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  • Grammatical Tense and Verb

    COMPOUND PERSONAL PRONOUNS: NOTES: 1. Reflexive pronouns act as the object of the verb‚ but they reflect the action back to the subject. These pronouns will always be the same person or thing as the subject.  Ex. She blamed herself for the mishap.  He hurt himself yesterday.  2. Intensive pronouns simply add force or emphasis to a noun or pronoun that is already in the sentence.  Ex. You yourself wrote those words.  I prepared the meal myself.  EXERCISES:  Tell whether the underlined

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  • Grammatical Tenses and Perfect Continuous

    TOEIC Grammar GLOBAL EDUCATION VIETNAM www.globaledu.com.vn TENSES 1. Present Simple 1.1. Form: Tense Present Simple (Hiện tại đơn) S + V (s/ es). S + don’t/ doesn’t + V. Do/ Does + S + V? 1.2. Usage: We use present simple: - To refer to something which happens often or for a habit that we have  I usually do my homework immediately after school. Form Example The postman always comes at eleven. The postman doesn’t always come at eleven. Does the postman always come at eleven? - To refer

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  • Whales: Grammatical Tense and Action Verb

    the first sentence? 5. Please write a sentence that shows the relational process from the text above? Answer: 1. Descriptive 2. To describe a particular person‚ place or thing in detail 3. Language features: * Using simple present tense * Using action verb * Using adverb : time‚ manner * Using special technical terms 4. Identification 5. II. Jakarta ( JP) 6. The purpose of the text is to.. 7. “The cooking oil industry in north Sulawesi is facing a shortage

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  • Spanish: Grammatical Tense and Vacation Plans

    will write a letter to him/her describing your vacation plans in detail. Make sure you mention places you are planning on visiting‚ the type of food  you  want  (or  don’t)  to  eat‚  etc.   Gramática: Write the composition mostly in the present tense (indicative and subjunctive). Use regular‚ irregular and stem-changing verbs in the subjunctive (11.2-11.3)‚ for example‚ Quiero que tú llames a la agencia de viajes. Provide a phrase with ponerse‚ hacerse or volverse + an adjective‚ or with entristecerse

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  • Grammatical Tense and English Language Paper

    the recount should contain no more than 70 words‚ and the conveyed message should at best be in 30 words. 4. It is essential that we only recount the most relevant things. 5. A recount is a record of a past event. Always write it in the past tense. (B) Format of a recount Model 1 (DSE 2012 English Language Paper 2) Part A For Question 1‚ write about 100 words for each photo. 1. You are taking part in a photo exhibition called ‘My Memories’. As part of the photo exhibition‚ you have

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  • Grammatical Tenses and English Test Date

    5 – Pick out from the text words that may have the same meaning as the following :(1.5 pt ) A -Corporation b – go from one place to another c- away from city 6 – Pick out from the text :(2 pts) a- Simple present tense and justify its use b- Present continuous tense c- Two adjectives and state the word each modifies d- Two

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  • Verb tenses

    A Put in the verbs in brackets in the correct tenses. Example: The sun ______________ now. (to shine) Answer: The sun is shining now. 1) We TV when it started to rain. (to watch) 2) I to visit you yesterday‚ but you not at home. (to want) (to be) 3) Look! It ‚ so we can’t to the beach. (to rain) (to go) 4) There are a lot of clouds! It soon. (to rain) 5) The sun in the East. (to rise) 6) Since 2003 they their son every year. (to visit) 7) While the doctor Mr Jones‚ his son outside this

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  • The Future Tenses

    The Future Tenses Simple Future There are two different forms in English to express future in the Simple Future: ’ be going to’ and ’will ’. ’Will’ is used to express promises and things we decide to do in the moment of speaking‚ ’going to’ is used to express our plans. Both of those forms can be used to express our predictions. Here goes a list to make it more readable. Use (Will) : 1. Promises (Use 1) 2. Unplanned actions (Use 2) 3. Predictions (Use 3) Use (Going to)*: 1. Planned

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  • Exam: Grammatical Tenses and Luella Bates Washington

    Chapter 2 Thank You‚ Ma’m L a n g s to n H u g h e s A P re - R e a d i n g 1. Think Before You Read Read the first paragraph of the story once and think of it as describing the opening scene of a play. Then answer the following questions: 1. Who are the characters in this scene? 2. What is happening? 3. Where and when is the action taking place? 4. Why does the action take place? 5. Do you think a chance encounter between people can sometimes change their lives? Think about

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  • Scope: Grammatical Tense and Vocabulary Practice Alphabetical

    the tree. Did you see the cat? 2 Have you ever been abroad? Pages 10–15 Have you ever been to? I have been to … She has never … He went to … Travel experiences. Countries. Definitions: guessing from context Spelling: past tense (regular) past tense (doubling the consonant) 3 What were they doing? Pages 16–21 While she was working‚ he was playing. Capital cities. While people are sleeping in America‚ they are awake in China. Scanning: locating entries in a dictionary 4

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