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English 101
4 July 2013
Comparison and Contrast- FD
Serving as One
There are five different options to choose from when deciding to serve the United States of America and the decision can be quite challenging when signing the dotted line. Most people will base their decision off family or friend affiliation with a particular branch, thorough research, or simply because a branch would get them into basic training sooner. Due to a personal experience deploying with the Army as an Air Force member and seeing first-hand how each branch operates was an eye opening experience. There are a variety of options and all five branches are ultimately serving as one; the United States Air Force and the United States Army are two very different branches, but also have key similarities.

One obvious contrasting factor between the Air Force and the Army is that the two branches wear different uniforms. In the Army, members will wear a uniform known as the Army Combat Uniform, but in the Air Force members will wear a uniform called the Airman Battle Uniform. Although these branches wear different uniforms individuals are required to meet the same dress and appearance standards. For example, members from both branches are required to keep a sharp appearance such as the men having a high and tight hair cut not to exceed one and a half inches in bulk; females are required to wear their hair in a neat bun, not to exceed three inches in bulk, and their hair should not touch their collar. These branches wear different uniforms, but it is guaranteed that the local community will still ask airmen when they joined the Army.

The Air Force is more commonly known as the United States' air power while the Army is known for its ground power when at war. These are based on factual statements, but the Army does in fact have a fleet of helicopters which assists them more closely to the ground; people are familiar with the Black Hawk or Apache. In the same instance, the Air Force is known...
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