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    PUNCTUATION BY AATHIRA Punctuation is one of the most important tools for making paper speak in your own voice. In writing we use punctuation marks to emphasize‚ clarify what we mean.  Meanwhile ‚in speaking‚ we can make a pause ‚ stop ‚change our tone of voice.  To indicate the end of a declarative sentence punctuation is very necessary. FULL STOP COMMA Hyphens Inverted commas COLON Questi on mark SEMI COLON Apostrophe Exclamatio n mark FULL STOP The full stop is the most important

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  • Punctuation

    Correct punctuation examples can be found on pages 527-578 in the Editing for Correctness of A Writer’s Resource. Here’s a guide to help explain and correct punctuation: 1.The period is perhaps the easiest punctuation mark to master. It ends a sentence. 2.The question mark is used at the end of a direct question. Indirect questions take a period. 3.The comma is the punctuation mark most likely to cause angst. This is largely the result of the many different ways the comma is used.Sometimes

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  • Punctuation and Apostrophe

    Shoots‚ and Leaves‚” is written by Lynne Truss and offers a humorous look into the world of punctuation. She begins her first chapter by emphasizing the difficulties of being a “stickler” for misused punctuation‚ feeling frustrated as a stickler in a time when no one seems to care. She compares herself to the little boy from the movie The Sixth Sense where instead of seeing dead people‚ she sees dead punctuation. For example: “A woman‚ without her man‚ is nothing.” Or “A woman: without her‚ man is nothing”

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  • Punctuations

    writing on “PUNCTUATIONS” NAME:Mohammed Harun Ur Rashid PUNCTUATION Punctuation is one of the most important aspects of written English‚ yet it is one taken the most lightly. And it changes meaning‚ gives a pause to the reader‚and changes the tone of the voice when speaking. In all of the essays authors surprised me.They showed me what punctuations actually is

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    What Are the Fourteen Punctuation Marks in English Grammar? Knowing where and when to use the fourteen punctuation marks found in English grammar can greatly improve your writing skills. What are the fourteen punctuation marks in English grammar? They are the period‚ question mark‚ exclamation point‚ comma‚ semicolon‚ colon‚ dash‚ hyphen‚ parentheses‚ brackets‚ braces‚ apostrophe‚ quotation marks‚ and ellipses. Sentence Endings Three of the fourteen punctuation marks are appropriate for use as sentence

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  • Punctuation Excercises

    ASSESSMENT 2 PUNCTUATION EXERCISES 1. On the first blank line‚ identify the type of sentence by using "S" for simple‚ "CP" for compound‚ and "CX" for complex. 2. Next‚ identify the type of conjunction underlined using "C" for coordinating conjunction‚ "CA" for conjunctive adverb‚ and "SC" for subordinating conjunction. 3. Punctuate the sentences. Sent. Conj. CX SC 1. The sales room was expanded‚ when our volume of business increased. CX SC 2. Because each

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  • Punctuation and Rule

    Punctuation Cheat Sheet A Quick Review of Basic Punctuation Rules By Professor Amy Rofail This information was extracted from Help Yourself: A Guide to Writing and Rewriting‚ Mattson‚ Leshing‚ & Levi‚ 3rd Edition. Englewood Cliff: Prentice Hall‚ 1993. (out of print). The information contained herein is consistent with all major style guides for Standard American English Language usage. Punctuation Cheat Sheet The Period [.] Rules: 1

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  • Punctuation Marks

    PUNCTUATION MARKS EXCLAMATION MARK (!) 1. Use an exclamation mark after an interjection or after an exclamatory sentence. 2. Do not overuse exclamation marks because they will introduce an almost hysterical tone. PERIOD (.) 1. Use a period to indicate the end of a declarative or an imperative sentence. 2. Use a period or periods with a Latin abbreviation or abbreviations that appears or appear in lowercase. Do not use a period or periods with an abbreviation or abbreviations that appears

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  • Punctuation and Sentence Style Ways

    to achieve sentence clarity: -coordinating ideas -subordinating ideas -parallel structure Coordinating Ideas Coordinating two or more main ideas‚ or give the equal empahsis‚ by linking them with a connecting word or an appropriate mark of punctuation‚ like the semi-colon. -Coordinating idea are independent (can stand alone does not need the other idea to complete the sentence or ot be clear) Example: Edgar Allen Poe wrote "The Raven" (;) Edgar Lee Masters wrote Spoon River Anthology.

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  • Do's and don'ts of english punctuation

    THE DOS AND DON’TS OF ENGLISH PUNCTUATION [OFWEL: HET HOE EN WAT VAN ENGELSE INTERPUNCTIE] Het is niet altijd gemakkelijk om de juiste leestekens te gebruiken in een Engelse tekst. Vooral het gebruik van komma‚ dubbele punt en apostrof wil nog weleens problemen geven bij Nederlanders die Engelse teksten moeten schrijven. In deze minicursus leer je hoe je een Engelse tekst kunt voorzien van de juiste leestekens (interpunctie). De toepassing van de verschillende leestekens wordt kort besproken

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