, The Work Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Te’Andrea James
Mrs. Peters
ENGL 0112
25 February 2012
Ross vs. Wal-Mart
Has there ever been a time when you hated and loved something all at the same time? When it came to working as an 18 year-old in high school as a senior, there was one job I loved and another I hated. Working at Ross was a job I loved compared to working at Wal-Mart which was a job I hated. Ross and Wal-Mart compare in so many different ways. They both have a retail area upon which I worked in. At both jobs I was responsible for maintaining the fitting rooms and putting up clothes into their right location back on the floor. Ross and Wal-Mart prized themselves on working at a speedy pace and they both had a very helping environment when it came to the customers. Both of the jobs also required hard work and dedication. Although Wal-Mart did not have many social employees, they did have some, as did Ross. When it came to the schedule Wal-Mart and Ross both allowed you to take off only if you gave them a two weeks’ notice, which they respected most of the time. A difference between Ross and Wal-Mart is the work environment. When Ross is mentioned I refer to it as having a more relaxing and upbeat environment. Another difference is the employees. Ross employees are lively when it comes to interacting and helping of one another and creating the work place you enjoy coming to, to satisfy your customers and understanding. When it comes to Wal-Mart employees they are very rude and unfriendly to customers. They have no sense of urgency or respect for customers and employees When comparing and contrasting Ross and Wal-Mart you can see the difference why I had love for one and hate for another. There were a lot of similarities and lot of differences both stores helped me and introduced me to the business side of life. Despite the positives and negatives at each job I can truly say that I learned at both jobs that even if you do hate your job you can always take it and turn it into the one you...
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