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PAPER 6 (DESCRIPTIVE LINGUISTICS) STRUCTURAL GRAMMAR Broadly speaking any grammar in which there is an attempt to describe the structure of grammatical sentences is structural grammar. But the term has come to refer more narrowly to the type of grammar brought to its maximum development in the early 1950's by such men like C. C. Fries and Zelling Harris. Structural grammar in this sense is characterized by the procedure known as substitution, by which word class membership is established and by which...

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Business and Grammar

a job. If poor grammar is inhibiting students from getting a job after college, grammatical principles of writing should be more heavily emphasized within the college curriculum. But, do employers even care about the level of grammatical ability their applicants have? To find the answer to this question, it was important to consider how employers in the professional world feel about grammatical ability and how it varies from profession to profession. Reading articles about grammar in the workplace...

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Traditional Grammar

Traditional Grammar is the speculative work of the medieval and the prescriptive approach of the 18th Century grammarians basically it refers back to the Aristotelian orientations towards the nature of language as it is shown in the work of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Origin: The very beginning of the twentieth century was typically marked by a new approach to grammar as suggested by linguists such as Ferdinand de Saussure and American linguist like Frantz Boas, Bloomfield and Edward Sapir...

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Prescriptive Grammar

what people actually say, not what they should say. To a linguist, grammar consists of those constructions judged acceptable by a native speaker’s intuitions. This is what it means to say that linguistics is descriptive and not prescriptive. Linguistics is descriptive, not prescriptive. Many people associate knowing a language with speaking and writing it according to the grammatical rules established for that language in grammar books and dictionaries. The study of linguistic competence does not...

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Grammar Review

Grammar Review By: Shauna Hwang Day 1 * Prepositional phrases – generally consist of a preposition and a noun or pronoun Ex: The sweet potatoes in the vegetable bin are green with mold. * Appositive phrases – a noun or pronoun with modifiers that adds information by identifying, renaming, or explaining a noun or pronoun Ex: I can’t find my notebook, the one I use for history class. * Participial phrases – a participle modified by an adverb or adverbial phrase accompanied by a complement ...

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Generative Grammar

Instructor: Adriana Todea atodea@yahoo.com Office hours: Friday 2-3 p.m., Alpha Centre room Introduction to Generative Grammar Course 9: Binding theory Outline1 WEEK 13 How do personal, possessive, reflexive pronouns and reciprocals acquire reference? (Johni and Peterj are top students) Johni thinks that hei,j is intelligent. Johni thinks him*i,j intelligent. The studentsk believed each otherk to be the best. This is not only a semantic issue, but also a syntactic issue … solved by Binding...

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Grammar basics

GRAMMAR II: GRADED HOMEWORK #1 SET OF QUESTIONS: What is a sentence? How can it be defined? Provide examples. Explain. What is a phrase? Provide examples. Explain. What is a clause? Provide examples. Explain. What is the difference between a clause and a phrase? Provide examples. Explain. What is a compound sentence? How is it defined? What characterizes a compound sentence? Provide examples. Explain. What is a coordinate sentence? Provide examples. Explain. What are coordinators (coordinating...

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Traditional Grammar

If you study the form of traditional grammar, the rules of classical languages were followed considering that English did not have grammar of its own. English followed Latin grammar. Let’s start off with: Mechanics: Proper Punctuation Traditional grammar is characterized by proper punctuation. The basic rule of punctuation requires that each sentence conclude with a punctuation mark, whether a period, a question mark or an exclamation point. Beyond ending punctuation marks, sentences should use...

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Grammar and Preposition

conjunction. **Past can also function as a noun or an adjective. ***Since can also function as a subordinate conjunction Should I end a sentence with a preposition? The so-called "rule" about never ending a sentence with a preposition comes from Latin grammar. In Latin, the word order of a sentence didn't matter; subjects and verbs and direct objects could appear in any sequence. However, the placement of prepositions was important. Latin sentences could quickly become confusing if the preposition does...

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Grammar Translation Method

popularly used are: Grammar Translation Method and Direct Method of Learning Vocabulary. Hypothesis Critically comparing both the methods, it can be stated that neither of these are dominant over another because they are appropriate for a specific type of students where Grammar Translation Method is appropriate for primary level students with little motivation and linguistic skills; and Direct Method is appropriate for highly motivated and mature language students. 1.1. Background Grammar translation method...

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