Case Study McDonalds In China

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Brandon Taylor
MGT 301-701
Remo Picchietti
McDonalds in China
1. Assume a Big Mac is $3 in the U.S. How much would the Big Mac cost in China? At the time of the article, “McDonalds to Double China Restaurants by 2013,” 1 Yuan is 8 to 15 cents. So, a Big Mac at the time of the article would cost 20 to 37.5 Yuan. However, at the current time, according to The Money, a Big Mac, costing $3, would be 19.10 Yuan Renminbi (USD to CNY).

2. Conduct some research. Identify at least one difference between the typical menu offering in the U.S. and the menu offering in China. Be sure to provide a citation. Doing some research, I have found that there are many different culinary choices on the Chinese McDonald’s menu that many Americans might find strange. A tradition for many Chinese people is afternoon tea. To accommodate this, McDonalds offers their version of tea, the McBrew. Where American McDonalds offer apple slices to try to make people think that there is actually healthy food at the fast food chain, Chinese McDonalds offer a cup of corn (What’s on the Menu). They also offer a few pork dishes, such as the Ham N’ Cheese Burger and the Double Pork Burger. One item that is heavily Chinese-influenced is the taro pie, which basically substitutes the American apple pie. Taro is a root vegetable that is often used in Asian cuisine (What’s on the Menu). And probably the most popular items on the Chinese McDonald’s menu that is different from the American menu is chicken. Not just chicken sandwiches, but also chicken legs, wings, and thighs. While viewing Chinese commercials for the following question, the people were enjoying chicken in the majority of the commercials. Apparently, Chinese people love their chicken.

3. Conduct some research. Identify a major fast-food competitor that McDonalds faces in China. Be sure to provide a citation. According to the article, “McDonalds to Double China Restaurants by 2013,” Yum Brands Inc already had roughly...

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