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Past Tense

Inglès), I found out that is quite difficult for my Spanish learners to pronounce the past tense ending of regular verbs. Many of them insert a vowel and create an extra syllable in the word. Therefore, my question is the following : Is there any influence of orthography on the production of –ed endings by students of English ? Problem: Study the possible interference of the written form of regular past tense verbs in the process of speaking. The study will investigate the influence of orthography...

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What Types Of Errors Do The Tenth Grade Students Of SMK 4 Mataram Commit In Using Simple Past Tense Case Study

2009). Indonesian is not like English as it does not have tense marking at all. Further, Vainikka & Young-Scholten (in Hsieh, 2009) state that optionality is the effect of competing grammars within the same individual: the grammar of an earlier stage competes with the grammar of a later stage, and signs of both stages can be observed in the data.’ Many researchers have paid great efforts to examine whether this optional use of tense and agreement morphology is because of an impairment of the functional...

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Simple Past vs. Past Progressive

Name: Thanh Nguyen Test • Unit 2 Date: 1/20/2014 Simple Past and Past Progressive; Used To, Would Global Marketing Part I Write C (correct) or I (incorrect) for each sentence. C 1. We needed a new strategy. C 2. Bill Thompson was the director of marketing in 2002. I 3. Were consumers liking the new product? I 4. The company wasn’t meet its sales goals last year. C 5. While the war was going on, oil prices were rising. C ...

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past tense

 Part 1 The progressive tenses (present, past, and future) have attributes in common and elements that are different. In the following diagram, compare and contrast these elements by placing in the boxes the corresponding elements showing their relationships. See the elements to consider in the following box. Determine similar and divergent elements, compare and contrast showing relationships between the 3 progressive tenses. To write, double click left on the box, then right click and...

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A the Verb

| | | |The verb became is only used when speaking in the past tense and this is not a past tense | | | |sentence. | |5. |a |The verb took is past tense and this sentence is not in past tense. | | | | ...

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Celta Language Task

Language Related Assignment 1. The plane leaves at 10.00 tomorrow a) The form is present simple Subject third person + verb present tense + time marker b) A future arrangement – a ‘timetable future’ as the plane has a daily schedule and it will depart accordingly. c) Students may be confused by the form of present simple when a future time is referred to. They may confuse the meaning with present continuous ‘is leaving’ which means the event is happening now rather than...

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Grammar Exercises

always _______________ the bus to go to school. 8. We all know that children _______________ sweets. 9. Anne _______________ it's a good idea to do English exercises. 10. If you want to be healthy, you must _______________ good food. Present Continuous Tense           1.   Every day Julie _______________ (take) the bus to go to her office. 2.   At the moment you  _______________ (do) an English exercise. 3.   Tom and Julie _______________ (learn) English this year. 4.   The Bank __________________ (open) ...

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Pretties by Scott Westerfeld_Book Report

Estrada, Yareli Ms.Kuzma Period 1 3/16/14 Pretties You can’t forget your past even in a bright present. In the novel Pretties, Scott Westerfeld discusses the different stages a girl, Tally Youngblood (Tally-wa), goes through to become a beautiful woman. Girls are put into “The Uglies” category until they turn 16 which is when “The Specials” submit them into a surgery that transforms their lives. The surgery consist of making them beautiful, strong, healthy, and slowly erasing parts of their...

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The Limits of My Language Mean the Limits of My World

form of past tense for each sentence. But when saying ‘ierisera, Jenny ha vestito un vestito. Lo era bellisima’, you would have to use the ‘part tense’ when saying ‘Jenny wore a dress’ but the ‘imperfect tense’ when saying ‘it was beautiful’. In English, we use one past tense form when referring to events in the past. The past tense in Italian emphasises that the event happened once and it was finished with but the imperfect stresses that the event happened for a long amount of time in the past or the...

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An Ounce of Cure Defined

somewhat typical teenage girl who fell in love for the first time to only find herself heartbroken. It is apparent to the reader from the consistent use of past tense, the level of vocabulary, and the mention of major events such as first love, first dance, and college, that the story is being told looking back on a troubling but yet vital part of her past. Towards the end of her story she states, “I had a glimpse of the shameless, marvelous, shattering absurdity with which the plots of life, though not...

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