Media Comparison Paper

Topics: Internet, Newspaper, LASIK Pages: 3 (723 words) Published: October 23, 2005
Media Comparison Paper
Since we have had to make choices and distinguish between one thing and another all of our lives, most of us like to see how others make their decisions. We especially appreciate this strategy if it helps us or informs us in some way. This paper is based on the media of comparing a newspaper ad to the internet ad. When you asked us to write a 'Compare and Contrast' paper, I did not exactly know what you meant. After researching both concepts I learned about new things, our brain wants ever so badly to compare these new things to something that we already know about. What do they have in common? And we want to also know how are they differing from contrast? For this paper I choose "The Lasik Vision" advertisements. I used the Internet and the newspapers ads to do the comparisons and contrasts. The comparison between the printed ads and the internet are very different, when you look at the newspaper ads, you have no interaction, no buttons to click, and it does not say you can get customer service live 24/7. You get words and pictures and numbers and a few key words. I don not believe the newspaper ads really hit the target audience. The only thing the newspaper ads say is that "Dr. Ivan Ireland has performed over 29,000 Lasik procedures". (Ireland, 2005) The internet is usually more user friendly and you are able to move around freely within the website to find the information needed. The internet site has a FAQ section for commonly asked questions. If you have a need for further assistance you can talk to someone live 24/7. As you can see below you have colors highlighted areas, buttons to push prices and side links.

Here are some examples of the web site and interaction you can have with the site.

Call 1-877-998-LASIK
Free, No Obligation Consultation.
(Or, Register Online)

Site Map: The LASIK Vision Institute™
About Us
Why Laser Eye Surgery?
Our Experience
Our Technology...

Links: The Lasik Vision Institute. The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel Newepaper, September 18, 2005.
Ireland, I. (2005). Custom lasik. Retrieved Sep. 20, 2005, from The Lasik Vision Institute Web site:
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